Title of Presentation: Information Exploitation and Planning for a Sensor Web

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Stephan Kolitz

Organization of Primary Author: Draper Lab

Co-Authors: Mark Abramson, Francis Carr, David Carter, Stephan Kolitz, Blair Leake, Natasha Markuzon, Peter Scheidler, Charles Strauss

Abstract: We present progress made in developing capabilities that that fit within the sensor web dynamic replanning architecture described in our NSTC 2007 paper. We first describe a sensor web use case that in one of the drivers in our development. We then discuss two major information exploitation capabilities, the first focused on cloud cover forecasts and the second focused on wild fire prediction. We also describe several planning capabilities, including system-of-system coordination, planning for multiple heterogeneous UAVs and manned aircraft, and enhanced single satellite planning capabilities, focused on EO-1. Finally, we describe the evolution of these capabilities toward compliance with OGC standards.