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Day One Detail - June 28, 2005 - Tuesday

Session A1: Network Technologies
Session Moderator: Phil Paulsen (ESTO-GRC)
A1P110:30 Mohammed Atiquzzaman Abstract Location Management of SIGMA
A1P211:00 William D. Ivancic
Abstract Secure, Network-Centric Operations of a Space-Based Asset – an Abridged Report
A1P311:30 Mary Ann Ingram
Abstract LEO Download Capacity Analysis for a Network of Adaptive Array Ground Stations
Session A2: Data Interoperability Technologies
Session Moderator: Rob Sherwood (ESTO-JPL)
A2P1 01:30 Kara L. Nance
Abstract IDACT Query Manager for Heterogeneous Dataset Assimilation
A2P2 02:00 Liping Di
Abstract The Implementation of Geospatial Web Services at GeoBrain
A2P3 02:30 Praveen Kumar
Abstract Using D2K Data Mining Platform for Understanding the Dynamic Evolution of Land-Surface Variables
Session A3: Data Mining Technologies
Session Moderator: Kai-Dee Chu (ESTO)
A3P1 03:30 Amy Braverman
Abstract Mining Massive Earth Science Data Sets for Large Scale Structure
A3P2 4:00 Kevin H. Knuth
Abstract Revealing Relationships among Relevant Climate Variables with Information Theory
A3P3 04:30 Kiri Wagstaff
Abstract HARVIST: A System for Agricultural and Weather Studies Using Advanced Statistical Methods
A3P4 05:00 Yang Cai
Abstract Spatial Interaction Model for Monitoring Harmful Algae Blooms
Session B1: Sun Earth System
Session Moderator: Tim Van Sant (ESTO-GSFC)
B1P1 09:30 D. Aaron Roberts
Abstract A Space and Solar Physics Great Observatory: Virtual but Nearing Reality
B1P2 10:00 Michael Appleby Abstract Tomo-Lithographic-Molding (TLM™) - A Breakthrough Manufacturing Process for Large Area Micro-Mechanical Systems
B1P3 10:30 Thomas E. Moore Abstract Toward a New Generation of Plasma and Particle Imaging Analyzers
B1P4 11:00 Gordon Veal Abstract Testing of a 10m 4-Quadrant Solar Sail
B1P5 11:30 Vladimir Kochergin
Abstract Macroporous Silicon Deep UV Filters
Session B2: Active Optical I
Session Moderator: William Stabnow (ESTO)
B2P1 1:30 James G. Anderson Abstract New Laser Techniques for Detection of Radicals, Isotopes, and Reactive Intermediates from Robotic Aircraft and Conventional Aircraft for the Aura Satellite Collaborative Science Effort
B2P2 02:00 Edward Leventhal Abstract A Very Low Power, Highly Integrated Multichannel Scaler
B2P3 02:30 Rex Craig
Abstract Laboratory Demonstration of Low Earth Orbit Inter-Satellite Interferometric Ranging
Session B3: Active Optical II
Session Moderator: Jonathan Hartley (ESTO)
B3P1 03:30 Nan Yu Abstract Towards a space-borne quantum gravity gradiometer: progress in laboratory demonstration
B3P2 04:00 Graham R. Allan
Abstract Time-Resolved Optical & Thermal Analyses of High-Power Laser Diode Arrays
B3P3 04:30 D. Barry Coyle
Abstract High Output Maximum Efficiency Prototype Diode Pumped Laser for Space Application
B3P4 05:00 Yelena Isyanova Abstract 349-nm Source for Direct Detection Measurement of Winds

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Day Two Detail - June 29, 2005 - Wednesday

