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Abedin, Nurul (B8P3) Progress of 2-micron Detectors for Application to Lidar Remote Sensing
Abstract / Presentation
Abramson, Mark See Stephan Kolitz
Abshire, James See Haris Riris and Mark Stephen
Al-Ghanmi, Rami See Andrea Donnellan
Allan, Graham See Haris Riris
Anderson, J.G. See Mark Witinski
Andricos, Constantine See Simon Yueh
Arabshahi, Payman (A6P3) A Smart Sensor Web for Ocean Observation: Integrated Acoustics, Satellite Networking, and Predictive Modeling
Abstract / Presentation
Ardizzone, Joseph See Michael Seablom
Atiquzzaman, Mohammed (A4P1) Applicability and Performance of NEMO in Satellite Networks
Abstract / Presentation
Atlas, Robert See Cathy Marx (B7P2)
Aulov, O. See David Lary
Aveline, David See Nan Yu
Averill, Clare See Michael Burl
Behar, Alberto See Ashley Davies
Belvedere, Deborah See Paul Houser
Berthiau, Gregoire See Helen Conover
Bhatt, Spundun See Wei Ye
Bhattacharya, Swapan See John Papapolymerou
Bingham, Andrew See Ashit Talukder
Biswas, Gautam See John Kinnebrew
Blatherwick, R.D. See Aidan Roche
Blumberg, Alan See Ashit Talukder
Boldt, J. Wee Jeng-Hwa Yee
Bornstein, Benjamin See Michael Burl
Bose, Prasanta See Ryan Timmons
Botts, Mike See Helen Conover
Boudreau, Kate See Ashley Davies
Bowman, Kevin See Meemong Lee
Brewer, Alan See Cathy Marx (B7P2)
Brooks, Walter See Andrea Donnellan
Brown, Shannon See Pekka Kangaslahti
Burl, Michael (A2P1) Generation of Object-Centric Datasets with Adaptive Sky
Abstract / Presentation
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Carr, Francis See Stephan Kolitz
Carrico, Bruce See Cathleen Jones
Carswell, James See Gerald Heymsfield
Carter, David See Stephan Kolitz
Castano, Rebecca See Ashley Davies
Cecava, Johanna See Ashley Davies
Chamberlain, Neil See Cathleen Jones
Chao, Roger See Cathleen Jones
Chao, Yi See Payman Arabshahi
Chapman, Bruce See Cathleen Jones
Chatfield, R.B. See Aidan Roche
Chattopadhyay, Goutam See John Ward
Chen, Nengcheng See Genong Yu
Cheng, M. See Godwin Shen
Chien, S. See Sharon Kedar
Chien, Steve See Ashley Davies
Chien, Steve See Yunling Lou
Chipman, Russell See Anna-Britt Mahler
Chuang, Ernie See Cathleen Jones
Chung, David See John Papapolymerou
Cisewski, Mike See Michael Dobbs
Clark, Duane See Yunling Lou
Connor, C. See Matt Heavner
Conover, Helen (A1P2) Intelligent Assimilation of Satellite Data into a Forecast Model Using Sensor Web Processes and Protocols
Abstract / Presentation
Cooper, Cut See Christopher Ruf
Creticos, Justin See Gerald Heymsfield
Davies, A. See Sharon Kedar
Davies, Ashley (A7P3) The Model-Driven Volcano Sensor Web: Progress in 2007
Abstract / Presentation
DeMajistre, R. Wee Jeng-Hwa Yee
Demusz, J.N. See Mark Witinski
DeSchon, Annette See Wei Ye
Di, Liping See Genong Yu
Djuth, Frank See Ubaldo Quijano
Dobbs, Michael See Doug McGregor
Dogoda, Pete See Cathy Marx (B7P3)
Dolan, John (A6P1) Smart Ocean Sensing Using the Telesupervised Adaptive Ocean Sensor Fleet
Abstract / Presentation
Dolinar, S. See Godwin Shen
Donnellan, Andrea (A7P1) QuakeSim: Efficient Modeling of Sensor Web Data in a Web Services Environment
Abstract / Presentation
Dorner, Eric See Don Sullivan
Doubleday, Joshua See Yunling Lou
Dungan, Jennifer See Robert Morris
Dunn, Brian See Don Sullivan
Elfes, Alberto See John Dolan
Emmitt, David See Michael Seablom
Entekhabi, Dara See Mahta Moghaddam
