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Abedin, M.Nurul (B3P3) Phototransistors Development and Their Applications to Lidar (Also See Syed Ismail, B7P1)
Abshire, James (B7P3) Laser Sounder for Global Measurement of CO2 Concentrations in the Troposphere from Space
Adrich, Jack (See Yoseph Bar-Cohen, C2P2)
Ahmed, Razi (See Paul Siqueira, B9P1)
Allan, Graham (See James Abshire, B7P3)
Ames, Troy (See Dan Mandl, A7P2)
Amzajerdian, Farzin (See Michael Kavaya, B11P4)
Anderson, Robert (See Michele Judd, D4P2)
Andricos, Constantine (See Wendy Edelstein, B9P2)
Ansar, A. (See Andrew Johnson, B2P2)
Antill, Chuck (See Martin Mlynczak, B10P1)
Arabshahi, Payman (A8P2) A Smart Sensor Web for Ocean Observation: System Design and Underwater Acoustic Networking
Armstrong, Darrell (See Narasimha Prasad, B3P1)
Arzoumanian, Zaven (See John Krizmanic, C11P3)
Atiquzzaman, Mohammed (A8P1) Network Mobility in Satellite Network
Atlas, Robert (See Bruce Gentry, B11P2)
Aveline, David (See James Kohel, B7P2)
Backes, Paul (C8P3) Rover-arm Based Coring with Slip: Technological Development and Control Approach
Badescu, Mircea (See Yoseph Bar-Cohen, C2P2)
Badilita, Vlad (See John Krizmanic, C11P3)
Bai, Yingxin (See Michael Kavaya, B11P4)
Bajracharya, Max (See Paul Backes, C8P3)
Baker, V.R. (See James Dohm, A11P4)
Balaban, Benjamin (See Alix Preston, C1P3)
Baldwin, J.W. (See K. P. Stewart, C1P2)
Banicevich, Paul  (D1P2) The ST8 Sailmast Validation Experiment
(Also D1P3) UltraFlex-175 on ST8:  Validating the Next-Generation in Lightweight Solar Arrays
Bao, Xiaoqi (See Yoseph Bar-Cohen, C2P2)
Bar-Cohen, Yoseph (C2P2) Ultrasonic/Sonic Driller/Corer (USDC) as a Subsurface Sampler and Sensors Platform for Planetary Exploration Applications
Barengoltz, Jack (See Ying Lin, C5P1)
Barger, Kat (See Gwynne Crowder, C11P2)
Bekker, Dimitry (See Paula Pingree, A5P2)
Belbruno, Edward (C6P1) New Low Energy Motions in the Earth-Moon System, Chaos, and the Weak Stability Boundary
Benedetto, David (See Andrew Foulks, A11P1)
Benfield, Michael (D10P1) Spacecraft Propulsion System Impacts When Incorporating Advanced Chemical Propulsion System Technologies
Benito, J. (See Kenneth Mease, B2P3)
Benson, Scott (See Michael Patterson, D10P3)
Bergeron, R. Daniel (See Andrew Foulks, A11P1)
Biyikli, N. (See Kyung-ah Son, C4P1)
Blakeslee, Richard (See Michael Goodman, A1P1 and A3P2)
Blavier, Jean-Francois (See Paula Pingree, A5P2)
Bonaccorsi, Rosalba (See Bin Chen, C4P3)
Boothe, Gabriel (See Alix Preston, C1P3)
Bornstein, Benjamin (See Michele Judd, D4P2)
Bose, Prasanta (See Ankur Somani, A2P1)
Bose, Tamal (See Bei Xie, A6P1)
Botts, Mike (See Michael Goodman, A1P1)
Bowman, Kevin (See Meemong Lee, A4P2)
Boyer, Charles (See Martin Mlynczak, B10P1)
Brandl, Don (See Gwynne Crowder, C11P2)
Brewer, Alan (See Bruce Gentry, B11P2)
Brewer, W. Alan (See Edward Browell, B11P3)
Brooks, Chris (D4P3) Self-Supervised Terrain Classification for Planetary Rovers
Browell, Edward V. (B11P3) Development of a UAV-based Global Ozone Lidar Demonstrator (GOLD)
Brown, Robert (See Erzsébet Merényi, A9P3)
Brown, Shannon (See Bjorn Lambrigsten, B1P4)
Brunner, Robert J. (See Volodymyr Kindratenko, A9P1)
Buhler, C.H. (See Malay Mazumder, C8P2)
Bunn, Julian (See Parthasarathy Shakkottai, C5P2)
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Calle, C.I. (See Malay Mazumder, C8P2)
Cannon, H. (See Brian Glass, C2P1)
Cappalaere, Patrice (See Dan Mandl, A7P2)
Carlisle, Candace (D1P1) Space Technology 5—Technology Validation Results
Carrell, Eddie (See Chris Dreyer, C4P2)
Carrico, Bruce (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Carswell, James (B5P2) Development of the High-Altitude Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler (HIWRAP)
Casoliva, J. (See Kenneth Mease, B2P3)
Castano, R. (See James Dohm, A11P4)
Castano, Rebecca (See Ashley Davies, D3P1 and Michele Judd, D4P2)
Cathey, Henry (C3P2) Development of the NASA Ultra-Long Duration Balloon
Chadde, Scott (See Ashley Davies, D3P1)
