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08/2012 Improving Land Surface and Weather Predictions using Optimization and Uncertainty Estimation Tools
07/2012 Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer (HyTES) Successfully Competes First Test Flights.
07/2012 Toward a Lidar Instrument for O2 Remote Sensing
06/2012 Portable Remote Imaging Spectrometer (PRISM) Makes its First Airborne Flight
05/2012 Next Generation AVIRIS Instrument Completes Successful First Flight
03/2012 Laser System on GRACE Follow-On to Measure Earth’s Gravity as Never Before
02/2012 Doppler Wind Lidar Maps Potential Wind Farm Sites
12/2011 The M-Cubed CubeSat, containing the Cubesat On-board processing Validation Experiment (COVE), was successfully launched as an auxiliary payload of the NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP) satellite.
+ More on the M-Cubed CubeSat
+ More on COVE
09/2011 Emerging Lidar Technique Shows Promise for Simplified Wind Measurements
08/2011 QuakeSim computer model provides estimate of permanent ground motions from the 8/23/11 magnitude 5.8 earthquake in Virginia.
03/2011 HAMSR, an airborne radiometer developed with ESTO funding to measure temperature, humidity and cloud structure, is participating in a field campaign to measure atmospheric ‘rivers’ of water vapor across the Pacific Ocean.
10/2010 10 Years of ESTO Technology Investments are Enabling the CLARREO Mission
07/2010 Several ESTO Technologies To Support the 2010 GRIP Campaign
02/2010 SensorWeb 3G Project is Generating Buzz and Benefiting Society.
10/2009 Memory module for Earth science applications to support the ChemCam instrument onboard the Mars Science Laboratory rover.
08/2009 A new flash LIDAR technology shows promise for vegetation canopy science measurements.
08/2009 ESTO-funded Sensor Web Technology Goes Inside a Volcano, Monitors Activity
06/2009 An innovative, ESTO-funded microwave detector has made the first direct measurements of lightning on Mars.
04/2009 A Sensor Web Responds, and a New NASA Technology is Tested, After Crash of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River
02/2009 Two NASA Earth Science Technology Projects team up to participate in the 2008 Great Southern California ShakeOut
05/2008 Autonomous 'SnoMote' Ice Rovers to be Tested in Alaska as Part of an ESTO Sensor Web Project.
04/2008 LITHOGRAPH: First Image from the UAVSAR Demonstration Flights over Mount St. Helens (4.6MB, PDF)
03/2008 Instrument Prototype Demonstrates Capacity for Improved Cloud Characterization in Recent Test Flights
01/2008 Raman Airborne Spectroscopic Lidar (RASL) Demonstrates New Measurement Capability
10/2007 GISMO Interferometric Radar Achieves Several ‘Firsts’ in Greenland Airborne Demo.
04/2007 Operational Dynamic Re-tasking System Clears the View for EOS Observations and Paves the Way for Sensor Web Architectures.
02/2007 One million pixel infrared detector can see a broad range of wavelengths.
09/2006 Carbon Cycle Modelling System Receives Interest, Infusion Opportunities
07/2006 ESTO-funded sensor web project (SEAMONSTER: A Smart Sensor Web in Southeast Alaska) featured in Space News
03/2006 Advanced Virtual Mission Operations Center Technology Considered for Critical Role in Disaster Relief Operations
11/2005 Thulium Fiber Laser Spins-Off to Support Medical Applications
06/2005 FIRST Instrument Successfully Test Flown
04/2005 Advanced Lightweight Rainfall Radiometer Enjoys Successful Test Flights
03/2005 Simple, Interactive Simulations Make Complex NASA Computational Applications Understandable
05/2004 ESTO Technology to Fly on Air Force XSS-11
03/2004 ESTO-Funded Technology to Aid in Shuttle's Return-to-Flight.
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09/2006 RTIMS: a Radiation Tolerant Intelligent Memory Stack
03/2006 Coupling High-Resolution Earth System Models
10/2005 Shape Memory Composite Materials for Lightweight, Deployable Optics
8/2005 QuakeSim
6/2005 WINDEX: a GPS Reflection System for Ocean Surface Winds
11/2004 Laser Risk Reduction Program
9/2004 UAVSAR for Repeat Pass Deformation Measurements
7/2004 Aqua Model-Based Advisor
5/2004 Flexible Transmit / Receive Membrane for Large Aperture Scanning Antennas
3/2004 Deployable Optics Modeling Experiments (DOME) Latch
1/2004 Quantum Gravity Gradiometer for Sub-Surface Mapping