Falke, Stephen See Don Sullivan
Fang, Houfei See Ubaldo Quijano
Fatland, D.R. See Matt Heavner
Flower, Dennis See Cathleen Jones
Fox, Geoffrey See Andrea Donnellan
Fox, Peter (A2P3) Integrating Inter-disciplinary Science Data with Semantic Mediation
Abstract / Presentation
Frye, Stuart See Ashley Davies
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Gaier, Todd See Pekka Kangaslahti
Garay, Michael See Michael Burl
Geiger, James See Paul Houser
Gencaga, Deniz See Kevin Knuth
Gentry, Bruce See Cathy Marx
Georgas, Nickitas See Ashit Talukder
Goodman, H. Michael See Helen Conover
Goykhman, Yuriy See Mahta Moghaddam
Granat, Robert See Andrea Donnellan
Granger, Jim See Cathleen Jones
Grant, Lisa See Andrea Donnellan
Gray, Andrew See Payman Arabshahi
Gross, Steve See Christopher Ruf
Grund, Christian See Shane Roark
Hamilto, Gary See Cathleen Jones
Hardesty, Michael See Cathy Marx (B7P2)
Harrison, F. Wallace See Michael Dobbs
Hawat, T. See Aidan Roche
Heavey, Brandon (B6P1) Technology Development of a Compact, Radar Digital Receiver (Also See Cathleen Jones)
Abstract / Presentation
Heavner, Matt (A9P3) A Cryospheric Sensor Web use case on a Small Temperate Glacier
Abstract / Presentation
Hensley, Scott See Cathleen Jones
Herrington, Thomas See Ashit Talukder
Hestnes, Phyllis See David Piet
Heymsfield, Gerald (B5P2) Status of the High-Altitude Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler (HIWRAP)
Abstract / Presentation
HIginbotham, John See John Dolan
Hill, Jeff See Ubaldo Quijano
Hilliard, Lawrence See David Piet
Ho, Shen-Shyang See Ashit Talukder
Hood, E. See Matt Heavner
Hosler, Jeff See John Dolan
Houser, Paul (A8P3) Developing a Prototype Land Information Sensor Web
Abstract / Presentation
Hovis, Floyd See Cathy Marx (B7P2)
Howard, Ayanna See Antidio Viguria
Howe, Bruce See Payman Arabshahi
Huang, Pei See Shane Roark
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Im, Eastwood See Ubaldo Quijano
Imbriale, William (B1P2) Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Actuated Wave Front Correcting Subreflector: Distortion Compensation for Large Reflector Antennas
Abstract / Presentation
Insanic, Edin See Paul Siqueira
Ismail, Syed See Nurul Abedin
Ivancic, William (A4P2) Delay/Disruption Tolerant Network Testing Using a LEO Satellite
Abstract / Presentation
Jamnejad, Vahraz See William Imbriale
Johnson, David See Martin Mlynczak
Johnson, Joel See Christopher Ruf
Jones, Cathleen (B5P3) Some First Results from the UAVSAR Instrument
Abstract / Presentation
Jose, Marshall See Keith Raney
Kangaslahti, Pekka (B2P3) Broadband Receiver Technology for Atmospheric Humidity, Temperature and Precipitation Sounding
Abstract / Presentation
Kaptchen, Paul See Shane Roark
Kawa, S. Randy See Haris Riris
Kawa, S. Randy See Mark Stephen
Kawamura, Jonathan See John Ward
Kedar, Sharon (A7P2) OASIS - Optimized Autonomous Space In-situ Sensor-Web for Volcano Monitoring
Abstract / Presentation
Keely, Leslie See Nikunj Oza
Kellogg, James See Nan Yu
Khatib, Lina See Robert Morris
Kiely, A. See Godwin Shen
Kinnebrew, John (A3P1) Application of Middleware and Agent Technologies to a Representative Sensor Network
Abstract / Presentation
Knuth, Kevin (A2P2) Information-Theoretic Methods for Identifying Relationships among Climate Variables
Abstract / Presentation
Kocha, Grady See Nurul Abedin
Kohel, James See Nan Yu
