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Abakians, Henry Abstract Space Technology 8 Technology Validation Mission Overview
Abdeldayem, Hossin See Michael Krainak
Abedin, Nurul Abstract Two Micron Detector Development Using Sb-based Material Systems
(Also see Martin Mlynczak and Syed Ismail)
Abshire, James Abstract Laser Sounder for Global Measurement of CO2 Concentrations in the Troposphere from Space: Progress
Abstract Geoscience Laser Altimeter System (GLAS) on the ICESat Mission: On-orbit Measurement and Laser Performance
    (Also see Michael Krainak & David Harding
Afzal, Robert See James Abshire
Akins, Torry See Ziad A. Hussein
Aktas, Mehmet S. See Marlon Pierce
Albjerg, Mariann See Martin G. Mlynczak
Alcala, Christian See Ross Hoffman
Alexander, Leslie Abstract Advanced Chemical Propulsion
Allan, Graham R. See Michael Krainak
Allen, Graham See James Abshire
Alston, Erica J. See Dennis Diones
Amzajerdian, Farzin Abstract Improving Reliability of High Power Quasi-CW Laser Diode Arrays Operating in Long Pulse Mode
(Also See Michael Kavaya)
Anderson, James Abstract Linking IIP Technology Development to NASA Aura Satellite Calibration: A Case Study of Isotopes
Antsos, Dimitrios Abstract MTP Communications and Tracking Technology Development for Mars Exploration
Atiquzzaman, Mohammed Abstract SIGMA for Seamless Handover in Space
Atlas, Robert See Bruce Gentry
Aydin, Galip See Marlon Pierce
Baggett, Randy Abstract

In-Space Propulsion Technology Project Overview

Bai, Yingxin See Jirong Yu
Bai, Yuqi See Liping Di
Bajcsy, Peter See Praveen Kumar
Barela, Phillip See William Folkner
Barnes, Bruce See Farzin Amzajerdian
Barnett, T. See Tom Yunck
Baumann, Ethan Abstract Precision Autopilot Development in Support of NASA's UAVSAR Program
Beauchamp, Patricia See Timothy Krabach
Beaudry, Neil See David Diner
Bender, P. See Michelle Stephens
Benedict, Karl Abstract Technology Products of the PHAiRS REASoN Project ­ Year 2 Web Services and Demonstration Interfaces Development
Bergamo, Marcos Abstract Multi-Spacecraft Network for Ground-Space VPNs: Architecture, Radio Specifications and Testbed
Berrick, Stephen Abstract Web Services Workflow for Online Data Visualization and Analysis in Giovanni
Berriman, Bruce Abstract The Design and Applications of Montage: An Astronomical Image Mosaic Engine
Betz, Albert Abstract The Quantum Cascade Laser as a Terahertz Local Oscillator
Bhartia, Rohit See Pamela Gales Conrad
Bland, Geoff Abstract Tailored Small UAV Systems for Earth Science Research
Boardsen, S. See Jim Slavin
Bos, Brent See Geary Schwemmer
Boutonnier, Xavier See Cai Yang
Boyer, Charles M. See Allen Larar
Brady, Tye Abstract Space Technology 6 Inertial Stellar Compass Validation Update
Braverman, Amy Abstract

Data Mining for Climate Model Improvement
(Also see Tom Yunck)

Breckinridge, James See Greg Moore
Brewer, Alan See Bruce Gentry
Brodell, Charles See Phil Eberspeaker
Brown, Shannon See Bjorn Lambrigtsen
Burcher, Michael A. See Allen Larar
Burris, John See Michael Krainak
(Also see James Abshire)
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Cai, Yang Abstract Spatiotemporal Bayesian Prediction Model
Canham, John See James Abshire
Carlisle, Candace Abstract Space Technology 5 Technology Validation

Space Technology 5 Constellation Validation

Carpenter, Kenneth Abstract Technology Development for the Stellar Imager (SI) Vision Mission
Chambers, Lin H. See Dennis Diones
Chen, Aijun Abstract Implementation of Geospatial Product Virtualization in Grid Environment
Chen, Jeffrey See Michael Krainak
Chipman, Russell Abstract Use of Photoelastic Modulators for High Accuracy Spectropolarimetric Imaging of Aerosols
Chmielewski, Arthur B. See Henry Abakians
Chowdhury, Pulak See Mohammed Atiquzzaman
Chung, Daniel See Cai Yang
Conover, Helen See Sara Graves
Conrad, Pamela Gales Abstract Rapid Optical Detection of Organic Molecules and Water on Rock and Sediment Surfaces With Deep Ultraviolet Laser-induced Native Fluorescence
Cook, Anthony L. See Steve Jones
Cook, William B. See Allen Larar
Cooperrider, Caner See Geary Schwemmer
Corrigan, C.

