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Abedin, Nurul See Martin Mlynczak
Abshire, James See Anthony Yu
Abshire, James Pulsed Lidar for Measurement of CO2 Concentrations for the ASCENDS Mission - Update
Abstract / Presentation
Ackermann, Andy See Simone Tanelli
Adler, Douglas See Fred Best
Aebi, Verle See Michael Krainak
Agnes, Gregory See Richard Cofield
Agrawal, Malvika See Markus Schneider
Ahmad, S. See Gregory Leptoukh
Al-Ghanmi, Rami See Andrea Donnellan
Albers, Darrin See Steven Reising
Allan, Graham See James Abshire
Atiquzzaman, Mohammed Security Issues in Space networks
Abstract / Presentation
Bach, Vinh See Alina Moussessian
Bai, Xiaogang See Michael Krainak
Bai, Yingxin See Upendra Singh
Battaglia, Alessandro See Simone Tanelli
Beer, Reinhard See Stanley Sander
Behrenfeld, Michael See Mark Wilson
Bekker, Dmitriy See Paula Pingree
Bekker, Dmitriy See David Rider
Bennartz, Ralf See Simone Tanelli
Best, Fred On-Orbit Absolute Radiance Standard for Future IR Remote Sensing Instruments
Abstract / Presentation
Bingham, Gail See Shane Topham
Birur, Gajanana See James Hoffman
Blakeslee, Rich See Michael Goodman
Blavier, Jean-Francois See David Rider
Blavier, Jean-Francois See Stanley Sander
Blumenstock, Kenneth See Mark Wilson
Bock, Yehuda See Yehuda Bock
Bock, Yehuda Real-Time In-Situ Measurements for Earthquake Early Warning and Space-Borne Deformation Measurement Mission Support
Abstract / Presentation
Bowman, Kevin See Stanley Sander
Bradley, Christine See Stacey Sueoka
Braun, Michael See Jeremy Dobler
Braverman, Amy Space-Time Data Fusion
  Abstract / Presentation
Brown, Shannon See Daniel Esteban-Fernandez
Brown, Shannon See Bjorn Lambrigtsen
Brown, Shannon See Steven Reising
Brown, Shannon High-Altitude MMIC Sounding Radiometer - From the IIP to the Global Hawk
Abstract / Presentation
Brown, Steven See Mark Wilson
Bucciero, Mark See Matthew French
Burgin, M. See Mahta Moghaddam
Burke, Ingrid See Carl Weimer
Butler, Carolyn See Simone Tanelli
Butler, James See Mark Wilson
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Cageao, Richard See Martin Mlynczak
Cappelaere, Pat See Daniel Mandl
Carswell, James See Delwyn Moller
Castillo, Linda See Alina Moussessian
Cavanaugh, John See Anthony Yu
Chance, Kelly See James Leitch
Chao, Roger See Yunling Lou
Chen, Jeffrey See James Abshire
Chen, Tao See Markus Schneider
Chien, Steve See Yunling Lou
Chien, Steve See Daniel Mandl
Chipman, Russell See Stacey Sueoka
Clark, Duane See Yunling Lou
Clayton, Robert See Yehuda Bock
Coen, Christopher See John Papapolymerou
Cofield, Richard A deployable 4 Meter 180 to 680 GHz antenna for the Scanning Microwave Limb Sounder
Abstract / Presentation
Cohen, D. See Byron Van Gorp
Conover, Helen See Michael Goodman
Cooley, Michael See Paul Racette
Costello, Ken See Michael Krainak
Cressie, Noel See Amy Braverman
Cressler, John See John Papapolymerou
Crowell, Brendan See Yehuda Bock
Cunningham, Tom See David Rider
Davis , Curtiss See Tim Valle
Dawson, Douglas See Oliver Montes
Dawson, Douglas See Steven Reising
DeBoer, Gijs See Simone Tanelli
DelCastillo, Linda See James Hoffman
Delker, Tom See Christian Grund
Denning, Richard See Shannon Brown
deVine, G. See William Folkner
Dickson, J. See William Folkner
Dierssen, H. R. See Byron Van Gorp
Diner, David See Stacey Sueoka and Simone Tanelli
Dobler, Jeremy Fiber Raman Amplifier Development for Laser Absorption Spectroscopy Measurements of Atmospheric Oxygen near 1.26 microns