Kolitz, Stephan (A10P2) Information Exploitation and Planning for a Sensor Web
Abstract / Presentation
Krabill, William See Michael Dobbs
Krainak, Michael A. See Haris Riris
Krishnamachari, B. See Godwin Shen
Kumar, Sujay See Paul Houser
Kumer, J.B. See Aidan Roche
Kurklu, Elif See Nikunj Oza
Kyle, Phil See Ashley Davies
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LaHusen, R. See Sharon Kedar
Lambrigtsen, Bjorn See Pekka Kangaslahti
Lary, David (A10P1) An Objectively Optimized Earth Observing System
Abstract / Presentation
Le, Charles See Cathleen Jones
Leake, Blair See Stephan Kolitz
Lee, Karen See John Ward
Lee, Meemong (A9P1) Sensor-web Operations Explorer (SOX) for Integrated Air Quality Campaign
Abstract / Presentation
Lee, S. See Godwin Shen
Lee, Sangwoo See Cathy Marx (B7P3)
Leuschen, Carl See Keith Raney
Li, Lihua See Gerald Heymsfield
Li, Xiang See Helen Conover
Lindemann, Scott See Cathy Marx (B7P2)
Liu, Mingyan See Mahta Moghaddam
Liu Timothy See Ashit Talukder
Lou, Yunling (A5P4) A Forest Fire Smart Sensor Concept with UAVSAR
Abstract / Presentation
Lu, Jessica See Helen Conover
Lui, Changgeng See Ubaldo Quijano
Ly, Vuong See Kenneth Witt
Mahajan, Aditya See Mahta Moghaddam
Mahler, Anna-Britt (B3P1) Calibration and Performance Validation of Optical Elements in a Photoelastic Modulator-Based Polarimetric Camera
Abstract / Presentation
Mahler, Anna-Britt See Anna-Britt Mahler
Mandl, Dan See Ashley Davies
Mandl, Dan See Kenneth Witt
Mandl, Daniel (A8P1) Sensor Web 2.0: Connecting the Earth's Sensors with the Internet
Abstract / Presentation
Mandrake, Lukas See Michael Burl
Mandrake, Lukas See Ashley Davies
Mao, Jianping See Haris Riris
Mao, Jian-Ping See Mark Stephen
Markuzon, Natasha See Stephan Kolitz
Marx, Cathy (B7P2) Status of the TWiLiTE airborne molecular Doppler lidar project
Abstract / Presentation
(and B7P3) Shared Aperture Diffractive Optical Element (ShADOE) Lidar Telescope System Development
Abstract / Presentation
Maskey, Manil See Helen Conover
McClain, Steven See Anna-Britt Mahler
McGill, Matthew See Cathy Marx (B7P2)
McGregor, Doug (B7P1) A Multi Functional Fiber Laser Lidar for Earth Science & Exploration
Abstract / Presentation
McGuinness, Deborah See Peter Fox
McLeod, Dennis See Andrea Donnellan
Mergenthaler, J.L. See Aidan Roche
Metheny, Mike See Kenneth Witt
Meyer, Robert See Cathleen Jones
Michel, Thierry See Cathleen Jones
Miller, Tim See Cathleen Jones
Min, Min See Genong Yu
Mlynczak, Martin (B4P2) Enabling Technologies for the CLARREO Mission
Abstract / Presentation
Moghaddam, Mahta (A8P4) Initial Analyses and Demonstration of a Soil Moisture Smart Sensor Web
Abstract / Presentation
Moisan, John See John Dolan
Moisan, Tiffany See John Dolan
Moller, Delwyn See Brandon Heavey
Moore, Jim See Ubaldo Quijano
Morgan, M.F. Wee Jeng-Hwa Yee
Morris, Robert (A10P3) A Model for Autonomous Reconfiguration of Earth Sensing Resources
Abstract / Presentation
Morris, Robert See Nikunj Oza
Muellerschoen, Ron See Cathleen Jones
Muellerschoen, Ron See Yunling Lou
Nayyar, Ashutosh See Mahta Moghaddam
Neal, Mark See Michael Dobbs
Neumann, Greg See Cathleen Jones
Ng, Justin See Michael Burl
Nishimoto, Kouji See Cathleen Jones
O'Dwyer, Ian See Pekka Kangaslahti
Ong, Lawrence See Ashley Davies
Ortega, A. See Godwin Shen
Oza, Nikunj (A10P4) Automated Data Assimilation and Flight Planning for Multi-Platform Observation Missions
