In-Space Validation of Earth Science Technologies

Testing the Next Generation of Earth Science Technology

Program Manager – Sachidananda Babu

The In-Space Validation of Earth Science Technologies Program funds projects that want to test their instruments in space. The program aims to reduce the overall risk of incorporating new technologies into future Earth science missions. Recent advancements in small, standardized satellites and low-cost access to space are rapidly transforming the way technologies are demonstrated and validated. Meaningful risk reduction for hardware components and information systems can be accomplished quickly for future flight instruments.

With rapid advancements in small satellite platforms, InVEST projects have validated many new instruments and information systems by installing them on bread loaf-sized CubeSats. These standardized, modular satellites are relatively inexpensive to build on short time frames and their small volumes and weights make it easier to send multiple on a single rocket. 

InVEST-17 Projects

Getting To Space

There are a number of commercial launch providers entering this field to provide access to space. Several government efforts also provide opportunities for small satellite payloads, including:


InVEST uses the NASA Research Announcement as its investment vehicle. Links to the full solicitations and awards are listed below.

InVEST Solicitations

SolicitationLink To SolicitationLink To Award
InVEST ROSES 2023Solicitation (link)Awarded Projects
InVEST ROSES 2020Solicitation (link)Awarded Projects
InVEST ROSES 2017Solicitation (link)Awarded Projects
InVEST ROSES 2015Solicitation (link)Awarded Projects
InVEST ROSES 2012Solicitation (250 K PDF)Awarded Projects
Space Validation RFISolicitation (link)[not applicable]