AIST Events & Reports

AIST hosts workshops, conferences, and project reviews to educate the science community about breakthroughs in the world of information systems. Find news about upcoming events and information, proceedings, and presentations from past events below.



2021 Project Reviews: Analytic Center Frameworks

In January/February 2021, AIST PIs met to discuss their ACF projects. Download their presentations to learn more about the state of the technology in ACF.

ACF Annual Reviews January 2021 (PDF / 111MB)

ACF Annual Reviews February 2021 (PDF / 116MB)




2021 Project Reviews: NOS

AIST’s NOS project PIs met for a group review in January 2021 to discuss project updates and progress. Learn more about the state of ESTO’s New Observing Strategies and what’s on the near horizon by downloading a PDF of the meeting’s proceedings.

NOS Annual Reviews 2021 (pdf / 184MB)

2020 NOS Workshop

On February 25-26, 2020, AIST conducted a New Observing Strategies (NOS) Workshop in Washington, DC, with the goal of dynamically optimize measurement acquisition using many diverse observing capabilities (space, air and ground), collaborating across multiple dimensions and creating a unified architecture.

New Observing Strategies Workshop