Title of Presentation: GRSPI:  A Prototype for an Optimal Orbiting GNSS Science Instrument

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Thomas K. Meehan

Organization of Primary Author: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Co-Authors: Steve Lowe, Larry Young, Stephan Esterhuizen, Jeff Tien, Tim Munson, Garth Franklin


Abstract  Science-based instruments which use radio signals from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) have been successfully deployed on several NASA missions. Applications range from Precise Orbit Determination (POD), limb sounding and formation flying. Remotely sensing the Earth's surface using  GNSS signals as a RADAR source is one of the  most challenging applications of radiometric  instrumentation. As part of NASA's Instrument Incubator Program,  our group at JPL is building a prototype instrument, GRSPI (GNSS,  Remote-Sensing, POD Instrument),  to address a variety  of GNSS science needs.  Observing GNSS reflections is major focus of the design/development effort but technology for additional science needs will also be developed. This paper outlines the GRSPI design approach as it applies specifically to observing science quality GNSS-R  signals from low Earth orbit.