Chamberain, Neil (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Chan, Jack (See Rebecca Richardson, D2P2)
Chandrasekar, V. Chandra (See Simone Tanelli, B5P1)
Chang, Zensheu (See Yoseph Bar-Cohen, C2P2)
Chao, Roger (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Chapman, Bruce (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Chase, Holden (See Thomas Kampe, B6P2)
Chatfield, R.B. (See John (Jack) B. Kumer, B6P1)
Chen, Bin (C4P3) Raman Spectra Identifications of Mineral and Organic Constituents
Chen, Jeffrey (See James Abshire, B7P3)
Chen, Shuyi (See Simone Tanelli, B5P1)
Chen, Yunhang (See Kaichang Di, A6P2)
Cheng, Yang (See Andres Huertas, B2P1)
Cherukuri, Phani (See Rahul Ramachandran, A3P4)
Chien, Steve (See Ashley Davies, D3P1, and Yunling Lou, B4P2, and Dan Mandl, A7P2)
Chipman, Russell (See Anna-Britt Mahler, B6P3)
Cholakian, Tanya (See Ying Lin, C5P1)
Chu, P. (See William Smythe, C5P3)
Chuang, Ernie (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Codona, Johanan L. (B8P1) Closed-Loop Adaptive Suppression of Residual Coronagraph Halos using a Focal Plane Interferometer and Anti-Halo Apodization
Cohen-Tanugi, Johann (See Robin Morris, A10P1)
Colaprete, A. (See Kyung-ah Son, C4P1)
Collatz, G. James (See James Abshire, B7P3)
Congdon, William M. (D8P2) Family Systems Of Advanced Charring Ablators for Planetary Aerocapture and Entry Missions
Connolly, Andrew (A9P2) Parallel Applications for the Masses
Connor, C. (See Matt Heavner, A1P2)
Conover, Helen (See Michael Goodman, A1P1)
Cooperrider, Caner (See Geary Schwemmer, B11P1)
Creticos, Justin (See James Carswell, B5P2)
Crisp, Joy (See Jaroslava Wilcox, C9P3)
Cronin, Paul (See Paul Banicevich, D1P3)
Crowder, Gwynne (C11P2) Technology Development for Diffuse X-ray Science
Cruz, R.J. (See James Ira Thorpe, B8P3)
Dalton, J.B. (See James Dohm, A11P4)
Daly, J. (See William Smythe, C5P3)
Dasu, Aravind (See Jonathan Phillips, A5P1)
Davies, Ashley (D3P1) A Science Model-Driven Autonomous Volcano Sensor Web
Davis, Ab (See Anna-Britt Mahler, B6P3)
Davis, K. (See Brian Glass, C2P1)
Davis, Kenneth

(See Syed Ismail, B7P1)

De Roo, Roger (See Christopher Ruf (B1P2)
Delgadillo, Rodrigo (B8P2) Laser Communication, Clock Synchronization, and Ranging in Interferometric Space Missions
DeMajistre, R. (See Jeng-Hwa Yee, B10P3)
Derezinski, Linda (See Dan Mandl, A7P2)
DeYoung, Russell (See Edward Browell, B11P3)
Di, Kaichang (A6P2) Integration of Orbital and Ground Images for Enhanced Topographic Mapping in Mars Landed Missions
(Also: D4P1) Rock Modeling and Matching for Autonomous Mars Rover Localization
Di, Liping (A2P2) GeoBrain Web Service-based Online Analysis System (GeOnAS)
Diner, David (See Anna-Britt Mahler, B6P3)
Dogoda, Peter (See Geary Schwemmer, B11P1)
Dohm, James (A11P4) Are Mountain-forming Rocks of Thaumasia  Highlands, Mars, other than Basalt/Basaltic Andesite?:  Machine Learning-based Evaluation of TES Data and Implications on Early Evolution of Mars
Dolan, John (A7P1) Harmful Algal Bloom Characterization via the Telesupervised Adaptive Ocean Sensor Fleet
Dolinar, Sam (A8P3) A Distributed Wavelet Approach for Efficient Information Representation and Data Gathering in Sensor Webs
(Also C8P1) Autonomous Receiver Configuration
Donnellan, Andrea (A1P3) QuakeSim: Enabling Model Interactions in Solid Earth Science Sensor Webs
Dougherty, Sean (See Scott Stanley, C2P3)
Douglas, Donya (See Jentung Ku, D1P5)
Dreyer, Chris (C4P2) Automated Rock Thin Section Device for Space Exploration
  (See Chris Dreyer, C4P2)
Dungan, Jennifer (See Robert Morris, D3P3)
Edelstein, Wendy (B9P2) Self-Calibrating High-Efficiency L-Band T/R Modules for Phase Stable Array Antennas
Elvira, Javier Gomez (See Bin Chen, C4P3)
Estep, Robert (C3P3) Development of Advanced Ballooncraft Support Systems
Esterhuizen, Stephan (See Thomas Meehan, B1P5)
Estlin, Tara (See Michele Judd, D4P2)
Fairbrother, Debora  (C3P1) Development of Planetary Balloons
Farr, William H. (D6P1) Optical Communications Technologies for High Data Volume Returns from Deep Space