Abstract / Presentation
Donado Morcillo, Carlos See John Papapolymerou
Donnellan, Andrea QuakeSim Computational Environment
Abstract / Presentation
Donovan, David See Simone Tanelli
Doubleday, Josh See Yunling Lou
Drake, Ginger See Paul Smith
Dudik, M. See Louise Hamlin
Durden, Stephen See Simone Tanelli
Durden, Stephen Cloud and Precipitation Radar System Concept for the ACE Mission
Abstract / Presentation
Durham, Timothy An 8-40 GHz Wideband Instrument for Snow Measurements
Eastwood, M. See Byron Van Gorp and Louise Hamlin
Eldering, Annmarie See Stanley Sander
Ellis, Thomas See Jeff Myers
Eng, Bjorn See Simon Hook
Eng, Bjorn See Simon Hook
Entekhabi, D. See Mahta Moghaddam
Epp, L. See Stephen Durden
Espejo, Joey See Paul Smith
Esteban-Fernandez, D. See Stephen Durden and Paul Siqueira
Esteban-Fernandez, Daniel Ka-Band SAR Interferometry Studies for the SWOT Mission Development
Abstract / Presentation
Esterhuizen, S. See William Folkner
Fang, H. See Stephen Durden
Fieldman, Eric See Paul von Allmen
Filemyr, Timothy See Anthony Yu
Finch, Patrick See William Ivancic
Fishbein, Eric See Paul von Allmen
Fisher, Charles See Delwyn Moller
Flatley, Tom Advanced Hybrid On-Board Science Data Processor - SpaceCube 2.0
Abstract / Presentation
Folkner, William Laser Frequency Stabilization for GRACE-2
Abstract / Presentation
Foote, Marc See Simon Hook
Fox, Geoffrey See Andrea Donnellan
Fox, P. See Gregory Leptoukh
French, Matthew Autonomous On-board Processing for Sensor Systems:  Initial Fault Tolerance and Autonomy Results
Abstract / Presentation
Fridlind, Ann See Simone Tanelli
Frye, Stuart See Daniel Mandl
Fu, Kan See Paul Siqueira
Fu, Lee-Lueng See Daniel Esteban-Fernandez
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Gaier, Todd See Shannon Brown
Gaier, Todd See Bjorn Lambrigtsen
Gaier, Todd See Steven Reising
Garrett, Michelle See Michael Goodman
Georgieva, Elena See William Heaps
Gero, Jonathan See Fred Best
Ghan, Steve See Simone Tanelli
Goodman, Michael Coordinating Aircraft During NASA Airborne Science Field Campaigns
Abstract / Presentation
Goykhman, Y. See Mahta Moghaddam
Granat, Robert See Andrea Donnellan
Grando, Maurio See Alina Moussessian
Grant, Lisa See Andrea Donnellan
Green, R. O. See Byron Van Gorp and Louise Hamlin
Gritz, Michael See Martin Mlynczak
Grund, Christian First Demonstration of an Optical Autocovariance Direct Detection Wind Lidar
Abstract / Presentation
Gunapala, Sarath See Simon Hook
Gurrola, Eric InSAR Scientific Computing Environment
Abstract / Presentation
Gutierrez , Augusto See Oliver Montes
Gutierrez, David See Jeffrey Hall
Hair, John See Simone Tanelli
Hall, Jeffrey Mineral and Gas Identification Using a High-Performance Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
Abstract / Presentation
Hall, John See Michael Goodman
Hamlin, Louise A new Tool for the NASA Earth Science Community: AVIRIS-ng Status
Abstract / Presentation Not Available
Hancock, Bruce See David Rider
Hardesty, Chuck See James Leitch
Harding, David See Anthony Yu
Harrison, Ken Uncertainty Analysis in the Decadal Survey Era: A Hydrologic Application using the Land Information System (LIS)
Abstract / Presentation
Hashimoto, Hirofumi See Petr Votava
Hashino, Tempei See Simone Tanelli
Hasselbrack, William See Anthony Yu
He, Matt See Michael Goodman
Heaps, William Test Results for the Broad Band Carbon Dioxide Lidar
Abstract / Presentation
