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Day One Detail - June 27, 2006 - Tuesday

Session A1: Computing Technology Applications
Session Moderator: Jim Fischer
A1P1 09:30 Joseph Eastman Abstract Recent Accomplishments in Coupling High Resolution Earth System Models Using Advanced Computational Technologies
A1P2 10:00 Bruce Berriman Abstract The Design and Applications of Montage: An Astronomical Image Mosaic Engine
A1P3 10:30 Tom Yunck Abstract Rolling Out GENESIS/SciFlo in the ESIP Federation's Earth Information Exchange
A1P4 11:00 Stephen Berrick Abstract Web Services Workflow for Online Data Visualization and Analysis in Giovanni
Session A2: Grid Technology
Session Moderator: Robert Carvalho
A2P1 01:30 Nathan Wilhelmi Abstract Grid-BGC: a Grid-Enabled Research Platform for High-Resolution Surface Weather Interpolation and Biogeochemical Process Modeling
A2P2 02:00 Marlon Pierce Abstract Geographical Information System Services in SERVOGrid
A2P3 02:30 Aijun Chen Abstract Implementation of Geospatial Product Virtualization in Grid Environment
Session A3: Flight Processing and Operations Management
Session Moderator: Vicki Oxenham
A3P1 03:30 Stephen Kolitz Abstract Operational Use of EPOS to Increase the Science Value of EO-1 Observation Data
A3P2 04:00 Matthew French Abstract Cross Functional Design Tools for Radiation Mitigation and Power Optimization of FPGA Circuits
A3P3 04:30 Esam El-Araby Abstract Performance Scalability of Remote Sensing Applications on High Performance Reconfigurable Platforms
A3P4 05:00 Jeff Herath Abstract Radiation Tolerant Intelligent Memory Stack (RTIMS)
Session B1: Laser Risk Reduction I
Session Moderator: Bill Stabnow
B1P1 09:30 Jirong Yu Abstract 2-micron Laser Developments for Wind and CO2 Lidar Applications
B1P2 10:00 Farzin Amzajerdian Abstract Improving Reliability of High Power Quasi-CW Laser Diode Arrays Operating in Long Pulse Mode
B1P3 10:30 Nurul Abedin Abstract Two-Micron Detector Development Using Sb-based Material Systems
B1P4 11:00 James Abshire Abstract Geoscience Laser Altimeter System (GLAS) on the ICESat Mission: On-orbit Measurement and Laser Performance
B1P5 11:30 Michael Kavaya Abstract Compact, Engineered, 2-Micron Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar Prototype for Field and Airborne Validation
Session B2: Passive Optical I
Session Moderator: Janice Buckner
B2P1 01:30 Russell Chipman Abstract Use of Photoelastic Modulators for High Accuracy Spectropolarimetric Imaging of Aerosols
B2P2 02:00 Steve Jones Abstract Preliminary Airborne Measurement Results from the Hyperspectral Polarimeter for Aerosol Retrievals (HySPAR)
B2P3 02:30 Thomas Kampe Abstract SIRAS-G, the Spaceborne Infrared Atmospheric Sounder for Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
Session B3: Passive Microwave
Session Moderator: Joseph Famiglietti
B3P1 03:30 Bjorn H. Lambrigtsen Abstract GeoSTAR - A Breakthrough Development
B3P2 04:00 Albert Betz Abstract The Quantum Cascade Laser as a Terahertz Local Oscillator
B3P3 04:30 Christopher Ruf Abstract Development of an Agile Digital Detector for RFI Detection and Mitigation on Spaceborne Radiometers
Session C1: Astrophysics Technology I
Session Moderator: Dan Blackwood
C1P1 09:30 Keith Gendreau Abstract A Novel X-Ray Diffractometer for Lunar and Martian Landers
C1P2 09:55 Kenneth Carpenter Abstract Technology Development for the Stellar Imager (SI) Vision Mission
C1P3 10:20 Harvey Moseley Abstract Microshutter Arrays for JWST
C1P4 10:45 William Zhang Abstract Extremely Lightweight Optics for Space Applications
C1P5 11:10 Greg Moore Abstract Optical system science and technology
C1P6 11:35 John Hong Abstract Precision Formation Flying
Session C2: Astrophysics Technology II
Session Moderator: Dan Blackwood
C2P1 01:30 John Trauger Abstract High Contrast Imaging
C2P2 02:00 John Hong Abstract Long-Wavelength Infrared (LWIR) and Far-Infrared (Far-IR) Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetector (QDIP) Focal Plane Arrays
C2P3 02:30 Imran Mehdi Abstract Advances in Heterodyne Detection Technologies
Session C3: Mars Technology
Session Moderator: Samad Hayati
C3P1 03:30 Samad Hayati Abstract Overview of Mars Technology Program
C3P2 04:00 Samad Hayati Abstract Technologies for Exploring the Martian Subsurface
C3P3 04:30 Dimitrios Antsos Abstract MTP Communications and Tracking Technology Development for Mars Exploration
C3P4 05:00 Paul Schenker Abstract Advances in Rover Technology for Space Exploration