Farrand, William H. (See Erzsébet Merényi, A9P3)
Fatland, D. (See Matt Heavner, A1P2)
Fischer, J. (See K. P. Stewart, C1P2)
Flower, Dennis (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Foote, M. (See William Smythe, C5P3)
Foulks, Andrew (A11P1) Multiresolution Data Access Within The VISIT Visualization Environment
Fox, Peter (See Prasant Bose, A2P1)
Franklin, Garth (See Thomas Meehan, B1P5)
Frye, Stuart (See Ashley Davies, D3P1, and Dan Mandl, A7P2)
Furfaro, Roberto (A11P2) An Analysis of the Uncertainties in Radiative Transfer Models Used in Remote Sensed Data Product Generation
Fyfe, Colin (See Erzsébet Merényi, A9P3)
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Gaier, T. (See Pekka Kangaslahti, B1P3)
Gaier, Tod (See Bjorn Lambrigsten, B1P4)
Gaines, Daniel (See Michele Judd, D4P2)
Ganapol, B. (See Roberto, Furfaro, A11P2)
Gao, Wenming (See Ying Lin, C5P1)
Garten, James (See Jeng-Hwa Yee, B10P3)
Geiger, J. (See Paul Houser, A4P1)
Gehrels, Neil (See John Krizmanic, C11P3)
Gendreau, Keith (See John Krizmanic, C11P3)
Gentry, Bruce (B11P2) Mid-Term Status of the TWiLiTE Direct Detection Doppler Lidar Development Program (Also see Geary Schwemmer, B11P1)
George, Alan (See John Samson, D1P4)
Ghodssi, Reza (See John Krizmanic, C11P3)
Gin, Jonathan W. (D6P2) High Data Rate Receiver for Optical PPM Communications
Glass, Brian (C2P1) Drilling Automation for Mars Exploration (DAME)
Gonzales, Andy (C10P1) The Mars and Moon Underground Mole (MMUM)
(Also: C9P1) An Aerial Vehicle Enhancement for Mars Exploration
Goodman, Michael (A1P1) The Sensor Management for Applied Research Technologies (SMART) Project
(Also: A3P2) The NASA Real Time Mission Monitor – A Situational Awareness Tool For Managing Experiment Assets
Gorevan, Steve (See William Smythe, C5P3)
Granahan, J. (See William Smythe, C5P3)
Granat, Robert (A3P3) A Time Series Analysis Method for Geophysical Sensor Networks
Graves, Sara (A3P1) Solution Service Composition for Analysis of Online Science Data (Also See Rahul Ramachandran, A3P4 and A11P3)
Gross, Steve (See Christopher Ruf, B1P2)
Gutt, Gary (See Anna-Britt Mahler, B6P3)
Hailey, Chuck (C7P1) The General Antiparticle Spectrometer Experiment: Search for Supersymmetric Dark Matter and Primordial Black Holes
Hair, Jonathan (See Edward Browell, B11P3)
Hall, John (See Michael Goodman, A3P2)
Hamilton, David (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Hamkins, Jon (See Sam Dolinar, C8P1)
Han, Weiguo (See Liping Di, A2P2)
Hanagud, S. (See Brian Glass, C2P1)
Hancock, Bruce (See Anna-Britt Mahler, B6P3)
Hardesty, R. Michael (See Edward Browell, B11P3, and Bruce Gentry, B11P2)
Hardin, Danny  (A1P4) SERVIR at the Age of Four: The Development of an Environmental Monitoring and Visualization System for Mesoamerica
Harding, David (B7P4) The Swath Imaging Multi-polarization Photon-counting Lidar (SIMPL): A Technology Demonstration for Space-based Laser Altimeter Swath Mapping
He, Shaojun (See Kaichang Di, D4P1)
Heavey, Brandon (See Scott Hensley, B4P1, and Delwyn Moller, B5P3)
Heavner, Matt (A1P2) SEAMONSTER: A Sensor Web Technology Implementation and Testbed in Southeast Alaska
Hedland, M. (See Chris Dreyer, C4P2)
Heger, Fred (See Brennan Sellner, C10P3)
Helmick, Daniel (See Paul Backes, C8P3)
Hendershott, Paul (See Thomas Kampe, B6P2)
Hensley, Scott (B4P1)

The UAVSAR Instrument: Description and Test Plans

Heymsfield, Gerald (See James Carswell, B5P2)
Hiatt, Laura (See Brennan Sellner, C10P3)
Hodges, Richard (See Delwyn Moller, B5P3)
Hood, E. (See Matt Heavner, A1P2)
Hood, Robin (See Michael Goodman, A1P1)
Houser, Paul (A4P1) Integrating a Virtual Sensor Web with Land Surface Modeling
Hovis, Floyd (See Bruce Gentry, B11P2)
Howard, Ayanna (See Antidio Viguria, A7P4)
Howard, Andrew (See Kaichang Di, D4P1)
Howard, Tom (See Alonzo Kelly, D5P3)
Huang, Pei (See Shane Roark, B10P2)
Huertas, Andres (B2P1) Real Time Hazard Detection for Landers
Hurlburt, Neal (See Prasant Bose, A2P1)
Hwangbo, Ju Won (See Kaichang Di, A6P2)
