NASA's Earth Science Technology Office

Investing in technologies to advance our understanding of Earth’s natural systems.

Changing the way we observe Earth.

We understand that to develop breakthrough technologies, you need resources and funding for your project. We provide grants and support for cutting-edge sensors and algorithms, among various projects, to improve Earth observations. We believe that diverse ideas from engineers, scientists, and students nationwide will deepen our knowledge of Earth’s systems and help guide decision makers.

Investment Areas

We have invested in over 800 projects spanning a wide range of technologies at different stages of development. From initial concept design all the way to in-space validation, we work with researchers to build and test new ideas that advance Earth science research.

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How Funding Works


Ideas submitted

ESTO releases periodic solicitations for cutting-edge Earth science technologies.


Proposals are reviewed

ESTO uses a science-driven strategy and relies on peer review and competition to select the best cutting-edge technology projects.


Technology advances

ESTO funds scientists, engineers, and students to refine their technology or validate its use.

Funding Process