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Day Two Detail - June 28, 2006 - Wednesday

Session A4: Data Discovery
Session Moderator: Kai-Dee Chu
A4P1 08:30 Dennis Diones Abstract The MY NASA DATA Project:  Tools for Knowledge and Discovery Sharing
A4P2 09:00 Praveen Kumar Abstract Data Driven Discovery from Satellite Remote Sensing: System Development and Analysis of Vegetation Indices
A4P3 09:30 Sara Graves Abstract Service Oriented Architecture for Harvesting Distributed Data Repositories
Session A5: Data Mining
Session Moderator: Karen Moe
A5P1 10:30 Amy Braverman Abstract Data Mining for Climate Model Improvement
A5P2 11:00 Ross Hoffman Abstract Thinning Satellite Data Using Wavelets for Weather Forecasting
A5P3 11:30 Yang Cai Abstract Spatiotemporal Bayesian Prediction Model
Session A6: Web Services
Session Moderator: Karen Moe
A6P1 01:30 Karl Benedict Abstract Technology Products of the PHAiRS REASoN Project ­ Year 2 Web Services and Demonstration Interfaces Development
A6P2 02:00 Rudolf Husar Abstract Interoperability of Web Service-Based Data Access and Processing: Experience Using the DataFed System
A6P3 02:30 Peisheng Zhao Abstract Ontology-driven Automatic Geospatial-Processing Modeling based on Web-service Chaining
Session A7: Network Technology
Session Moderator: Phil Paulsen
A7P1 03:30 Adam Howell Abstract Onboard Processing using the Adaptive Network Architecture
A7P2 04:00 Mohammed Atiquzzaman Abstract SIGMA for Seamless Handover in Space
A7P3 04:30 Marcos Bergamo Abstract Multi-Spacecraft Network for Ground-Space VPNs: Architecture, Radio Specifications and Testbed
A7P4 05:00 Andrew Gray Abstract Reconfigurable Protocol Sensing in an End-to-End IP Demonstration
Session B4: Active Optical I
Session Moderator: Brian Killough
B4P1 08:30 James Kohel Abstract Quantum Gravity Gradiometer Development for Space
B4P2 09:00 James Abshire Abstract Laser Sounder for Global Measurement of CO2 Concentrations in the Troposphere from Space: Progress
B4P3 09:30 Michael Dobbs Abstract Matched Filter Enhanced Fiber-based Lidar for Earth, Weather and Exploration
Session B5: Passive Optical II
Session Moderator: Janice Buckner
B5P1 10:30 Allen Larar Abstract Development and Testing of the Tropospheric Trace Species Sensing FPI Prototype
B5P2 11:00 Martin G. Mlynczak Abstract Far-Infrared Detector Technology Advancement Partnering
B5P3 11:30 Martin G. Mlynczak Abstract In-Situ Net Flux Within the Atmosphere of the Earth (INFLAME)
Session B6: Active Microwave I
Session Moderator: Tom Cwik
B6P1 01:30 H. Paul Shuch Abstract Built from Unobtanium: an ATDM Multiband Reconfigurable Synthetic Aperture Radar Antenna
B6P2 02:00 Houfei Fang Abstract Mechanical Technology Development on A 35-m Deployable Radar Antenna for Monitoring Hurricanes
Session B7: Laser Risk Reduction II
Session Moderator: Bill Stabnow
B7P1 03:30 Michael Krainak Abstract Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers for Earth/Planetary Science and Exploration at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
B7P2 04:00 Mark Stephen Abstract Integrating Laser Diode Pump Technology into Future Space Missions
B7P3 04:30 Narasimha Prasad Abstract High Energy, Single-Mode, All-Solid-State Nd:YAG Laser
Session C4: Suborbital Technology I
Session Moderator: Matthew Fladeland
C4P1 08:30 Phil Eberspeaker Abstract Earth Science Research and Flight Demonstration Opportunities for Sensors and Instrumentation on Suborbital Sounding Rockets
C4P2 09:00 Geoff Bland Abstract Tailored Small UAV Systems for Earth Science Research
C4P3 09:30 Ethan Baumann Abstract Precision Autopilot Development in Support of NASA's UAVSAR Program
Session C5: Suborbital Technology II
Session Moderator: Matthew Fladeland
C5P1 10:30 Don Sullivan Abstract An Airborne Sensor Web Interface Module
C5P2 11:00 Veerabhadran Ramanathan Abstract First Observations with a New Observing System of Stacked Multiple UAVs for observing effects of air pollution on Clouds and Climate Forcing
C5P3 11:30 Greg Roberts Abstract Miniaturized Aerosol, cloud, and radiometric Instruments for light weight Autonomous UAVs
Session C6: New Millennium Program I
Session Moderator: Chris Stevens
C6P1 01:30 Candace Carlisle Abstract Space Technology 5 Technology Validation
Abstract Space Technology 5 Constellation Validation
C6P2 02:00 Rob Sherwood Abstract Space Technology 6 Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment Validation
Abstract EO-1 Sensorweb Demonstrations
C6P3 02:30 Tye Brady Abstract Space Technology 6 Inertial Stellar Compass Validation Update
Session C7: A: New Millennium Program II
Session Moderator: Chris Stevens
C7P1 03:30 Henry Abakians Abstract Space Technology 8 Technology Validation Mission Overview
C7P2 04:00 William Folkner Abstract Space Technology 7 Technology Validation Update