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Iagnemma, Karl (See Chris Brooks, D4P3)
Im, Eastwood (See Simone Tanelli, B5P1)
Ingentron, Susan (See Michael Goodman, A1P1)
Insanic, Edin (See Paul Siqueira, B9P1)
Irwin, Daniel (See Danny Hardin, A1P4)
Ismail, S. (See Nurul Abedin, B3P4)
Ismail, Syed (B7P1) Technology Developments in Laser, Detector, and Receiver System for an Atmospheric CO2 Lidar Profiling System (Also See Edward Browell, B11P3)
Ivanov, M. (See Kenneth Mease, B2P3)
Jedlovic, Gary (See Michael Goodman, A1P1)
Jewell, Jeffrey B. (C6P2) A Probabilistic Approach to Trajectory Generation in the Presence of Uncertainty
Johnson, Andrew (B2P2) Coupled Vision and Inertial Navigation for Pin-Point Landing
Johnson, Brian (See Shane Roark, B10P2)
Johnson, David G. (See Martin Mlynczak, B10P1)
Johnson, E. (See William Smythe, C5P3)
Jones, Cathleen (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Judd, Michele (D4P2) Autonomous Science Technologies for a Mars Rover
Kalbarczyk, Zbigniew (See John Samson, D1P4)
Kampe, Thomas U. (B6P2) The Spaceborne Infrared Atmospheric Sounder for Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (SIRAS-G ) – Pathfinder IR Imaging Spectrometer for Space Missions
Kangaslahti, Pekka (B1P3) MIMRAM: Miniature MMIC Low Pass/Power Radiometers for Geostationary Thinned Aperture Radiometer (Also See Bjorn Lambrigsten, B1P4)
Kaptchen, Paul (See Shane Roark, B10P2)
Kashem, Nasir B. (See Aleksey Vasilyev, B3P2)
Kavaya, Michael J. (B11P4) Compact and Rugged Transceiver for Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar Applications in Space
Kawa, S. Randy (See James Abshire, B7P3)
Keiser, Ken (See Sara Graves, A3P1)
Kellogg, James (See James Kohel, B7P2)
Kelly, Alonzo (D5P3) Terrain Aware Inversion of Predictive Models for Planetary Rovers
Khatib, Lina (See Robert Morris, D3P3)
Khatib, Oussama (See Paul Backes, C8P3)
Kiely, Aaron (See Sam Dolinar, A8P3)
Kilbourne, Caroline (C11P1) Breakthrough Energy Resolution in Close-Packed Arrays of Superconducting Transition-edge X-ray Microcalorimeters
Kindratenko, V . (A9P1) Developing and Deploying Advanced Algorithms to Novel Supercomputing Hardware
Kinnebrew, John (A7P3)

Integrating Task Allocation, Planning, Scheduling, and Adaptive Resource Management to Support Autonomy in a Global Sensor Web

Kist, Ed (See Martin Mlynczak, B10P1)
Knuble, Joseph (See Priscilla Mohammed, B1P1)
Koch, Grady (See Syed Ismail, B7P1, and Michael Kavaya, B11P4)
James Kohel (B7P2) Development of a Transportable Gravity Gradiometer for Ground and Space Applications
Kolitz, Stephan (A7P5) Sensor Web Dynamic Planning Architecture
Koterba, Seth (See Brennan Sellner, C10P3)
Kotsubo, Vincent (See Thomas Kampe, B6P2)
Kottas, A. (See Roberto, Furfaro, A11P2)
Kratz, Dave (See Martin Mlynczak, B10P1)
Krebs, Christopher (See Joe Parrish, C9P2)
Krizmanic, John (C11P3) Phase Fresnel Lens Development for X-ray & Gamma-ray Astronomy
Ku, Jentung (D1P5) Miniature Loop Heat Pipe with Multiple Evaporators for Small Spacecraft Thermal Control
Kumar, S. (See Paul Houser, A4P1)
Kumer, John (Jack) B. (B6P1) Tropospheric Infrared Mapping Spectrometers (TIMS) for CO Measurements With Much Improved Vertical, Temporal and Spatial Resolution, Especially in the Lower Troposphere by Utilizing Both the  2.3 and 4.7 µm Regions
Kyle, Philip (See Ashley Davies, D3P1)
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Lai, R. (See Pekka Kangaslahti, B1P3)
Lambrigtsen, Bjorn (B1P4) Prototyping GeoSTAR for the PATH Mission (Also See Pekka Kangaslahti, B1P3)
Lapenta, William (See Rahul Ramachandran, A11P3)
Laramee, Jacques (See Scott Stanley, C2P3)
Lary, David (D3P3) Autonomous Objectively Optimized Observing Systems
Lazarus, Steven (See Rahul Ramachandran, A11P3)
Le, Guan (See Candace Carlisle, D1P1)
Leavitt, J.A. (See Kenneth Mease, B2P3)
Lee, James (B4P3) C-20A/GIII Precision Autopilot Development in Support of NASA’s UAVSAR Program
Lee, Meemong (A4P2) Sensor-web Operations Explorer (SOX) for Earth Atmospheric Science Experiment
