Title of Presentation: Generating Executable Sensor Web Request Sequences from Campaign Goal Specifications

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Robert Morris

Organization of Primary Author: NASA Ames Research Center

Co-Authors: Jennifer Dungan, Petr Votava, Lina Khatib


Abstract: An Earth Science campaign is a series of actions associated with a scientific goal such as validating the predictions of an Earth science model or characterizing a dynamic process such as the transport of pollution. The actions associated with a campaign typically involve the utilization of sensing, data storage, or data processing resources to allow for the acquisition of one or more data products. Examples of actions include retargeting a remote sensor, collecting image data from an archive, or running a forecast model. This paper proposes an approach to automate the process of transforming campaign goal specifications into executable requests for data products. The approach utilizes a language for the expression of executable command sequences for requesting the use of resources, called Plexil (Plan EXecution Interchange Language). This paper will classify types of campaign goals, provide examples of campaign scenarios, and describe how Plexil enables the transformation of goal specifications into executable sequences of requests for data products.