Title of Presentation: Development of a Transportable Quantum Gravity Gradiometer for Gravity Field Mapping

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Nan Yu

Organization of Primary Author: Jet Propulsion Lab

Co-Authors: James M. Kohel, Robert J. Thompson, James R. Kellogg, David C. Aveline

Abstract: We are developing a transportable gravity gradiometer based on atom interferometer technology. This effort is funded by NASAís Earth Science Technology Office Instrument Incubator Program. Atom interferometer is a new enabling inertial sensor technology that uses atoms as proof masses. A laboratory version of the instrument has been demonstrated in the past. This effort is to further the technology maturity by developing a transportable prototype. This is an important developmental step towards a new space-borne gradiometer instrument, which can significantly contribute to global gravity mapping and monitoring. In this paper, we will briefly review the principles and technical benefits of atom-wave interferometer-based inertial sensors in space. We will then describe the technical implementation of the transportable instrument and report its status.