Lee, Sungwon (See Sam Dolinar, A8P3)
Lemke, Lawrence G. (See Andy Gonzales, C9P1 and C10P1)
Li, Lihua (See James Carswell, B5P2)
Li, Ron (See Kaichang Di, A6P2 and D4P1)
Li, Xiang (See Michael Goodman, A1P1)
Li, Xiang (See Rahul Ramachandran, A3P4 and A11P3)
Liao, A. (See Kyung-ah Son, C4P1)
Lin, Ying (C5P1) Quantification of Spore-forming Bacteria Carried by Dust Particles
Lindeman, Mark (See Gwynne Crowder, C11P2)
Lindemann, Scott (See Bruce Gentry, B11P2)
Liu, Y. (See Kyung-ah Son, C4P1)
Loges, P. (See William Smythe, C5P3)
Lou, Yunling (B4P2) Autonomous Disturbance Detection and Monitoring System with UAVSAR
Lowe, Steve (See Thomas Meehan, B1P5)
Lueken, Mike (See Rahul Ramachandran, A11P3)
Lynnes, Christopher (See Sara Graves, A3P1)
Mahler, Anna-Britt (B6P3) High-Accuracy Spectropolarimetric Imaging Using Photoelastic Modulator-Based Cameras with Low-Polarization Coatings
Maleki, Lute (See James Kohel, B7P2)
Mandl, Dan (A7P2) A Web 2.0 and OGC Enabled Sensor Web Architecture for Global Earth Observing System of Systems (Also See Ashley Davies, D3P1)
Mandrake, Lukas (See Ashley Davies, D3P1)
Manzella, David (D10P2) Low Cost Electric Propulsion Thruster for Deep Space Robotic Missions
Mao, Jianping (See James Abshire, B7P3)
Marks, Frank (See Simone Tanelli, B5P1)
Martino, Anthony (See Geary Schwemmer, B11P1)
Marx, Cathy (See Geary Schwemmer, B11P1)
Masciarelli, James (D8P3) Aerocapture Guidance Algorithm Development and Testing
(Also: D9P2) Summary of Ultralightweight Ballute Technology Advances
Maskey, Manil (See Sara Graves, A3P1 and Michael Goodman, A1P1)
Matthies, L. (See Andrew Johnson, B2P2)
Matthies, Larry (See Andres Huertas, B2P1, and Kaichang Di, D4P1)
Mazumder, Malay K. (C8P2) Development of a Dust Particle Analyzer for In-situ and Simultaneous Measurements of Size and Charge Distributions Of Martian Dust
McCammon, Dan (See Gwynne Crowder, C11P2)
McDermid, Stuart (See Edward Browell, B11P3)
McEachen, Michael  (See Paul Banicevich, D1P2)
McGee, Thomas (See Edward Browell, B11P3)
McGill, Matthew (See Bruce Gentry, B11P2)
McKay, Christopher (See Bin Chen, C4P3)
Mease, Kenneth (B2P3) Advanced Hypersonic Entry Guidance for Mars Pinpoint Landing
Meehan, Thomas (B1P5) GRSPI:  A Prototype for an Optimal Orbiting GNSS Science Instrument
Mei, G. (See Pekka Kangaslahti, B1P3)
Melchior, Nik (D5P1) Particle RRT for Path Planning in Very Rough Terrain (Also See Reid Simmons, C10P3)
Merényi, Erzsébet (A9P3) Information Extraction and Knowledge Discovery from High-Dimensional and High-Volume Complex Data Sets through Precision Manifold Learning (Also See Bei Xie, A6P1)
Mergenthaler, J.L. (See John (Jack) B. Kumer, B6P1)
Mieczneik, Grzegorz (See Shane Roark, B10P2)
Mighell, Kenneth J. (A6P3) Improving the Precision of Near-Infrared Stellar Photometry by Modeling the Image Formation Process within a Lossy Detector
Miller, Charles (See Syed Ismail, B7P1, Meemong Lee, A4P2)
Miller, David (D5P2) Semi-autonomous Rover Operations:  An Integrated Hardware and Software Approach for more Capable Mars Rover Missions
Miller, Kevin (See James Masciarelli, D8P3)
Miller, Scott (D11P2) Performance Optimization of Storable Bipropellant Engines to Fully Exploit Advanced Material Technologies
Miller, Tim (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Mills, Gary (See Thomas Kampe, B6P2)
Misra, Sidharth (See Christopher Ruf (B1P2)
Mitryk, Shawn (See Rodrigo Delgadillo, B8P2, and James Ira Thorpe, B8P3)
Mlynczak, Martin G. (B10P1) INFLAME - In-situ Net Flux within the Atmosphere of the Earth
Modlin, Ed (See Michael Kavaya, B11P4)
Moeller, K.D. (See K. P. Stewart, C1P2)
Mohammed, Priscilla (B1P1) Analog Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) Suppression System for Microwave Radiometers
Moller, Delwyn (B5P3) Technology Development of a Novel Ka-band Digitally-Beamformed Interferometric Radar With Application to Ice Topography Mapping
Montgomery, J. (See Andrew Johnson, B2P2)
Moon, Steven (See Michelle Munk, D8P1)
Morgan, Brian (See John Krizmanic, C11P3)
