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Abedin, M. Nurul See Martin Mlynczak and Syed Ismail
Abramson, Mark See Catherine L. Slesnick
Abshire, James Pulsed Lidar for Measurement of CO2 Concentrations for the ASCENDS Mission - Progress
Abstract / Presentation
Abshire, James Also see David Harding and Anthony Yu
Adams, Larry See Robert Taylor
Albers, Darrin See Steven Reising
Allan, Graham See James Abshire
Ames, Troy See Dan Mandl
Arabshahi, Payman A Smart Sensor Web for Ocean Observation: System Design, Modeling, and Optimization
Abstract / Presentation
Atiquzzaman, Mohammed Survivability  and Scalability of Space Networks
Abstract / Presentation
Atlas, Robert See Stephen Talabac
Bai, Xiaogang See Michael Krainak
Bai, Yingxin See Jirong Yu
Barnes, Bruce See Syed Ismail
Beer, Reinhard See Stanley Sander
Behrenfeld, Mike See Charles McClain
Bekker, Dmitriy See Paul Pingree
Beyon, Jeffrey Data Acquisition and Processing System for Airborne Wind Profiling with a Pulsed, 2-Micron, Coherent-Detection, Doppler Lidar System
Abstract / Presentation
Beyon, Jeffery Also see Jirong Yu
Birur, Gajanana See James Hoffman
Blavier, Jean-Francois See Stanley Sander
Blumenstock, Ken See Charles McClain
Boisvert, Joseph See Michael Krainak
Boldt, John See Doreen Neil
Bowman, Kevin See Meemong Lee and Stanley Sander
Braun, Mike See Jeremy Dobler
Braverman, Amy Geostatistical Data Fusion for Remote Sensing Applications
Abstract / Presentation
Brown, Shannon See Pekka Kangaslahti, Steven Reising and Todd Gaier
Brown, Steve See Charles McClain
Bryan, G. See Bo-Wen Shen
Bucciero, Mark See Matthew French
Burgin, Mariko See Mahta Moghaddam
Burns, Robert See Stephen Talabac
Butler, Jim See Charles McClain
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Cageao, Richard See Martin Mlynczak
Cappelaere, Pat See Dan Mandl
Cavanaugh, John See Anthony Yu
Chao, Yi See Payman Arabshahi
Chao, Roger See Yunling Lou
Chen, Songsheng See Jirong Yu
Chen, Tao See Shen-Shyang Ho
Cheung, S. See Bo-Wen Shen
Chien, Steve See Dan Mandl and Yunling Lou
Chipman, Russell See Brian Daugherty
Clark, Duane See Yunling Lou
Cleckner, Craig See Johnathan Hair
Cofield, Richard Thermal stability of a 4 meter primary reflector for     the Scanning Microwave Limb Sounder
  Abstract / Presentation
Cohen, David See Byron van Gorp
Connor, C.L. See Matt Heavner
Cressie, Noel See Amy Braverman
Dabney, Philip See David Harding
Daugherty, Brian Mueller Matrix Imaging Polarimeter for UV Metrology
  Abstract / Presentation
Davis, Kenneth J. See Syed Ismail
Davis, M. See William Folkner
Dawson, Douglas See Pekka Kangaslahti and Steven Reising
De Smitt, Steven See David Strafford
deCino, J. See William Folkner
Del Castillo, Linda See James Hoffman
Demara, Dina See Christian Grund
deVine, G. See William Folkner
Di, Liping Earth Science Web Service Advertisement and Discovery
Dierssen, H. See Byron van Gorp
Dobler, Jeremy Laser Absorption Spectrometer Measurements of Atmospheric O2 in the 1.27 µm Band
  Abstract / Presentation
Doubleday, Josh See Yunling Lou
Drake, Ginger See Greg Kopp
Duong, Vu See Paul Siqueira
Eastwood, Michael See Louise Hamlin
Edwards, David See Doreen Neil
Egerman, Robert See David Strafford
Eldering, Annmarie See Meemong Lee and Stanley Sander
Emmitt, G. David See Stephen Talabac
Eng, Bjorn QWEST and HyTES: Two New Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometers for Earth Science
  Abstract / Presentation
Entekhabi, Dara See Mahta Moghaddam
Espejo, Joey See Greg Kopp
Esteban-Fernandez, Daniel See Paul Siqueira
Esterhuizen, S. See William Folkner
Fatland, D.R. See Matt Heavner
Flatley, Tom Advanced Hybrid On-Board Science Data Processor - SpaceCube 2.0
  Abstract / Presentation
Folkner, William Laser Frequency Stabilization for GRACE-2
  Abstract / Presentation
Franco Sacco, Gian See Eric Gurrola
Fratello, David See Yunling Lou and Johnathan Hair
French, Matthew Advances in Fault Tolerance Support for FPGA Embedded Processors
  Abstract / Presentation
Frye, Stuart See Dan Mandl
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Gaier, Todd Progress in GeoSTAR technology development and risk reduction for PATH
  Abstract / Presentation
Gaier, Todd Also see Pekka Kangaslahti
Gaier, Todd C. See Steven Reising
Georgieva, Elena See William Heaps
Goykhman, Yuriy See Mahta Moghaddam
Gray, Andrew See Payman Arabshahi
Green, Robert O. See Louise Hamlin
Grund, Christian Development and Demonstration of an Optical Autocovariance Direct Detection Wind Lidar
  Abstract / Presentation
Gunapala, Sarath D. See Bjorn Eng
Gurrola, Eric InSAR Scientific Computing Environment
  Abstract / Presentation
Hair, Johnathan Development of the Global Ozone Lidar Demonstrator (GOLD) for the Global Hawk
  Abstract / Presentation
Hamlin, Louise Imaging Spectroscopy Science Measurements for Terrestrial Ecology: AVIRIS and Next Generation AVIRIS Characteristics and Developmental Status.