See Veerabhadran Ramanathan
(Also see Greg Roberts)

Coyle, Barry See Michael Krainak
Craig,R. See Michelle Stephens
Cunningham, Tom See David Diner
Dabney, Phillip W. See David Harding
Davis, Ab See David Diner
Davis, Kenneth See Syed Ismail
Deelman, E. See Bruce Berriman
Deleon, C. See Andrew Gray
DeMajistre,R. See Sam Yee
Di, Liping

See Aijun Chen
(Also See Peisheng Zhao)

Dinardo, Steve See Simon H. Yueh
Diner, David See Russell Chipman
Diones, Dennis Abstract The MY NASA DATA Project:  Tools for Knowledge and Discovery Sharing
Dobbs, Michael Abstract Matched Filter Enhanced Fiber-based Lidar for Earth, Weather and Exploration
Dobinson, E. See Tom Yunck
Donnellan, Andrea See Marlon Pierce
Dunn, Charles See Phillip Barela
Eastman, Joseph Abstract Recent Accomplishments in Coupling High Resolution Earth System Models Using Advanced Computational Technologies
Eberspeaker, Phil Abstract Earth Science Research and Flight Demonstration Opportunities for Sensors and Instrumentation on Suborbital Sounding Rockets
El-Araby, Esam Abstract Performance Scalability of Remote Sensing Applications on High Performance Reconfigurable Platforms
Eldering, A. See Tom Yunck
El-Ghazawi, Tarek See Esam El-Araby
Ernest E. See Allen Larar
Falke, S.R. See Rudolf Husar
Fang, Houfei Abstract Mechanical Technology Development on A 35-m Deployable Radar Antenna for Monitoring Hurricanes
Feng, Wei-Wen See Praveen Kumar
Fetzer, E. See Tom Yunck
Flittner, David E. See Steve Jones
Flood, Michael See Allen Larar
Folkner, William Abstract Phase Measurement System for Inter-Spacecraft Laser Metrology
Abstract Space Technology 7 Technology Validation Update
Fox, Geoffrey See Marlon Pierce
Frank Morgan, M. See Sam Yee
French, Matthew Abstract Cross Functional Design Tools for Radiation Mitigation and Power Optimization of FPGA Circuits
Fu, Karl See Cai Yang
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Gadgil, Harshawardhan See Marlon Pierce
Gaier, Todd See Bjorn Lambrigtsen
Garay, M. See Tom Yunck
Garten, James F. See Sam Yee
Gendreau, Keith Abstract A Novel X-Ray Diffractometer for Lunar and Martian Landers
Gentry, Bruce Abstract The Tropospheric Wind Lidar Technology Experiment (TWiLiTE): An Airborne Direct Detection Doppler Lidar Instrument Development Program
(Also see Geary Schwemmer)
Gogineni, Prasad See Ziad A. Hussein
Good, J.C. See Bruce Berriman
Gradziel, Mike See Ziad A. Hussein
Granat, Robert See Marlon Pierce
Graves, Sara Abstract Service Oriented Architecture for Harvesting Distributed Data Repositories
Gray, Andrew Abstract Reconfigurable Protocol Sensing in an End-to-End IP Demonstration
Gunapala, Sarath See John Hong
Gutt, Gary See David Diner
Hadaegh, Fred See John Hong
Hair, John W. See Steve Jones
Halverson, P. See William Folkner
Hancock, Bruce See David Diner
Hancock, David See James Abshire
Hardesty, Michael See Bruce Gentry
Harper, David B. See Steve Jones
Harris, I. See William Folkner
Hayati, Samad Abstract Overview of Mars Technology Program