Morgan, M. Frank (See Jeng-Hwa Yee, B10P3)
Morkoç, H. (See Kyung-ah Son, C4P1)
Morris, Robert (D3P3) Generating Executable Sensor Web Request Sequences from Campaign Goal Specifications
Morris, Robin D. (A10P1) Event Analysis for the Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope
Mourikis, A. (See Andrew Johnson, B2P2)
Moussessian, Alina (B9P3) An Electronically Scanning Large Aperture Membrane Array
Movva, Sunil (See Rahul Ramachandran, A3P4 and A11P3)
Mueller, Guido (See Rodrigo Delgadillo, B8P2, and Alix Preston, C1P3, and James Ira Thorpe, B8P3)
Muellerschoen, Ron (See Scott Hensley, B4P1, and Yunling Lou, B4P2)
Munk, Michelle M. (D8P1) Aerocapture Technology Developments from NASA’s In-Space Propulsion Technology (ISPT) Program
Munson, Tim (See Thomas Meehan, B1P5)
Murano, Robin (See Roberto, Furfaro, A11P2)
Nakagawa, Masami (See Chris Dreyer, C4P2)
Nesnas, Issa (C10P2) CLARAty: A Collaborative Software for Advancing Robotic Technologies (Also See Michele Judd, D4P2)
Neumann, Greg (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Nguyen, Danh H. (See Jonathan W. Gin, D6P2)
Ni, X. (See Kyung-ah Son, C4P1)
Nieto-Santisteban, Maria A. (A10P2) Cross-Matching Very Large Datasets
Nishimoto, Koouji (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Norton, Charles (See Paula Pingree, A5P2)
Nugent, Paul (See Sabino Piazzolla, D6P3)
Ortega, Antonio (See Sam Dolinar, A8P3)
Osman, Shariff (See Ying Lin, C5P1)
Ottenstein, Laura (See Jentung Ku, D1P5)
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Padios, Vincent (See Paul Backes, C8P3)
Parker, Philip (See Michael Goodman, A3P2)
Parrish, Joe (C9P2) The Contained Sample Handling and Analysis System (CSHAS)
Patel, Minesh (See John Samson, D1P4)
Pattem, Sundeep (See Sam Dolinar, A8P3)
Patterson, Michael J. (D10P3) NEXT Ion Propulsion System Development Status and Capabilities
Paulsen, Gale (See Chris Dreyer, C4P2)
Pavalur, Sumanth (See Paul Siqueira, B9P1)
Petros, Mulugeta (See Michael Kavaya, B11P4)
Petzar, Paul (See Michael Kavaya, B11P4)
Pham, Long (See Sara Graves, A3P1)
Pham, Thai (See Jentung Ku, D1P5)
Phillips, Jonathan (A5P1) An ASIP Architecture Framework to Facilitate Automated Design Space Exploration and Synthesis for Iterative Repair Solvers
Piazzolla, Sabino (D6P3) Assessment Of The Atmospheric Channel For Short (Ka-Band And Optical) Wavelengths
Piepmeier, Jeffrey (See Priscilla Mohammed, B1P1, Bjorn Lambrigsten, B1P4)
Pierce, David (See Henry Cathey, C3P2)
Pierce, Robert (See Shane Roark, B10P2)
Pingree, Paula (A5P2) Smart Payload Development for High Data Rate Instrument Systems
Pohorille, Andrew (A1P5) An Integrated System for Synthesis and Evaluation of Biological Models
Prasad, Narasimha (B3P1) Recent Progress Made in the Development of High-Energy UV Transmitter
Prater, Jack (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Preston, Alix (C1P3) Stable Materials and Bonding Techniques for Space-Based Optical Systems
Pukala, D. (See Pekka Kangaslahti, B1P3)
Puscasu, I. (See William Smythe, C5P3)
Quirk, Kevin J. (See Jonathan W. Gin, D6P2)
Racunas, Stephan (See Andrew Pohorille, A1P5)
Rairden, R.L. (See John (Jack) B. Kumer, B6P1)
Ramachandran, Rahul (A11P3) An Improved Data Reduction Tool in Support of the Real-Time Assimilation of NASA Satellite Data Streams
(Also: A3P4) Noesis: A Semantic Search Engine and Resource Aggregator for Atmospheric Science
Raouf, Nasrat (See Anna-Britt Mahler, B6P3)
Raul, Fernando (See Bin Chen, C4P3)
Ravine, Michael (See David Miller, D5P2)
Reddy, S. (See James Ira Thorpe, B8P3)
Refaat, Tamer (See Syed Ismail, B7P1, and Nurul Abedin, B3P4)
Reithmaier, Karl (See Michael Kavaya, B11P4)
Rengarajan, Sembiam (See Delwyn Moller, B5P3)
Richardson, Rebecca (D2P2) Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator
Richter, Dale (See Edward Browell, B11P3)
Rignot, Eric (See Delwyn Moller, B5P3)
Riris, Haris (See James Abshire, B7P3)
Roark, Shane (B10P2) Passive A-Band Wind Sounder (PAWS) for Measuring Tropospheric Wind Velocity
