The 2019 Earth Science Technology Forum (ESTF2019) was held June 11-13 in Mountain View, CA, and drew approximately 200 attendees. The 16th event of its kind hosted by the NASA Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO), ESTF2019 showcased the wide array of technology research and development related to NASA's Earth science endeavors.

Attendees encountered the latest advances in NASA technology for Earth science observations remote sensing instruments, platforms, components, advanced information systems, sensor web technologies, communications, automation, and modeling. ESTF2019 was also intended to promote collaboration and networking among technologists, scientists and mission planners as well as facilitate a more complete understanding of NASA technology requirements.

Of note, ESTF featured a panel session on "Integrating Software and Hardware for New Observing Strategies" and plenary talks included:

  • David Korsmeyer, NASA Ames Research Center
  • Jack Kaye, NASA Earth Science Division
  • Ignacio Zuleta and James Mason, Planet Labs
  • Matthew Fladeland, NASA Airborne Science Program Office
  • Nelson Pedreiro, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center
  • Peter Norvig, Google Inc


Abstracts and presentations from ESTF2019 have been archived on the SESSIONS and AUTHOR INDEX pages of this website.

NASA Ames Conference Center (NAAC)