Heath, Ted See John Papapolymerou
Heavey, Brandon See Paul Siqueira
Hensley, Scott See Yunling Lou
Hensley, Scott See Delwyn Moller
Heuerman, Karl See Paul Smith
Heymsfield, Andrew See Simone Tanelli
Heymsfield, Gerald See Paul Racette
Ho, Shen-Shyang See Markus Schneider
Hodges, Richard See Daniel Esteban-Fernandez
Hoffman, James Advanced Packaging Materials and Techniques for High Power TR Module
Abstract / Presentation
Holmes, Alan See Mark Wilson
Hook, Simon The Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer (HyTES): preliminary results
Abstract / Presentation
-and- The Prototype HyspIRI Thermal Infrared Radiometer (PHyTIR): A high speed, multispectral, thermal instrument development in support of HyspIRI-TIR
Abstract / Presentation
Hoppe, Daniel See Steven Reising
Hossain, Shohrab See Mohammed Atiquzzaman
Hostetler, Chris See Simone Tanelli
Hu, Yongxiang See Carl Weimer
Huang, Wen See William Heaps
Hudson, Brian See John Papapolymerou
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Ivancic, William An Evaluation of Protocols for UAV Science Applications
Abstract / Presentation
Jacob, Joseph See Simone Tanelli
Jamnejad, V. See Stephen Durden
Janz, Scott See James Leitch
Jau, Bruno See Simon Hook
Jenabi, Masud See James Hoffman
Johnson, Joel See Simone Tanelli
Johnson, Michael See Simone Tanelli
Johnson, William See Simon Hook
Johnson, William See Simon Hook
Jones, Cathleen See Yunling Lou
Jordan, David See Martin Mlynczak
Kakhbod, A. See Mahta Moghaddam
Kalashnikova, Olga See Simone Tanelli
Kamamia, Brian See Anthony Yu
Kangaslahti, Pekka See Shannon Brown
Kangaslahti, Pekka See Bjorn Lambrigtsen
Kangaslahti, Pekka See Oliver Montes
Kangaslahti, Pekka See Steven Reising
Karpowicz, Bryan See Jeremy Dobler
Kasl, Eldon See Richard Cofield
Kawa, Randy See James Abshire
Kedar, Sharon See Yehuda Bock
Key, Richard See David Rider
Key, Richard See Stanley Sander
Khayatian, Behrouz See Steven Reising
Klipstein, W. M. See William Folkner
Kneifel, S. See Simone Tanelli
Knuteson, Robert See Fred Best
Kollias, Pavlos See Simone Tanelli
Kopp, Greg See Paul Smith
Krainak, Michael See Anthony Yu
Krainak, Michael Comparison of laser receivers for use at one micron wavelength
Abstract / Presentation
Kreidenweis, Sonia See Simone Tanelli
Kulie, Mark See Simone Tanelli
Kumar, Sujay See Ken Harrison
Kuo, Kwo-Sen See Simone Tanelli
L'Ecuyer, Tristan See Simone Tanelli
Lacroix, Benjamin See John Papapolymerou
Lamborn, Andrew See Simon Hook
Lambrigtsen, Bjorn See Shannon  Brown
Lambrigtsen, Bjorn Getting the GeoSTAR instrument concept ready for a space mission
Abstract / Presentation
Lanier, Dean See Shane Topham
Latvakoski, Harri See Martin Mlynczak
Lee, Alexander See Steven Reising
Lee, C. See Stephen Durden
Lefsky, Michael See Carl Weimer
Leitch, James An Airborne Sensor and Retrieval Project for Geostationary Trace Gas and Aerosol Sensor Optimization for the GEO-CAPE Mission
Abstract / Presentation
Leptoukh, Gregory Addressing and Presenting Quality of Satellite Data via Web-based Services
Abstract / Presentation
Li, Lihua See Paul Racette
Li, Zhenhong See Paul von Allmen
Liao, Liang See Simone Tanelli
Lim, Boon See Bjorn Lambrigtsen
Lim, Boon See Shannon  Brown
Liu, Guosheng See Simone Tanelli
Liu, Hechen See Markus Schneider
Liu, M. See Mahta Moghaddam
Liu, Xiong See James Leitch
Livesey, Nathaniel See Richard Cofield
Lo, Martin See Paul von Allmen
Loi, Kwok See Oliver Montes