Technologies for Exploring the Martian Subsurface

Heavey, Brandon See Delwyn Moller
Herath, Jeff Abstract Radiation Tolerant Intelligent Memory Stack (RTIMS)
Hickman, John See Chuck Brodel
Hinkle, Jason. D. See Lee D. Peterson
Hirschy, Linda See David Diner
Hodges, Richard See Delwyn Moller
Hoffman, Ross Abstract Thinning Satellite Data Using Wavelets for Weather Forecasting
Hogue, Henry See Martin G. Mlynczak
Hoijarvi, K. See Rudolf Husar
Holt, Benjamin See Ziad A. Hussein
Hong, John Abstract Precision Formation Flying
Abstract Long-Wavelength Infrared (LWIR) and Far-Infrared (Far-IR) Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetector (QDIP) Focal Plane Arrays
Hostetle, Chris A. See Steve Jones
Hovis, Floyd See Narasimha Prasad
Howell, Adam Abstract Onboard Processing using the Adaptive Network Architecture
Hu, Yongxiang See Steve Jones
Huang, John See Ziad A. Hussein
Hudspeth, William See Karl Benedict
Hug, William See Pamela Gales Conrad
Hunter, Don See Simon H. Yueh
Husar, Rudolf Abstract Interoperability of Web Service-Based Data Access and Processing: Experience Using the DataFed System
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Iannarilli, Frank J. See Steve Jones
Im, Eastwood See Houfei Fang
Irish, Richard See Esam El-Araby
Ishimaru, Akira See Ziad A. Hussein
Ismail, Syed Abstract

Development of a Ground-based 2-Micron Differential Absorption Lidar System to Profile Tropospheric CO2
(Also See Lee D. Peterson & Nurul Abedin)

Israel, D. See Andrew Gray
Jacob, J.C. See Bruce Berriman
Jaruwatanadilok, Sermsak See Ziad A. Hussein
Jester, Peggy See James Abshire
Jian, Pey Schuan See James Abshire
Johnson, David G. See Martin G. Mlynczak
Johnson, Joel See Christopher Ruf
Jones, Steve Abstract

Preliminary Airborne Measurement Results from the Hyperspectral Polarimeter for Aerosol Retrievals (HySPAR)

Jordan, Rolando See Ziad A. Hussein
Kampe, Thomas Abstract

SIRAS-G, the Spaceborne Infrared Atmospheric Sounder for Geosynchronous Earth Orbit

Kangaslahti, Pekka See Bjorn Lambrigtsen
Katz, D.S. See Bruce Berriman
Kavaya, Michael Abstract

Compact, Engineered, 2-Micron Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar Prototype for Field and Airborne Validation
(See also Farzin Amzajerdian & Jirong Yu)

Kawa, Randy See James Abshire
Keiser, Ken See Sara Graves
Kellogg, James R. See Nan Yu
Keys, Andrew Abstract

Blunt Body Aerocapture


Emerging Propulsion Technologies

Koch, Grady J. See Michael Kavaya
(Also see Jirong Yu)
(Also see Syed Ismail )
Kohel, James Abstract Quantum Gravity Gradiometer Development for Space
Kolitz, Stephen Abstract

Operational Use of EPOS to Increase the Science Value of EO-1 Observation Data

Komar, George J. See Martin G. Mlynczak
Krabach, Timothy Abstract Development of In Situ Instruments for Planetary Exploration – Unique Challenges in Design, Development, and Execution
Krainak, Michael Abstract

Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers for Earth/Planetary Science and Exploration at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
(Also see James Abshire and David Harding)

Kratz, David P. See Martin G. Mlynczak
Krebs, J. See Anne Marie Novo-Gradac
Kuga, Yasuo See Ziad A. Hussein
Kumar, Praveen Abstract

Data Driven Discovery from Satellite Remote Sensing: System Development and Analysis of Vegetation Indices

Kumar, S. See Joseph Eastman
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Laity, A.C. See Bruce Berriman
Lambrigtsen, Bjorn H. Abstract

GeoSTAR - A Breakthrough Development

Lane, Arthur L. See Pamela Gales Conrad
Lange, S. See Joseph Eastman
LaPointe, Michael Abstract Solar Electric Propulsion
Larar, Allen Abstract

Development and Testing of the Tropospheric Trace Species Sensing FPI Prototype

Lei, G. See Jim Slavin
Le, Guan See Candace Carlisle
Le Moigne, Jacqueline See Esam El-Araby
Leidner, S. Mark See Ross Hoffman
Leitch, J. See Michelle Stephens
Li, Steven See Michael Krainak
Li, Steven X. See Anne Marie Novo-Gradac
Liiva, Peter See James Abshire
Lindemann, Scott See Bruce Gentry
Lockard, George See Farzin Amzajerdian
Loomis , B. See Michelle Stephens
Maleki, Lute See Nan Yu
Manipon, G. See Tom Yunck
Mao, Jian-Ping See James Abshire
Martino, Anthony See Geary Schwemmer
Mazzonni D., See Tom Yunck
McDonald, Kyle C. See Ziad A. Hussein
McGarry, Jan See James Abshire
McGill, Matthew See Bruce Gentry
Meadows, Byron See Farzin Amzajerdian
Mehdi, Imran Abstract