  Abstract / Presentation
Harber, David See Greg Kopp
Harding, David The Slope Imaging Multi-polarization Photon-counting Lidar: an Advanced Technology Airborne Laser Altimeter
  Abstract / Presentation
Harding, David Also see Anthony Yu
Harding, Dennis See Pekka Kangaslahti
Harrison, Ken See Sujay Kumar
Hartford, Wayne See Louise Hamlin
Heaps, William Goddard Program For Measurement Of Carbon Dioxide Using A Broadband Lidar
  Abstract / Presentation
Heavey, Brandon See Paul Siqueira
Heavner, Matt SEAMONSTER: A wireless Sensor Web prototype applied to studying glaciated watersheds
  Abstract / Presentation
Hensley, Scott See Yunling Lou
Henze, C. See Bo-Wen Shen
Heuerman, Karl See Greg Kopp
Hill, Cory J. See Bjorn Eng
Ho, Shen-Shyang Moving Object Database Technology for Ad-Hoc Querying and Satellite Data Retrieval  of Dynamic Atmospheric Events
  Abstract / Presentation
Ho, Shen-Shyang See Shen-Shyang Ho
Hoffman, James Thermally Stabilized RF Hybrids for Improved Power Handling and Reliability
  Abstract / Presentation
Holmes, Alan See Charles McClain
Hood, E.W. See Matt Heavner
Hook, Simon See Bjorn Eng
Hoppe, Daniel J. See Steven Reising
Hossain, Shohrab See Mohammed Atiquzzaman
Howard, Ayanna M. See Lonnie T. Parker
Howe, Bruce M. See Payman Arabshahi
Howell, Jim See Christian Grund
Huang, Wen See William Heaps
Huss, Tim See David Harding
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Illing, Rainer Optical and Structural Performance of the PolZero-Lm Time Domain Polarization Scrambler
  Abstract / Presentation
Ismail, Syed Design, Development And Evaluation Of A 2-Micron Differential Absorption Lidar For Profiling CO2
  Abstract / Presentation
Ivancic, William Efficient Delivery of  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data
  Abstract / Presentation
Ivancic, William Also see Mohammed Atiquzzaman
Jodor, Gabriel See David Harding
Johnson, David See Martin Mlynczak
Johnson, William R. See Bjorn Eng
Jones, Cathleen See Yunling Lou
Kangaslahti, Pekka Miniature MMIC Low Mass/Power Radiometer Modules for the 180 GHz GeoSTAR Array
  Abstract / Presentation
- and- Radiometer testbed development for SWOT
  Abstract / Presentation
Kangaslahti, Pekka Also see Todd Gaier and Steven Reising
Kanizay, Kelly See Christian Grund
Karpowicz, Bryan See Jeremy Dobler
Kasl, Eldon P. See Richard Cofield
Katzfuss, Matthias See Amy Braverman
Kavaya, Michael See Jeffrey Beyon and Jirong Yu
Kawa, S. Randy See James Abshire
Keller, Phil See Robert Taylor
Key, Richard See Stanley Sander
Khan, Arif See Shen-Shyang Ho
Khayatian, Beyrouz See Steven Reising
Kipstein, W.M. See William Folkner
Koch, Grady J. See Jeffrey Beyon, Jirong Yu andSyed Ismail
Kolitz, Stephan See Catherine L. Slesnick
Kopp, Greg Hyperspectral Imagery Radiometry Improvements for Visible and Near-Infrared Climate Studies
  Abstract / Presentation
Krainak, Michael Wide-bandwidth near-infrared avalanche photodiode
  Abstract / Presentation
Krainak, Michael Also see Anthony Yu
Kratz, David See Martin Mlynczak
Kumar, Sujay Use of inverse modeling tools for improved utilization of earth science data in land surface modeling and data assimilation
  Abstract / Presentation
Lai, Richard See Pekka Kangaslahti
Lamborn, Andrew U. See Bjorn Eng
Lambrigtsen, Bjorn See Todd Gaier and Pekka Kangaslahti
Lee, Alexander See Steven Reising
Lee, Meemong An Atmospheric Science OSSE System Architecture
  Abstract / Presentation
Leitch, J. See William Folkner