Long, E. See Stephen Durden
Lou, Yunling See Delwyn Moller
Lou, Yunling Onboard Radar Processing Development for Rapid Response Applications
Abstract / Presentation
- and - UAVSAR Instrument: Current Operations and Planned Upgrades
Abstract / Presentation
Lu, Wei See Michael Krainak
Lyzenga, Greg See Andrea Donnellan
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Madison, Timothy See Mark Wilson
Majurec, Ninoslav See Simone Tanelli
Mandl, Daniel A New User Interface for On-Demand Customizable Data Products for Sensors in a SensorWeb
Abstract / Presentation
Mao, Jianping See James Abshire
Martin, Brian See Mark Wilson
Martonchick, John See Simone Tanelli
Matsui, Toshihisa See Simone Tanelli
McClain, Charles See Mark Wilson
McClain, Stephen See Stacey Sueoka
McCleod, Dennis See Andrea Donnellan
McCubbin, I. See Louise Hamlin
McKenzie, K. See William Folkner
Meister, Gerhard See Mark Wilson
Menzies, Robert T. See Upendra Singh
Meyer, Paul See Michael Goodman
Michaelis, Andrew See Petr Votava
Miller, Jennifer See James Hoffman
Miller, Tim See Yunling Lou
Mlynczak, Martin CORSAIR: Calibrated Observations of Radiance Spectra from the Atmosphere in the far-Infrared
Abstract / Presentation Not Available
Moghaddam, Mahta See Yunling Lou
Moghaddam, Mahta Soil Moisture Sensing Controller And optimal Estimator (SoilSCAPE): First Deployment of the Wireless Sensor Network and Latest Progress on Soil Moisture Satellite Retrieval Validation Strategies
Abstract / Presentation
Moller, Delwyn See Yunling Lou
Moller, Delwyn The Airborne Glacier and Land Ice Surface Topography Interferometer  (GLISTIN-A)
Abstract / Presentation
Monosmith, Bryan See Mark Wilson
Montes, Oliver See Steven Reising
Montes, Oliver High Frequency PIN-Diode Switches for Radiometer Applications
Abstract / Presentation
Moore, Angelyn See Yehuda Bock
Mouroulis, Pantazis See Byron Van Gorp and Simon Hook
Moussessian, Alina Large Aperture, Scanning, L-Band SAR
Abstract / Presentation
Mueller, Detlef See Simone Tanelli
Myers, Jeff The NASA Enhanced MODIS Airborne Simulator (eMAS)
Abstract / Presentation
Naftel, Chris See Yunling Lou
Nagel, James See Jeremy Dobler
Nakajima, Takashi See Simone Tanelli
Nakashima, Michael See Paul Siqueira
Nayyar , A. See Mahta Moghaddam
Nelson, Bron See Bo-Wen Shen
Nemani, Ramakrishna See Petr Votava
Nguyen, Hai See Amy Braverman
Niamsuwan, Noppasin See Simone Tanelli
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Padmanabhan, Sharmila See Steven Reising
Paine, C. See Louise Hamlin
Paine, Christopher See Simon Hook
Pan, Lei See Paul von Allmen
Pang, Irene See Martin Mlynczak
Papapolymerou, John A Lightweight, 64-element, Organic Phased Array with Integrated Transmit-Receive SiGe Circuitry in the X Band
Abstract / Presentation
Park, Richard See Paul Racette
Parker, Jay See Andrea Donnellan
Parodi, Antonio See Simone Tanelli
Patterson, Chad See John Papapolymerou
Peral, Eva See Daniel Esteban-Fernandez
Perez, A. See Stephen Durden
Peters-Lidard, Christa See Ken Harrison
Petros, Mulugeta See Upendra Singh
Pettersen, Claire See Fred Best
Phillips, Mark Thulium-Doped Fiber Amplifier Development for Power Scaling the 2 Micron Coherent Laser Absorption Instrument for ASCENDS
Abstract / Presentation
Pickering, Ken See James Leitch
Pierce, Marlon See Andrea Donnellan
Pingree, Paula Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Advancement of the MSPI  On-Board Processing Platform for the ACE  Decadal Survey Mission