Robin, Alex (See Michael Goodman, A1P1)
Robinson, David (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Robinson, Don (See Martin Mlynczak, B10P1)
Roche, A.E. (See John (Jack) B. Kumer, B6P1)
Rocks, Lindsay (See Gwynne Crowder, C11P2)
Rodriques, Jose Antonio Manfredi (See Bin Chen, C4P3)
Rogacki, Steve (See Christopher Ruf (B1P2)
Rogez, Francois (See Delwyn Moller, B5P3)
Roumeliotis, S. (See Andrew Johnson, B2P2)
Rubio, Manual (See Syed Ismail, B7P1)
Ruden, P.P. (See Kyung-ah Son, C4P1)
Ruf, Christopher (B1P2) Development of an Agile Digital Detector for RFI Detection and Mitigation on Spaceborne Radiometers (Also See Bjorn Lambrigsten, B1P4)
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Saatchi, Sassan (See Yunling Lou, B4P2)
Sadowy, Gregory (See Wendy Edelstein, B9P2, and Scott Hensley, B4P1, and Delwyn Moller, B5P3)
Salama, A.H. (See Kenneth Mease, B2P3)
Samson, John (D1P4) Technology Validation:  NMP ST8 Dependable Multiprocessor (DM) Project
Sandu, Adrian (See Meemong Lee, A4P2)
Saraf, A. (See Kenneth Mease, B2P3)
Scargle, Jeffrey D. (A10P3) Segmentation Data Analysis
Schaffer, Scott (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Scharenbroich, Lucas (See Paula Pingree, A5P2, and James Dohm, A11P4)
Schaubert, Daniel (See James Carswell, B5P2)
Schweighofer, Karl (See Andrew Pohorille, A1P5)
Schwemmer, Geary (B11P1) Shared Aperture Diffractive Optical Element (ShADOE) Multiplexed Telescope (Also see Bruce Gentry, B11P2)
Schwendeman, Jim (See Chris Dreyer, C4P2)
Seablom, Michael (A4P3) The Applicability of a Sensor Web Simulator to Evaluate a Future Lidar Mission
Sellner, Brennan (C10P3) Human-Robot Teams for Large-Scale Assembly
Serabyn, Gene (C1P1) Faint Near-Neighbor Detection with a Fiber Nuller
Serra, Marco (See Joe Parrish, C9P2)
Shahriar, Abu (See Mohammed Atiquzzaman, A8P1)
Shakkottai, Parthasarathy (C5P2) Contamination Transport from Spacecraft due to Winds
Shaltens, Richard (D2P1) Advanced Stirling Technology Development
Shaw, Joseph (See Sabino Piazzolla, D6P3)
Shekoski, Tim (See Martin Mlynczak, B10P1)
Shen, Godwin (See Sam Dolinar, A8P3)
Sherrit, Stewart (See Yoseph Bar-Cohen, C2P2)
Shimada, Joanne (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Shimokawa, Doug (See Prasant Bose, A2P1)
Shrager, Jeff (See Andrew Pohorille, A1P5)
Simard, Marc (See Delwyn Moller, B5P3, and Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Simmons, Reid (See Brennan Sellner, C10P3)
Singh, Kumaresh (See Meemong Lee, A4P2)
Singh, Sanjiv (See Brennan Sellner, C10P3)
Singh, U.N. (See Nurul Abedin, B3P4, Narasimha Prasad, B3P1, Michael Kavaya, B11P4, and Syed Ismail, B7P1)
Siqueira, Paul (B9P1) The Design and Evaluation of a High Performance Ku-band Downconverter for Spaceborne Interferometric Radar
Sirota, Marcos (See Bruce Gentry, B11P2)
Skinner, Gerry (See John Krizmanic, C11P3)
Skinner, W.R. (See Jeng-Hwa Yee, B10P3)
Skok, John (See Chris Dreyer, C4P2)
Slaymaer, Philip (See Shane Roark, B10P2)
Smith, Eric A. (See Simone Tanelli, B5P1)
Smith, Greg (See Anna-Britt Mahler, B6P3)
Smith, Paula (See Anna-Britt Mahler, B6P3)
Smith, Robert (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Smythe, William D. (C5P3) An IR Spectrometer for Mars Drill Operations
Sohl, G. (See Kenneth Mease, B2P3)
Sohlberg, Rob (See Dan Mandl, A7P2)
Somani, Ankur (A2P1) Collaborative Virtual Sensorweb Infrastructure: Architecture and Implementation
Some, Rafi (See John Samson, D1P4)
Son, Kyung-ah (C4P1) GaN-based Robust Micro Pressure and Temperature Sensors for Extreme Planetary Environments
Sorin, Daniel (A5P3) Fault Tolerant Microprocessors for Space Missions
Sparr, Ted M. (See Andrew Foulks, A11P1)
Spence, Brian (See Paul Banicevich, D1P3)
Splitt, Michael (See Rahul Ramachandran, A11P3)
Srinvasan, Karthik (See Paul Siqueira, B9P1)
Srirama, P.K. (See Malay Mazumder, C8P2)
Stanley, Scott (C2P3) The Low-force Sample Acquisition System (LSAS)
Steele, John (See Chris Dreyer, C4P2)
Steinke, I.P. (See Kyung-ah Son, C4P1)