B: Planetary Technology

C7P3 04:30 Timothy Krabach Abstract Development of In Situ Instruments for Planetary Exploration – Unique Challenges in Design, Development, and Execution
C7P4 05:00 Pamela Gales Conrad Abstract Rapid Optical Detection of Organic Molecules and Water on Rock and Sediment Surfaces With Deep Ultraviolet Laser-induced Native Fluorescence

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Day Three Detail - June 29, 2006 - Thursday

Session A8: Passive Optical III
Session Moderator: Bob Bauer
A8P1 08:30 Sam Yee Abstract Geostationary Imaging Fabry-Perot Spectrometer (GIFS)
A8P2 09:00 Michelle Stephens Abstract Interferometric Range Transceiver For Measuring Temporal Gravity Variations
Session A9: Active Microwave II
Session Moderator: Tom Cwik
A9P1 10:30 Greg Sadowy Abstract The Glacier and Land Ice Surface Topography Interferometer (GLISTIN): A Novel Ka-band Digitally Beamformed Interferometer
A9P2 11:00 John Papapolymerou Abstract Recent Developments on Lightweight, Flexible Dual Polarization/Frequency Phased Arrays Using RF MEMS Switches on Liquid Crystal Polymer Multilayer Substrates for Remote Sensing of Precipitation
A9P3 11:30 Paul Siqueira Abstract A High Performance Ku-band Two Channel Downconverter for Interferometric Radar Applications
A9P4 11:30 Simon Yueh Abstract Compact Lightweight Dual-Frequency Microstrip Antenna Feed for Future Soil Moisture and Sea Surface Salinity Missions
Session B8: Active Optical II
Session Moderator: Parminder Ghuman
B8P1 08:30 William Folkner Abstract Phase Measurement System for Inter-Spacecraft Laser Metrology
B8P2 09:00 Bruce Gentry Abstract The Tropospheric Wind Lidar Technology Experiment (TWiLiTE): An Airborne Direct Detection Doppler Lidar Instrument Development Program
B8P3 09:30 James Anderson Abstract Linking IIP Technology Development to NASA Aura Satellite Calibration: A Case Study of Isotopes
Session B9: Active Optical III
Session Moderator: Parminder Ghuman
B9P1 10:30 Lee D. Peterson Abstract Technology for an Earth Observing Deployed Lidar Telescope
B9P2 11:00 Geary Schwemmer Abstract Shared Aperture Diffractive Optical Element (ShADOE) Multiplexed Telescope
B9P3 11:30 Syed Ismail Abstract Development of a Ground-based 2-Micron Differential Absorption Lidar System to Profile Tropospheric CO2
Session C8: In-Space Propulsion I
Session Moderator: Randy Baggett
C8P1 08:30 Randy Baggett Abstract In-Space Propulsion Technology Project Overview
C8P2 09:00 Michael LaPointe Abstract Solar Electric Propulsion
C8P3 09:30 Roy Young Abstract Solar Sail Propulsion
Session C9: In-Space Propulsion II
Session Moderator: Randy Baggett
C9P1 10:30 Andrew Keys Abstract Blunt Body Aerocapture
C9P2 11:00 Leslie Alexander Abstract Advanced Chemical Propulsion
C9P3 11:30 Andrew Keys Abstract Emerging Propulsion Technologies

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