Li , Erik See Mahta Moghaddam
Li, J.-L. F. See Bo-Wen Shen
Lim, Boon See Pekka Kangaslahti and Todd Gaier
Liu, Mingyan See Mahta Moghaddam
Liu, W. Timothy See Shen-Shyang Ho
Lou, Yunling Onboard Radar Processing Concepts for the DESDynI Mission
  Abstract / Presentation
- and- Development of the Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar (UAVSAR) for the Global Hawk
  Abstract / Presentation
Lu, Wei See Michael Krainak
Lynnes, Christopher See Liping Di
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Machan, Roman See David Harding
Mack, Terry See Syed Ismail
Mandl, Daniel SensorWeb 3G: Extending On-Orbit Sensor Capabilities to Enable Near Realtime User Configurability
  Abstract / Presentation
Mao, Jianping See James Abshire
Markuzon, Natasha See Catherine L. Slesnick
Martin, Brian See Charles McClain
Marzouk, Joe See David Harding
McClain, Charles The Ocean Radiometer for Carbon Assessment (ORCA)
  Abstract / Presentation
McClain, Stephen See Brian Daugherty
McCubbin, Ian See Louise Hamlin
McDonald, Paul See Michael Krainak
McGinnis, Tim See Payman Arabshahi
McKenzie, K. See William Folkner
Mehrotra, P. See Bo-Wen Shen
Mei, Xiaobing See Pekka Kangaslahti
Michalak, Anna See Amy Braverman
Miller, Charles See Amy Braverman
Miller, Charles See Syed Ismail
Miller, Jennifer See James Hoffman
Miller, Timothy See Yunling Lou
Mlynczak, Martin From Incubator to Space: Ten Years of Infrared Sensor Technology Development at NASA Langley
  Abstract / Presentation
Moghaddam, Mahta Ground Network Design and Dynamic Operation for Validation of Space-Borne Soil Moisture Measurements
  Abstract / Presentation
Monosmith, Bryan See Charles McClain
Montes, Oliver See Steven Reising
Mouroulis, Pantazis See Byron van Gorp and Bjorn Eng
Mumolo, Jason M. See Bjorn Eng
Murray, Keith See Johnathan Hair
Naftel, Chris See Yunling Lou and Johnathan Hair
Nagel, James See Jeremy Dobler
Nayyar, Ashutosh See Mahta Moghaddam
Neil, Doreen Infrared Correlation Radiometer For Tropospheric Carbon Monoxide Measurements From GEO
  Abstract / Presentation
Nguyen, Hai See Amy Braverman
Olsen, Edward See Amy Braverman
Ostasziewski, Miroslaw See Christian Grund
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Pace, C. See William Folkner
Paine, Christopher G. See Bjorn Eng
Parker, Lonnie Real-Time Robotic Surveying for Unexplored Arctic Terrain
  Abstract / Presentation
Peters-Lidard, Christa See Sujay Kumar
Petros, Mulugeta See Jirong Yu
Petzar, Paul J. See Jirong Yu
Pierce, R. See William Folkner
Pierce, Robert See Christian Grund
Pilewskie, Peter See Greg Kopp
Pingree, Paula Real-Time On-Board Processing Validation of MSPI Ground Camera Images
  Abstract / Presentation
Pukala, David See Pekka Kangaslahti
Qu, Zheng See Meemong Lee
Quijada, Manuel See Charles McClain
Ramond, Tanya See Carl Weimer
Ramos-Izquierdo, Luis See Anthony Yu
Randall, D. See Byron van Gorp
Realmuto, Vincent J. See Bjorn Eng
Refaat, Tamer F. See Syed Ismail
Reising, Steven Advanced Component Development to Enable Low-Mass, Low-Power High-Frequency Microwave Radiometers for Coastal Wet-Tropospheric Correction on SWOT
  Abstract / Presentation
Rice, Joe See Greg Kopp
Rider, David See Stanley Sander
Riris, Haris See James Abshire
Roberts, Yolanda See Greg Kopp
Rodriguez, J. See Byron van Gorp
Rosen, Paul See Eric Gurrola
Roy, Sumit See Payman Arabshahi
Rubio, Manuel A. See Syed Ismail
Ruf, Christover See Todd Gaier
Rush, Kurt See David Harding