Advances in Heterodyne Detection Technologies

Mehra, Vikas See Praveen Kumar
Meyer, Rae See Randy Baggett
Miller, Charles See Syed Ismail
Mills, Carl S. See Allen Larar
Mlynczak, Martin G. Abstract

In-Situ Net Flux Within the Atmosphere of the Earth (INFLAME)


Far-Infrared Detector Technology Advancement Partnering

Moller, Delwyn See Greg Sadowy
Montgomery, Sandy See Roy Young
Moore, Greg Abstract Optical system science and technology
Moore, Susan W. See Dennis Diones
Morein, Gleb See Marlon Pierce
Moseley, Harvey Abstract

Microshutter Arrays for JWST

Mukherjee, Suparna See Samad Hayati
Mulligan, T. See Veerabhadran Ramanathan
Nerem, R. S. See Michelle Stephens
Ng, Tak-kwong See Jeff Herath
Nguyen, H. See Veerabhadran Ramanathan
Njoku, Eni See Simon H. Yueh
Okino, C. See Andrew Gray
Oots, Penny See Dennis Diones
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Papapolymerou, John Abstract

Recent Developments on Lightweight, Flexible Dual Polarization/Frequency Phased Arrays Using RF MEMS Switches on Liquid Crystal Polymer Multilayer Substrates for Remote Sensing of Precipitation

Parker, Jay See Marlon Pierce
Patterson, M. See Veerabhadran Ramanathan
Pelletier, Michael J. See Pamela Gales Conrad
Perovich, Don See Ziad A. Hussein
Peters-Lidard, C. See Joseph Eastman
Peterson, Lee D. Abstract

Technology for an Earth Observing Deployed Lidar Telescope

Petros, Mulugeta See Michael Kavaya
(also see Jirong Yu)
Petzar, Paul J. See Jirong Yu
Phelps, Carrie S. See Dennis Diones
Piepmeier, Jeff

See Bjorn Lambrigsten
(Also see Christopher Ruf)

Pierce, D. See Tom Yunck
Pierce, Marlon Abstract

Geographical Information System Services in SERVOGrid

Pierce., R. See Michelle Stephens
Pincus, Robert See Amy Braverman
Prasad, Narasimha Abstract

High Energy, Single-Mode, All-Solid-State Nd:YAG Laser

Prince, T.A. See Bruce Berriman
Purucker, M. See Jim Slavin
Puschell, Jeffery J. See Allen Larar
Rahmat-Samii, Yahya See Simon H. Yueh
Ramana, M.V. See Veerabhadran Ramanathan
(Also see Greg Roberts)
Ramanathan, Veerabhadran Abstract

First Observations with a New Observing System of Stacked Multiple UAVs for observing effects of air pollution on Clouds and Climate Forcing
(Also see Greg Roberts)

Raouf, Nasrat See David Diner
Reekstin, John See Martin G. Mlynczak
Refaat, T.F. See Nurul Abedin
Refaat, Tamer See Syed Ismail
Rengarajan, Sembiam See Delwyn Moller
Rignot, Eric See Delwyn Moller
Riris, Haris See James Abshire
(Also see Michael Krainak)
Roberts, Greg Abstract

Miniaturized Aerosol, cloud, and radiometric Instruments for light weight Autonomous UAVs
(Also see Veerabhadran Ramanathan)

Robertson, Ricky See Praveen Kumar
Rogez, Francois See Delwyn Moller
Rogstad, T. See William Folkner
Rosanova, Alberto A. See Anne Marie Novo-Gradac
Rubio, Manuel See Syed Ismail
Ruddell, Benjamin See Praveen Kumar
Ruf, Christopher Abstract

Development of an Agile Digital Detector for RFI Detection and Mitigation on Spaceborne Radiometers
(Also see Bjorn Lambrigtsen)

Rundle, John See Marlon Pierce
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Sabaka, T. See Jim Slavin
Sadowy, Greg Abstract

The Glacier and Land Ice Surface Topography Interferometer (GLISTIN): A Novel Ka-band Digitally Beamformed Interferometer