Abstract / Presentation
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Panangadan, Anand See Ashit Talukder
Papapolymerou, John (B1P3) Recent Advances in the Development of a Lightweight, Flexible 16x16 Antenna Array with RF MEMS Shifters at 14 GHz
Abstract / Presentation
Parker, Jay See Andrea Donnellan
Parrish, Nathan See Payman Arabshahi
Pattem, S. See Godwin Shen
Piepmeier, Jeff See Christopher Ruf
Pierce, Marlon See Andrea Donnellan
Pierce, Robert See Shane Roark
Pieri, D. See Sharon Kedar
Piet, David (A4P3) What a 'Web Sensor' can do for Sensor Webs
Abstract / Presentation
Podnar, Gregg See John Dolan
Ponchak, George See John Papapolymerou
Prater, Jack See Cathleen Jones
Pukala, David See Pekka Kangaslahti
Quijano, Ubaldo (B1P1) High-Precision Adaptive Control of Large Antenna Surface
Abstract / Presentation
Rahmat-Samii, Yahya See William Imbriale
Rairden, R.L. See Aidan Roche
Rajagopalan, Harish See William Imbriale
Rallison, Richard See Cathy Marx (B7P3)
Raney, Keith (B5P1) Pathfinder Advanced Radar Ice Sounder: PARIS
Abstract / Presentation
Raskin, Robert See Peter Fox
Ratliff, Ellie Lin See John Dolan
Refaat, Tamer See Nurul Abedin
Regner, Kathryn See Helen Conover
Rickert, A. See David Lary
Rigor, Eric See Ashit Talukder
Riris, Haris (B8P4) Laser Sounder for Measurement of CO2 Concentrations in the Troposphere for the ASCENDS Mission - Progress
Abstract / Presentation
Rivero, M. See Mark Witinski
Roark, Shane (B3P2) Passive A-Band Wind Sounder (PAWS) For Measuring Tropospheric Wind Velocity
Abstract / Presentation
Robison, David See Cathleen Jones
Roche, Aidan (B3P3) Tropospheric Infrared Mapping Spectrometers (TIMS) for CO Measurements With Much Improved Vertical, Temporal and Spatial Resolution
Abstract / Presentation
Rogacki, Steve See Christopher Ruf
Rosen, Paul See Cathleen Jones
Rossow, William See Kevin Knuth
Roy, Sumit See Payman Arabshah
Ruf, Christopher (B2P1) Development of an Agile Digital Detector for RFI Detection and Mitigation on Spaceborne Radiometers
Abstract / Presentation
Rundle, John See Andrea Donnellan
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Saatchi, Sassan See Yunling Lou
Sadowy, Greg See Cathleen Jones
Sadowy, Gregory See Brandon Heavey
Sandu, Adrian See Meemong Lee
Schaubert, Dan See Gerald Heymsfield
Scheidler, Peter See Stephan Kolitz
Schmidt, Douglas See John Kinnebrew
Schwemmer, Geary See Cathy Marx
Seablom, Michael (A1P3) Quantifying Sensor Web Capabilities Through Simulation: Recent Results
Abstract / Presentation
Shaffer, Scott See Cathleen Jones
Shahriar, Abu Zafar M. See Mohammed Atiquzzaman
Shankaran, Nishanth See John Kinnebrew
Shen, Godwin (A3P3) Novel Distributed Wavelet Transforms and Routing Algorithms for Efficient Data Gathering in Sensor Webs
Abstract / Presentation
Shimada, Joanne See Cathleen Jones
Shirazi, B. See Sharon Kedar
Shum, C. K. See Michael Dobbs
Shuman, David See Mahta Moghaddam
Silva, Fabio See Wei Ye
Simard, Marc See Cathleen Jones
Singh, Upendra See Nurul Abedin
Sinha, Krishna See Peter Fox
Siqueira, Paul (B6P2) The Design and Characterization of a Ku- and Ka-band Downcoverter for Spaceborne Interferometric Radar
Abstract / Presentation
Sirota, Marcos See Cathy Marx (B7P2)
Skinner, W. Wee Jeng-Hwa Yee
Slaymaker, Philip See Shane Roark
Smith, Robert See Cathleen Jones
Smithbauer, David See Kenneth Witt