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Sander, Stanley Panchromatic Fourier Transform Spectrometer for the GEO-CAPE Mission
  Abstract / Presentation
Santanello, Joe See Sujay Kumar
Schneider, Markus See Shen-Shyang Ho
Seablom, Michael See Stephen Talabac
Seas, Antonios See David Harding
Shaddock, D. See William Folkner
Shen, Bo-Wen Coupling NASA Advanced Multi-Scale Modeling and Concurrent Visualization Systems for Improving Predictions of Tropical High-Impact Weather (CAMVis)
  Abstract / Presentation
Shu, Peter See Charles McClain
Shuman, Christopher See David Harding
Shuman, David See Mahta Moghaddam
Singh, Upendra N. See Jirong Yu and Syed Ismail
Siqueira, Paul A single stage, two channel Ka-band to digital, thermal compensating receiver for SWOT
  Abstract / Presentation
Slesnick, Catherine Exploitation of Coincident Earth Observations
  Abstract / Presentation
Smith, Paul See Greg Kopp
Sobel, H. See Byron van Gorp
Sohlberg, Rob See Dan Mandl
Sparr, Leroy See Charles McClain
Spero, R. See William Folkner
Stephen, Mark A. See James Abshire
Stephens, M. See William Folkner
Stewart, David See William Ivancic
Strafford, David Low-weight, Low-cost, Low-cycle Time, Replicated Mirrors
  Abstract / Presentation
Sudharsanan, Rengarajan See Michael Krainak
Sullivan, Don See Dan Mandl and William Ivancic
Sun, Xaioli See James Abshire, Anthony Yu, Michael Krainak and David Harding
Swochak, Anthony See Paul Siqueira
Talabac, Stephen End-to-End Design and Objective Evaluation of Sensor Web Modeling and Data Assimilation System Architectures: Phase II
  Abstract / Presentation
Tang, Wenqing See Shen-Shyang Ho
Tanner, Alan See Pekka Kangaslahti and Todd Gaier
Tao, W.-K. See Bo-Wen Shen
Taylor, Robert Large Aperture, Solid Surface Deployable Reflector
  Abstract / Presentation
Temyanko, Valery See Jeremy Dobler
Teneketzis, Demos See Mahta Moghaddam
Tessier, Russell See Paul Siqueira
Thompson, Patrick See Charles McClain
Thompson, R. See William Folkner
Trieu, Bo C. See Jirong Yu
Tucker, Sara See Christian Grund
Turse, Dana See Robert Taylor
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Valett, Susan See Anthony Yu and David Harding
van Gorp, Byron Design of an airborne Portable Remote Imaging Spectrometer (PRISM) for the coastal ocean
  Abstract / Presentation
Vasilyev, Aleksey See David Harding
Vijayendra, Vishwas See Paul Siqueira
Viswanathan, Ganesh See Shen-Shyang Ho
Walters, John Paul See Matthew French
Wan, Kam See Michael Krainak
Wang, Rui See Amy Braverman
Weaver, Clark See James Abshire
Weidner, Richard See Meemong Lee
Weimer, Carl An Electroncially Steerable Flash Lidar
  Abstract / Presentation
Werne, Thomas See Paul Pingree
Wilson, D. See Byron van Gorp
Wilson, Daniel W. See Bjorn Eng
Wilson, Mark See Charles McClain
Woo, Robyn See Michael Krainak
Wuchenich, D. See William Folkner
Yang, Guangning See Michael Krainak
Yatheendradas, Soni See Sujay Kumar
Yee, Sam See Doreen Neil
Yoon, Howard See Greg Kopp
Yu, Anthony Airborne Lidar Simulator for the Lidar Surface Topography (LIST) Mission
  Abstract / Presentation
Yu,Anthony Also see David Harding
Yu, Jirong Development Of A Coherent Differential Absorption Lidar For Range Resolved Atmospheric CO2 Measurements
  Abstract / Presentation
Yu, N. See William Folkner
Yuan, Ping See Michael Krainak
Zaccheo, Scott See Jeremy Dobler
Zebker, Howard See Eric Gurrola
Zhao, Peisheng See Liping Di
Zheng, Yunhui See David Harding
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