Sayar, Ahmet See Marlon Pierce
Schenker, Paul Abstract

Advances in Rover Technology for Space Exploration

Schoolcraft, J. See Andrew Gray
Schwemmer, Geary Abstract

Shared Aperture Diffractive Optical Element (ShADOE) Multiplexed Telescope
(Also see Bruce Gentry)

Seas, Antonios See Michael Krainak
Shaddock, D. See William Folkner
Shaw, George B. See Anne Marie Novo-Gradac
Sherwood, Robert Abstract EO-1 Sensorweb Demonstrations
Abstract Space Technology 6 Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment Validation
Shuch, H. Paul Abstract

Built from Unobtanium: an ATDM Multiband Reconfigurable Synthetic Aperture Radar Antenna

Shuman, Christopher A. See David Harding
Simard, Marc See Delwyn Moller
Singh, G. See Bruce Berriman
Singh, Upendra N.

See Michael Kavaya
(Also see Narasimha Prasad)
(Also see Jirong Yu)
(Also see Nurul Abedin)
(Also see Farzin Amzajerdian
(Also see Syed Ismail)

Sinha, Pratyush See Praveen Kumar
Siqueira, Paul Abstract

A High Performance Ku-band Two Channel Downconverter for Interferometric Radar Applications

Sirota, Marcos See Bruce Gentry
Skinner, Wilbert R.

See Allen Larar
(Also see Sam Yee)

Slavin, Jim See Guan Le
Smith, Greg See Chuck Brodell
Stapelbroek, Maryn See Martin G. Mlynczak
Stephen, Mark Abstract

Integrating Current Laser Diode Array Technology into Future Spaceflight Missions
(Also see Michael Krainak)

Stephens, Michelle Abstract

Interferometric Range Transceiver For Measuring Temporal Gravity Variations

Strangeway, R. See Jim Slavin
Stumpf, Richard See Cai Yang
Sturm, Matthew See Ziad A. Hussein
Su, M.H. See Bruce Berriman
Sulima, O.V. See Nurul Abedin
Sullivan, Don Abstract

An Airborne Sensor Web Interface Module

Sun, Xiaoli See James Abshire
(Also see David Harding)
Surry, Dipa See Adam Howell
Swartz, William H. See Sam Yee
Taher, Mohamed See Esam El-Araby
Talaat, Elsayed R. See Sam Yee
Tang, B. See Tom Yunck
Tanner, Alan See Bjorn Lambrigtsen
Tao, J. See Joseph Eastman
Tcheng, David See Praveen Kumar
Thornton, Peter See Nathan Wilhelmi
Threat, Felix See Geary Schwemmer
Tian, Y. See Joseph Eastman
Tomlinson, Michelle See Cai Yang
Tope, Michael See Paul Siqueira
Trauger, John Abstract

High Contrast Imaging

Trieu, Bo

See Michael Kavaya
(Also see Jirong Yu)

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Vann, Lelia B. See Martin G. Mlynczak
Wang, Y. See Jim Slavin
Wang, Yu See David Diner
Ware, B. See William Folkner
Wei,Yaxing See Liping Di
Wilhelmi, Nathan Abstract

Grid-BGC: a Grid-Enabled Research Platform for High-Resolution Surface Weather Interpolation and Biogeochemical Process Modeling

Wilkerson, Thomas See Bruce Gentry
Wilson, B. See Tom Yunck
Wilson, Emily See Michael Krainak
Wilson, William See Simon H. Yueh
Wynne, Timothy See Cai Yang
Yang, Wenli See Liping Di
Yee, Sam Abstract

Geostationary Imaging Fabry-Perot Spectrometer (GIFS)

Young, Roy Abstract

Solar Sail Propulsion

Youssif, Aliaa See Esam El-Araby
Yu, Jirong Abstract 2-micron Laser Developments for Wind and CO2 Lidar Applications
(Also see Michael Kavaya)
Yu, Nan See James Kohel
Yu, Anthony See Michael Krainak
Yue, Peng See Liping Di
Yueh, Simon Abstract Compact Lightweight Dual-Frequency Microstrip Antenna Feed for Future Soil Moisture and Sea Surface Salinity Missions
Yunck, Tom Abstract Rolling Out GENESIS/SciFlo in the ESIP Federation's Earth Information Exchange
Zan, Jason See David Diner
Zawadzki, Mark See Delwyn Moller
Zeng, Z. See Joseph Eastman
Zhang, William Abstract Extremely Lightweight Optics for Space Applications
Zhao, Peisheng Abstract Ontology-driven Automatic Geospatial-Processing Modeling based on Web-service Chaining
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