ESTC 2003

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Day Two Detail - June 25, 2003

Session A4: Computational Technologies
Session Moderator: Jim Fischer (ESTO)
A4P1 8:30 DaSilva, Arlindo Abstract Overview of the Earth System Modeling Framework
A4P2 9:00 Houser, Paul Abstract Early Adoption of the ESMF by the Land Information System
A4P3 9:30 Zhou, Shujia Abstract Prototyping of the ESMF using Doe's CCA Technology
        Pt 2 (after Morning Break)
A4P4 10:30 Schnase, John Abstract High Performance Geospactial Modeling of Biospheric Resources in the Cerro Grande Wildfire Site
A4P5 11:00 Gary, Pat Abstract Research and Development of High-End Computer Networks at GSFC
A4P6 11:30 Ligon, Walter Abstract Development of the PVFS V@ Parallel File System
Session A5: Computing and Storage Technologies
Session Moderator: Parminder Ghuman (ESTO)
A5P1 1:30 Chang, Mark Abstract FPGA Error Models for Variable Precision Analysis
A5P2 2:00 Milster, Tom Abstract Volumetric Bit-Wise Optical Data Storage for Space Applications
A5P3 2:30 Gloster, Clay Abstract Floating Point Functional Cores for Reconfigurable Computing Systems
        Pt 2 (after Afternoon Break)
A5P4 3:30 Bryant, Nevin Abstract Precision Automatic Co-Registration Procedures for NASA Sensors
A5P5 4:00 Bevan, Matt Abstract Free Space Optical Data Bus for Spacecraft
A5P6 4:30 Krim, Hamid Abstract Generalized Algorithm for Efficient Multi-Channel Data Fusion using Wavelet Transforms
A5P7 5:00 Cook, Sidney Abstract Real-Time Data Processing Onboard Remote Sensor Platforms
A5P8 5:30 Bar Sever, Yoaz Abstract New Accomplishments and Applications of the NASA Global Differential GPS System
Session B2: Antenna Technology and Microwave Remote Sensing
Session Moderator: Jancie Buckner (ESTO)
B2P1 8:30 Moussessian, Alina Abstract T/R Membranes for Large Aperture Scanning Phased Arrays
B2P2 9:00 Papapolymerou, John Abstract Development of Lightweight Dual Frequency/Polarized Microstrip Antenna Arrays on Organic Substrates
B2P3 9:30 Durden, Steve Abstract Advanced Precipitation Radar Antenna
      Pt 2 (after Morning Break)
B2P4 10:30 Yueh, Simon H Abstract Compact, Lightweight Dual-Frequency Microstrip Antenna Feed for Soil Moisture and Sea Surface Salinity
B2P5 11:00 Stek, Paul Abstract Critical Technology Items for an Advanced Earth Orbiting Atmospheric Chemistry/Climate Observatory
B2P6 11:30 Moghaddam, Matha Abstract Latest Advances in the Microwave Observatory of Subcanopy and Subsurface (MOSS) Project
Session B3: Radar and Radiometers
Session Moderator: Jonathan Hartley (ESTO)
B3P1 1:30 Fischman, Mark Abstract Design and Verification of the Second-Generation Precipitation Radar Processor/Controller
B3P2 2:00 Im, Eastwood Abstract Conceptual Design Of a Geostationary Radar for Monitoring Hurricanes
B3P3 2:30 Johnson, Joel Abstract Design of an L-band Microwave Radiometer with Active Mitigation of Interference
      Pt 2 (after Afternoon Break)
B3P4 3:30 Principe, Caleb Abstract Low-power Digital Microwave Radiometer Technologies
B3P5 4:00 Edelstein, Wendy Abstract Current Status of the High Efficiency L-band T/R Module Development for SAR Systems