Stephen, Mark A. (See James Abshire, B7P3, and Aleksey Vasilyev, B3P2)
Stephens, Karen (See Michael Goodman, A1P1)
Stewart, Kenneth P. (C1P2) Microstructure Optics Design and Fabrication at NRL and NJIT
Stoker, Carol (See Bin Chen, C4P3, and Andy Gonzales, C10P1)
Streitmatter, Robert (See John Krizmanic, C11P3)
Stuchlik, David (See Robert Estep, C3P3)
Su, H. (See Paul Houser, A4P1)
Sun, Liping (See Joe Parrish, C9P2)
Sun, Xiaoli (See James Abshire, B7P3)
Suri, Dipa (See John Kinnebrew, A7P3)
Swartz, William (See Jeng-Hwa Yee, B10P3)
Szalay, Alex (See Maria Nieto-Santisteban, A10P2)
Taddy, M (See Roberto, Furfaro, A11P2)
Talaat, Elsayed (See Jeng-Hwa Yee, B10P3)
Talole, S. (See Kenneth Mease, B2P3)
Tanelli, Simone (B5P1) Workshop Report on Nexrad-In-Space - A Geostationary Satellite Doppler Weather Radar for Hurricane Studies
Tanner, Alan (See Bjorn Lambrigsten, B1P4, and Pekka Kangaslahti, B1P3)
Thakar, Ani (See Maria Nieto-Santisteban, A10P2)
Thompson, Linda (See Robert Estep, C3P3)
Thompson, Rob (See James Kohel, B7P2)
Thornton, Christopher (See Edward Browell, B11P3)
Thorpe, Ira (See Rodrigo Delgadillo, B8P2)
Thorpe, James Ira (B8P3) Bench-top models of LISA Interferometry at the University  of Florida
Tian, Y. (See Paul Houser, A4P1)
Tien, Jeff (See Thomas Meehan, B1P5)
Toda, Risaku (See Jaroslava Wilcox, C9P3)
Tope, Michael (See Paul Siqueira, B9P1)
Tran, Daniel (See Dan Mandl, A7P2, and Ashley Davies, D3P1)
Trautt, Thomas (See Paul Banicevich, D1P3)
Trawny, N. (See Andrew Johnson, B2P2)
Trieu, Bo (See Michael Kavaya, B11P4)
Tripoli, Gregory (See Simone Tanelli, B5P1)
Troupaki, Elisavet (See Aleksey Vasilyev, B3P2)
Tu, Aaron (See Sam Dolinar, A8P3)
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Ungar, Steve (See Dan Mandl, A7P2)
Urgiles, Eduardo (See Jaroslava Wilcox, C9P3)
Vasilyev, Aleksey (B3P2) Long-Term Performance Tests on Laser Diode Arrays for the Current and Future Space Missions
Vedantham, Harish (See Paul Siqueira, B9P1)
Viguria, Antidio (A7P4) Controlled Reconfiguration of Robotic Mobile Sensor Networks using Distributed Allocation Formalisms
Villmann, Thomas (See Erzsébet Merényi, A9P3)
Vines, Ken (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Votava, Petr (See Robert Morris, D3P3)
Walsh, Gerry (See Paul Siqueira, B9P1)
Walyus, Keith (C7P2) Cooling Technology for Large Space Telescopes
Wang, K.L. (See Xinyu Zheng, C1P4)
Wange, R. (See James Dohm, A11P4)
Ward, Philip (C3P4) Development of the Balloon Arc Second Pointing System
Warnock, April (See Christopher Ruf (B1P2)
Warren, James (See Paul Backes, C8P3)
Wassmer, John (See Thomas Kampe, B6P2)
Weidner, Richard (See Meemong Lee, A4P2)
Welch, Wayne (See Edward Browell, B11P3)
Wheeler, Kevin (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
White, Steve (See Paul Banicevich, D1P3)
Whitehead, John (D11P1) Pump Fed Propulsion for Mars Ascent and Other Challenging Maneuvers
Wilcox, Jaroslava Z. (C9P3) Surface Elemental Analysis with 1 mm Spatial Resolution for Samples in Ambient Atmosphere Using the AEXS Instrument
Wilkerson, Thomas (See Bruce Gentry, B11P2)
Wright, Michael (D9P1) Aerothermal Modeling for Entry and Aerocapture
Wright, Robert (See Ashley Davies, D3P1)
Xie, Bei (A6P1) New Algorithms for the Classification and Compression of Hyperspectral Images
Yang, B. (See Kyung-ah Son, C4P1)
Yee, Jeng-Hwa (B10P3) Geostationary Imaging Fabry-Perot Spectrometer (GIFS)
Young, Larry (See Thomas Meehan, B1P5)
Young, R.E. (See Kyung-ah Son, C4P1)
Yu, Jirong (See Michael Kavaya, B11P4)
Yu, Nan (See James Kohel, B7P2)
Yu, Y. (See James Ira Thorpe, B8P3)
Zacny, Kris (See Chris Dreyer, C4P2)
Zaveleta, Jhony (See Bin Chen, C4P3, and Andy Gonzales, C10P1)
Zavodskly, Bradley (See Rahul Ramachandran, A11P3)
Zawadzki, Mark (See Delwyn Moller, B5P3)
Zebker, Howard (See Scott Hensley, B4P1)
Zhang, J. (See Malay Mazumder, C8P2)
Zhao, Peisheng (See Liping Di, A2P2)
Zheng, Xinyu (C1P4) Fabrication and Modeling of a Nano-multiplication-region Avalanche Photodiode
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