Song, W. See Sharon Kedar
Srinivasan, Karthik See Paul Siqueira
Stancliff, Steve See John Dolan
Stanley, Jason See Kenneth Witt
Stek, Paul See John Ward
Stephen, Mark (B8P1) Laser Sounding Instrument using Oxygen A-Band for Atmospheric Pressure Sensing (Also See Haris Riris)
Abstract / Presentation
Stokes, Sheldon See Michael Dobbs
Strauss, Charles See Stephan Kolitz
Strawa, Anthony See Nikunj Oza
Su, Hongbo See Paul Houser
Sullivan, Don (A9P2) Processing Services in Earth Observation Sensor Web Information Architectures
Abstract / Presentation
Sun, Xiaoli See Haris Riris
Suri, Dipa See John Kinnebrew
Swartz, W. Wee Jeng-Hwa Yee
Talabac, Stephen See Michael Seablom
Talukder, Ashit (A1P1) Global Cyclone Detection and Tracking using Multiple Remote Satellite Data
Abstract / Presentation
(and A6P2) Improving the Science Return from Coastal Sensor Webs Using Autonomous Predictive Control and Resource Management
Abstract / Presentation
Tanabe, Jordan See Brandon Heavey
Tang, Wendy See Ashit Talukder
Tanner, Alan See Pekka Kangaslahti
Teneketzis, Demos See Mahta Moghaddam
Thompson, Robert See Nan Yu
Tian, Yudong See Paul Houser
Timmons, Ryan (A10P5) Decision Task Driven Dynamic Configuration of Virtual Sensorweb
Abstract / Presentation
Tope, Michael See Paul Siqueira
Tracy, Leonard See Payman Arabshahi
Tran, D. See Sharon Kedar
Tran, Daniel See Yunling Lou
Tran, Daniel Q. See Ashley Davies
Tsatsoulis, Costas (A5P1) Sensor Webs as Multiagent, Negotiating Systems
Abstract / Presentation
Tu, A. See Godwin Shen
Tuozzolo, C. See Mark Witinski
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Underbrink, Al See Kenneth Witt
Vargas, Andres See Ashley Davies
Vedantham, Harish See Paul Siqueira
Viguria, Antidio (A3P2) A Robotic Mobile Sensor Network for Achieving Scientific Measurements in Challenging Environments
Abstract / Presentation
Vines, Ken See Cathleen Jones
Votava, Petr See Robert Morris
Wang, Hulin See Genong Yu
Wang, Kon-Well See Ubaldo Quijano
Wang, Yi See Michael Burl
Ward, John (B2P2) Sensitive Broadband Receivers for Microwave Limb Sounding
Abstract / Presentation
Welch, Wayne See Gerald Heymsfield
Wheeler, Kevin See Cathleen Jones
Wilkerson, Thomas See Cathy Marx (B7P2)
Williams, S. See Antidio Viguria
Wilson, Emily See Haris Riris
Witinski, Mark (B8P2) Development of Miniaturized Intra-Cavity DFG, Fiber-Optic, and Quantum Cascade Laser Systems
Abstract / Presentation
Witt, Kenneth (A5P2) Enabling Sensor Webs by Utilizing SWAMO for Autonomous Operations
Abstract / Presentation
Wright, Robert See Ashley Davies
Xie, H. See Godwin Shen
Xu, Shenheng See William Imbriale
Ye, Wei (A8P2) Architecture of A Satellite-Based Sensor Network for Environment Observation
Abstract / Presentation
Yee, Jeng-Hwa (B4P1) Using Fabry--Perot Interferometer Imagery from Space for the Measurement of Clouds and Trace Gases
Abstract / Presentation
Yu, Genong (A5P3) Support of Asynchrony in Sensor Webs
Abstract / Presentation
Yu, Nan (B4P3) Development of a Transportable Quantum Gravity Gradiometer for Gravity Field Mapping
Abstract / Presentation
Yueh, Simon (B6P3) Compact Ku-Band T/R Module for Wide-Swath High-Resolution Radar Imaging of Cold Land Processes
Abstract / Presentation
Zavodsky, Bradley See Helen Conover
Zebker, Howard See Cathleen Jones
Zheng, Yang See Yunling Lou
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