ESTC 2003

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Day One Detail - June 24, 2003

Session A1: Autonomous Satellite Control
Session Moderator: Robert Carvalho (ESTO-ARC)
A1P1 10:00 Fowler, Kim Abstract Adaptive Data Analysis and Processing Technology (ADAPT) for Spacecraft
A1P2 10:30 Kolitz, Stephan E. Abstract Automated Coordinated Mission Planning Across Constellations
A1P3 11:00 Morris, Robert Abstract An Integrated Approach to Earth Science Observation Scheduling
A1P4 11:30 Welch, Lonnie Abstract Adaptive Resource Management Technology for NASA Computing Systems
Session A2: Data Compression
Session Moderator: Amy Walton (ESTO-JPL)
A2P1 1:30 Dolinar, Samuel Abstract Region-of-Interest Data Compression with Prioritized Buffer Management (III)
A2P2 2:00 Rountree, Janet Abstract Simulating On-Board Compression with JPEG 2000
A2P3 2:30 Yeh, Pen-Shu Abstract A High Performance Image Data Compression Technique for Space Applications
Session A3: On-Board Processing
Session Moderator: Vicki Oxenham (ESTO-GSFC)
A3P1 3:30 Miguel, Agnieszka Abstract On Board Satellite Implementation of Wavelet-Based Predictive Coding of Hyperspectral Images
A3P2 4:00 Mandl, Dan Abstract Onboard Cloud Cover Detection Demonstration Using the Earth Observing 1 Satellite
A3P3 4:30 Marquart, Jane Abstract Flight Software Technology Roadmap
A3P4 5:00 Yeh, Pen-Shu Abstract Radiation Tolerant Ultra Low Power CMOS Microelectronics
A3P5 5:30 Donohoe, Gregory Abstract Sensor Data Processing on a Reconfigurable Processor
Session B1: Laser Sensor Technologies
Session Moderator: David Tratt (ESTO)
        Pt 1
B1P1 10:00 Peri, Frank Abstract Status of the Laser Risk Reduction Program at NASA/LaRC
B1P2 10:30 Stephen, Mark Abstract Performance Assessment and Space Qualification of QCW 808 nm Laser Diode Arrays
B1P3 11:00 Yu, Jirong Abstract High-Energy 2- m Laser Development
B1P4 11:30 Amzajerdian, Farzin Abstract Advancement of High Power Laser Diodes for Pumping 2-micron Solid State Lasers
        Pt 2 (after Luncheon Break)
B1P5 1:30 Abshire, James Abstract A Laser Sounder Approach to Measure Atmospheric CO2 from Orbit
B1P6 2:00 Spiers, Gary Abstract Progress Report on the Laser Absorption Spectrometer Development
B1P7 2:30 Mansour, Kamjou Abstract Single-mode Semiconductor Reference Oscillator Development for Coherent Detection
        Pt 3 (after Afternoon Break)
B1P8 3:30 Ryan, Larry Abstract Design and Operation of the Miniature Vector Laser Magnetometer
B1P9 4:00 Fields, Renny Abstract Development of High Brightness Diode Laser Pump Modules for Lidar Applications
B1P10 4:30 Sridharan, Arun Abstract High Pulse Energy Yb:YAG MOPA and Non-Linear Frequency Conversion Module
B1P11 5:00 Engel, Gregory (unavailable) Innovations in Cavity Enhanced Laser Absorption Spectroscopy