Abstract / Presentation
Plants, Michael See Anthony Yu
Pliutau, Denis See Narasimha Prasad
Poh, Chung See John Papapolymerou
Prasad, Narasimha Analysis of oxygen spectral lines in the 1.27 micron band for the ASCENDS mission
Abstract / Presentation
Prata, L. See Stephen Durden
Quijada, Manuel See Mark Wilson
Quijano, Ubaldo See Alina Moussessian
Racette, Paul A Novel Dual-Band Reflector/Reflectarray Antenna; An Enabling Technology for NASA's ACE Radar
Abstract / Presentation
Ramond, Tanya See Carl Weimer
Ramos-Izquierdo, Luis See Anthony Yu
Ramsey, Michael See Jeffrey Hall
Randall, D. See Byron Van Gorp and Louise Hamlin
Read, William See Richard Cofield
Regner, Kathryn See Michael Goodman
Reising, Steven See Oliver Montes
Reising, Steven Development of Low-Mass, Low-Power, High-Frequency Microwave Radiometers with Internal Calibration to Provide High-Resolution Wet-Tropospheric Path Delay Measurements for the SWOT Mission
Abstract / Presentation
Revercomb, Henry See Fred Best
Richardson, B. See Byron Van Gorp
Rider, David Fast Imaging Detector Readout Circuits With In-Pixel ADCs For Fourier Transform Imaging Spectrometers
Abstract / Presentation
Rider, David See Stanley Sander
Rincon, Rafael Digital Beamforming Synthetic Aperture Radar (DBSAR) Polametric Upgrade
Abstract / Presentation
Riris, Haris See James Abshire
Rodriguez, Ernesto See Daniel Esteban-Fernandez
Rodriguez, J. See Byron Van Gorp
Rodriguez, Michael See James Abshire
Rosen, Paul See Eric Gurrola
Ruf, Christopher See Bjorn Lambrigtsen
Rundle, John See Andrea Donnellan
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Sacco, Gian See Eric Gurrola
Sadowy, Greg See Delwyn Moller
Samoska, L. See Stephen Durden
Sander, Stan See David Rider
Sander, Stanley Panchromatic Fourier Transform Spectrometer (PanFTS) for the GEO-CAPE Mission
Abstract / Presentation
Sandwell, David See Eric Gurrola
Santanello, Joseph See Ken Harrison
Sarture, C. See Byron Van Gorp
Schneider, Markus A Moving Objects Database Infrastructure for Hurricane Research: Data Integration and Complex Object Management
Abstract / Presentation
Seshadri, Suresh See David Rider
Shaddock, D. See William Folkner
Shen, Bo-Wen See Bo-Wen Shen
Shen, Bo-Wen Recent Development of the NASA CAMVis for Tropical Cyclone Studies
Abstract / Presentation
Shu, Peter See Mark Wilson
Silva, A. See Mahta Moghaddam
Simons, Mark See Eric Gurrola
Singh, Upendra Development of a Pulsed 2-micron Laser Transmitter for CO2 Sensing from Space
Abstract / Presentation
Siqueira, Paul A Ka-band to baseband RF Testbed for the SWOT system
Abstract / Presentation
Smith, Bryce See Shane Topham
Smith, Paul A Solar Irradiance Cross-Calibration Method Enabling Climate Studies Requiring 0.2% Radiometric Accuracies
Abstract / Presentation
Smith, Phil See Alina Moussessian
Smith, Tammy See Michael Goodman
Sohlberg, Rob See Daniel Mandl
Soibel, Alexander See Simon Hook
Sparr, Leroy See Mark Wilson
Spero, R. See William Folkner
Squibb, Melinda See Yehuda Bock
Stenger, Peter See Paul Racette
Stephens, Graeme See Simone Tanelli
Sudharsanan, Rengarajan See Michael Krainak
Sueoka, Stacey UV-SWIR Achromatic Quarter Wave Retarder for the Multiangle Spectropolarimetric Imager (MSPI)
Abstract / Presentation
Sueoka, Stacey See Stacey Sueoka
Sullivan , Don See William Ivancic
Sullivan, Don See Daniel Mandl
Sun, Chao See David Rider
Sun, Xiaoli See James Abshire
Sun, Xiaoli See Anthony Yu
