ESTC 2003

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Abshire, James Abstract A Laser Sounder Approach to Measure Atmospheric CO2 from Orbit
Amzajerdian, Farzin Abstract Advancement of High Power Laser Diodes for Pumping 2-micron Solid State Lasers
Bar Sever, Yoaz Abstract New Accomplishments and Applications of the NASA Global Differential GPS System
Bevan, Matt Abstract Free Space Optical Data Bus for Spacecraft
Bryant, Nevin Abstract Precision Automatic Co-Registration Procedures for NASA Sensors
Chang, Mark Abstract FPGA Error Models for Variable Precision Analysis
Cook, Sidney Abstract Real-Time Data Processing Onboard Remote Sensor Platforms

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DaSilva, Arlindo Abstract Overview of the Earth System Modeling Framework
Dolinar, Samuel Abstract Region-of-Interest Data Compression with Prioritized Buffer Management (III)
Donohoe, Gregory Abstract Sensor Data Processing on a Reconfigurable Processor
Durden, Steve Abstract Advanced Precipitation Radar Antenna
Edelstein, Wendy Abstract Current Status of the High Efficiency L-band T/R Module Development for SAR Systems
Engel, Gregory (unavailable) Innovations in Cavity Enchanced Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
Fields, Renny Abstract Development of High Brightness Diode Laser Pump Modules for Lidar Applications
Fischman, Mark Abstract Design and Verification of the Second-Generation Precipitation Radar Processor/Controller
Fong, Wai Abstract Bandwidth Efficient Baseband Multi-Modulator
  Abstract Low Density Parity Check Codes: Bandwidth Efficient Channel Coding
Fowler, Kim Abstract Adaptive Data Analysis and Processing Technology (ADAPT) for Spacecraft

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Gary, Pat Abstract Research and Development of High-End Computer Networks at GSFC
Gloster, Clay Abstract Floating Point Functional Cores for Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Heaps, Bill Abstract Fabry-Perot Interferometer for Column CO2
Houser, Paul Abstract Early Adoption of the ESMF by the Land Information System
Im, Eastwood Abstract Conceptual Design Of a Geostationary Radar for Monitoring Hurricanes
Johnson, Joel Abstract Design of an L-band Microwave Radiometer with Active Mitigation of Interference
Kolitz, Stephan E. Abstract Automated Coordinated Mission Planning Across Constellations
Krim, Hamid Abstract Generalized Algorithm for Efficient Multi-Channel Data Fusion using Wavelet Transforms

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Larar, Allen Abstract Airborne Imaging Fabry-Perot Interferometer System for Tropospheric Trace Species Detection
Ligon, Walter Abstract Development of the PVFS V@ Parallel File System
Mandl, Dan Abstract Onboard Cloud Cover Detection Demonstration Using the Earth Observing 1 Satellite
Mansour, Kamjou Abstract Single-mode Semiconductor Reference Oscillator Development for Coherent Detection
Marquart, Jane Abstract Flight Software Technology Roadmap
Miguel, Agnieszka Abstract On Board Satellite Implementation of Wavelet-Based Predictive Coding of Hyperspectral Images
Milster, Tom Abstract Volumetric Bit-Wise Optical Data Storage for Space Applications
Mlynczak, Martin Abstract The Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Troposphere (FIRST) Project
Moghaddam, Matha Abstract Latest Advances in the Microwave Observatory of Subcanopy and Subsurface (MOSS) Project
Morris, Robert Abstract An Integrated Approach to Earth Science Observation Scheduling
Moussessian, Alina Abstract T/R Membranes for Large Aperture Scanning Phased Arrays

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Papapolymerou Abstract Development of Lightweight Dual Frequency/Polarized Microstrip Antenna Arrays on Organic Substrates
Peri, Frank Abstract Status of the Laser Risk Reduction Program at NASA/LaRC
Principe, Caleb Abstract Low-power Digital Microwave Radiometer Technologies
Rabinovich, William Abstract Free Space Optical Data Links Using Cat's Eye Modulating Retro-Reflectors
Ramachandran, Rahul Abstract Semantics and Earth Science Markup Language
Rash, James Abstract Demonstrating a Realistic IP Mission Prototype
Raskin, Robert Abstract Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology (SWEET)
Rountree, Janet Abstract Simulating On-Board Compression with JPEG 2000
Ryan, Larry Abstract Design and Operation of the Miniature Vector Laser Magnetometer

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Schnase, John Abstract High Performance Geospactial Modeling of Biospheric Resources in the Cerro Grande Wildfire Site
Scott, Keith Abstract Next Generation Space Internet: Standards and Implementation
Spiers, Gary Abstract Progress Report on the Laser Absorption Spectrometer Development
Sridharan, Arun Abstract High Pulse Energy Yb:YAG MOPA and Non-Linear Frequency Conversion Module
Stek, Paul Abstract Critical Technology Items for an Advanced Earth Orbiting Atmospheric Chemistry/Climate Observatory
Stephen, Mark Abstract Performance Assessment and Space Qualification of QCW 808 nm Laser Diode Arrays
Tanner, Steve Abstract On-Board Mining in the Sensor Web

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Weigand, Dan Abstract The Low-Power Transceiver
Welch, Lonnie Abstract Adaptive Resource Management Technology for NASA Computing Systems
Wichmann, Keith Abstract ECHO - An Extensible Framework Supporting the Earth Science Enterprise
Yeh, Pen-Shu Abstract A High Performance Image Data Compression Technique for Space Applications
  Abstract Radiation Tolerant Ultra Low Power CMOS Microelectronics
Yu, Jirong Abstract High-Energy 2- m Laser Development
Yueh, Simon H Abstract Compact, Lightweight Dual-Frequency Microstrip Antenna Feed for Soil Moisture and Sea Surface Salinity
Zhou, Shujia Abstract Prototyping of the ESMF using Doe's CCA Technology