ESTO Impacts: A 25th Anniversary Project

Over the last 25 years, the Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) has managed the development of more than 1,100 new technologies for future science measurements. This diverse, forward-looking portfolio has nurtured new Earth-observing capabilities, informed Decadal Surveys and strategic planning, and generated numerous infusions and spinoffs.

In just the last ten years, at least 163 ESTO technologies have been infused into Earth science missions, science campaigns, or other operational or commercial activities.

While every ESTO project has a story to tell – indeed, an impasse often informs progress more than a runaway success – this highlight series will focus on some of the most notable impacts, with a new set of features every three weeks or so through the end of the year. Please join us in celebrating these achievements as well as the broad successes of the Earth science technology program.