Sun, Xiaoli See Michael Krainak
Sykora, Derek See Michael Krainak
Szeliga, Walter See Eric Gurrola
Szyrmer, Wanda See Simone Tanelli
Tanabe, Jordan See Shannon Brown
Tanelli, S. See Stephen Durden
Tanelli, Simone NASA's Integrated Instrument Simulator Suite for Atmospheric Remote Sensing from Spaceborne Platforms (ISSARS) and its Role for the ACE and GPM Missions
Abstract / Presentation
Tanner, Alan See Bjorn Lambrigtsen
Tanner, Alan See Steven Reising
Tanner, Alan See Shannon Brown
Tao, Wei-Kuo See Simone Tanelli
Tao, Wei-Kuo See Bo-Wen Shen
Tatarevic,  Aleksandra See Simone Tanelli
Taylor, Joseph See Fred Best
Taylor, Robert A Large Aperture, Solid Surface Deployable Reflector
Abstract / Presentation
Temyanko, Valery See Jeremy Dobler
Teneketzis, D. See Mahta Moghaddam
Tessier, Russel See Paul Siqueira
Thompson, R. See William Folkner
Thomson, Mark See Richard Cofield
Thrivikraman, Tushar See John Papapolymerou
Toon, Geoffrey See Stanley Sander
Topham, Shane Microgravity Testing of Phase Change References on the International Space Station
Abstract / Presentation
Tratt, David See Jeffrey Hall
Traub, Wesley See Stanley Sander
Tripoli, Greg See Simone Tanelli
Tucker, Sara See Christian Grund
Tufillaro, Nicholas See Tim Valle
Turk, Joe See Simone Tanelli
Turse, Dina See Robert Taylor
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Urquizo, E. See Byron Van Gorp
Valett, Susan See Anthony Yu
Valle, Tim See James Leitch
Valle, Tim Multi-Slit Offner Spectrometer Development to Support GEO-CAPE Event Imager Science
Abstract / Presentation
Van Gorp, Byron Progress in implementation of the Portable Remote Imaging Spectrometer (PRISM) coastal ocean sensor
Abstract / Presentation
Van Zadelhodff, G. See Simone Tanelli
Vijayendra, Vishwas See Paul Siqueira
Viswanathan, Ganesh See Markus Schneider
von Allmen, Paul OSCAR: Online Services for Correction of Atmosphere in Radar
Abstract / Presentation
Votava, Petr Anomaly Detection and Analysis Framework for Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System (TOPS)
Abstract / Presentation
Walker, Joe See Martin Mlynczak
Walters, John See Matthew French
Waluschka,  Eugene See Mark Wilson
Wang , Q. See Mahta Moghaddam
Wang, Charles See Yunling Lou
Wang, Jun See James Leitch
Warren, David See Jeffrey Hall
Weaver, Clark See James Abshire
Webb, Frank See Yehuda Bock
Weimer, Carl An Electronically Steerable Flash Lidar (ESFL)
Abstract / Presentation
Werne, Thomas See Paula Pingree
West, P. See Gregory Leptoukh
White,  V. E. See Byron Van Gorp
Wilson, Bill See John Papapolymerou
Wilson, D. W. See Byron Van Gorp and Louise Hamlin
Wilson, Daniel See Simon Hook
Wilson, Mark The Ocean Radiometer for Carbon Assessment (ORCA)
Abstract / Presentation
Wilson, Thor See Paula Pingree
Winkert, Tom See Anthony Yu
Worden, John See Stanley Sander
Work, Dalon See Shane Topham
Wu, X. See Mahta Moghaddam
Xing, Zhangfan See Paul von Allmen
Yang, Guangning See Michael Krainak
Yee, K. See Byron Van Gorp
Young, Stephen See Jeffrey Hall
Yu, Anthony See James Abshire
Yu, Anthony Airborne Lidar Simulator for the Lidar Surface Topography (LIST) Mission
Abstract / Presentation
Yu, Ellen See Yehuda Bock
Yu, Jirong See Upendra Singh
Yu, N. See William Folkner
Yuan, Ping See Michael Krainak
Zaccheo, Scott See Jeremy Dobler
Zawadzki, Mark See Alina Moussessian
Zebker, Howard See Eric Gurrola
Zednik, S. See Gregory Leptoukh
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