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Components (33 projects)
Graduated Projects are Highlighted in Blue

Principal Investigator Institution Project Title
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Agnes Jet Propulsion Laboratory Precision Deployable Mast for the SWOT KaRIn Instrument
Anderson Harvard University High Power Mid-IR Laser Development 2.8 to 3.5 Microns
Blackwell MIT Lincoln Laboratory Demonstration of a Hyperspectral Microwave Receiver Subsystem
Chattopadhyay Jet Propulsion Laboratory Advanced Amplifier Based Receiver Front Ends for Submillimeter-Wave Sounders
Delker Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. Combined HSRL and Optical Autocovarience Wind Lidar (HOAWL) Demonstration
Dobler ITT Industries, Space Systems Division Advancement of the O2 Subsystem to Demonstrate Retrieval of XCO2 Using Simultaneous Laser Absorption Spectrometer Integrated Column Measurements of CO2 and O2
Dobler ITT Industries, Space Systems Division Laser Remote Sensing of O2 for Determination of CO2 Mixing Ratio and Sensing of Climate Species
Fung Jet Propulsion Laboratory Advanced W-Band Gallium Nitride Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) for Cloud Doppler Radar Supporting ACE
Hoffman Jet Propulsion Laboratory High Efficiency, Digitally Calibrated TR Modules Enabling Lightweight SweepSAR Architectures for DESDynI-class Radar Instruments
Hoffman Jet Propulsion Laboratory Advanced Thermal Packaging Technologies for RF Hybrids
Jaffe University of Texas, Austin Development of Immersion Gratings to Enable a Compact Architecture for High Spectral and Spatial Resolution Imaging
Janz Goddard Space Flight Center Hybridized Visible-NIR Blind (Al, In) GaN Focal Plane Arrays
Krainak Goddard Space Flight Center Quantum Well Multiplier Infrared Photodetectors- Follow-On
Krainak Goddard Space Flight Center Ultra-sensitive near-infrared optical receiver using avalanche photodiodes
Krainak Goddard Space Flight Center Quantum Well Multiplier Infrared Photodetectors
Lane Jet Propulsion Laboratory A Large High-Precision Deployable Reflector for Ka- and W-band Earth Remote Sensing
Marx Goddard Space Flight Center Hybrid Doppler Wind Lidar Transceiver
Meehan Jet Propulsion Laboratory A GNSS RF ASIC for Digital Beamforming Applications
Mlynczak Langley Research Center Phase Change cell demonstration onboard the International Space Station in support of the CLARREO Mission
Mlynczak Langley Research Center Far-Infrared Extended Blocked Impurity Band (FIREBIB) Detectors Optimized for Earth Radiance Measurements
Phillips Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies CLASS Instrument Technology Maturation for ASCENDS
Reising Colorado State University Advanced Component Development to Enable Low-Mass, Low-Power High-Frequency Radiometers for Coastal Wet-Tropospheric Correction on SWOT
Rider Jet Propulsion Laboratory GRIFEX: GEO-CAPE Read Out Integrated Circuit (ROIC) In-Flight Performance Experiment
Rider Jet Propulsion Laboratory In-Pixel Digitization Read Out Integrated Circuit for the Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events (GEO-CAPE) Mission
Rincon Goddard Space Flight Center Advanced Antenna for Digital Beamforming SAR
Riris Goddard Space Flight Center A Compact Remote Sensing Lidar for High Resolution Measurements of Methane
Singh Langley Research Center Design and Fabrication of a Breadboard, Fully Conductively Cooled, 2-Micron, Pulsed Laser for the 3-D Winds Decadal Survey Mission
Siqueira University of Massachusetts A Low Power, High Bandwidth Receiver for Ka-band Interferometry
Sun Goddard Space Flight Center HgCdTe Infrared Avalanche Photodiode Single Photon Detector Arrays for the LIST and Other Decadal Missions
Taylor Composite Technology Development, Inc. Large Aperture, Solid Surface Deployable Reflector
Thomson Jet Propulsion Laboratory Large Deployable Ka-Band Reflectarray for the SWOT Mission
Tucker Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. Fabry-Perot for the Integrated Direct Detection Lidar (FIDDL)
Yu, Jirong Langley Research Center A 2-micron Pulsed Laser Transmitter for Direct Detection Column CO2 Measurement from Space

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