Session A4: REASoN Technologies
Session Moderator: Penny Newsome (ESTO)
A4P1 08:30 Karl Benedict
Abstract Technology Products of the PHAiRS REASoN Project - Year 1
A4P2 09:00 Rudolf B. Husar Abstract DataFed: Web Services-Based Mediation of Distributed Data Flow
A4P3 09:30 Sara Graves Abstract Services for Distributed Online Data Repositories
Session A5: REASoN Applications
Session Moderator: Karen Moe (ESTO)
A5P1 10:30 Stefan R. Falke
Abstract Using DataFed to build Fire-related Web Applications
A5P2 11:00 Carolyn Sumners Abstract A Kid's Cave: Teaching Earth Science in an Inexpensive Portable Immersive Environment
A5P3 11:30 Danny Hardin Abstract Data Access and Visualization for SERVIR, an Environmental Monitoring and Decision Support System for Mesoamerica.
Session A6: Computational Technologies
Session Moderator: Robert Ferraro (ESTO-JPL)
A6P1 01:30 Lucian Plesea Abstract Remote Access to Very Large Image Repositories, a High Performance Computing Perspective
A6P2 02:00 Marlon Pierce Abstract Implementing Geographical Information System Grid Services to Support Computational Geophysics in a Service-Oriented Environment
A6P3 02:30 Meemong Lee Abstract Virtual Mission Operation Framework
Session A7: Science Modeling
Session Moderator: Jim Fischer (ESTO)
A7P1 03:30 C. Roberto Mechoso
Abstract Experimental ENSO predictions by the UCLA atmospheric GCM coupled to the MIT and POP Oceanic GCMs using the Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF)
A7P2 04:00 Paul Houser
Abstract Land Information System
A7P3 04:30 Christa Peters-Lidard Abstract Coupling High Resolution Earth System Models Using Advanced Computational Technologies
Session B4: Active Microwave I
Session Moderator: Tom Cwik (ESTO-JPL)
B4P1 08:30 Alina Moussessian
Abstract A Membrane Array using T/R Membranes
B4P2 09:00 Wendy Edelstein Abstract High-Efficiency L-band T/R Module:  Development Results
B4P3 09:30 Mahta Moghaddam Abstract Microwave Observatory of Subcanopy and Subsurface (MOSS) IIP: Final Results and Next Steps
Session B5: Active Microwave II
Session Moderator: Robert Bauer (ESTO)
B5P1 10:30 H. Paul Shuch
Abstract Updating the Multiband Reconfigurable Synthetic Aperture Radar Antenna
B5P2 11:00 Eastwood Im Abstract Spaceborne Atmospheric Radar Technology
B5P3 11:30 Ziad A. Hussein Abstract A Combined Spatial- and Frequency- Domain Interferometer For Sea Ice Thickness Measurement
Session B6: Passive Microwave
Session Moderator: Ken Anderson (ESTO)
B6P1 01:30 Stephen John Katzberg
Abstract Performance of the GPS WindEx Real-time Wind Speed Retrieval System during the 2004 Hurricane Season
B6P2 02:00 Bjorn H. Lambrigtsen Abstract A GeoSTAR Progress Report
B6P3 02:30 Joel Johnson Abstract Digital Receiver for Interference Suppression in Microwave Radiometry
Session B7: Active Optical III
Session Moderator: Chris Edwards (ESTO-LaRC)
B7P1 3:30 Upendra Singh
Abstract Advances in Laser/Lidar Technologies for NASA's Science and Exploration Mission's Applications
B7P2 4:00 William Heaps Abstract Progress in Laser Risk Reduction for 1 micron Lasers at Goddard Space Flight Center
B7P3 4:30 Jirong Yu Abstract Advanced 2-micron Solid State Laser Developments
B7P4 5:00 Farzin Amzajerdian Abstract Improving Reliability of Long Pulsewidth High Power Laser Diode Pump Arrays

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Day Three Detail - June 30, 2005 - Thursday

Session A8: Constellation Systems Management
Session Moderator: Robert Carvalho (ESTO-ARC)
A8P1 08:30 Stephan Kolitz Abstract Improving the Value of EO-1 Observations
A8P2 09:00 Robert Morris Abstract Coordinated Science Campaign Scheduling for Sensor Webs
A8P3 09:30 Dipa Suri Abstract The Adaptive Network Architecture for Formations of Heterogeneous Spacecraft
Session A9: Flight Processing & Design Tools
Session Moderator: Penny Newsome (ESTO)
A9P1 10:30 Esam El-Araby
Abstract An Efficient Implementation of Automatic Cloud Cover Assessment (ACCA) on a Reconfigurable Computer
A9P2 11:00 Jacqueline Le Moigne Abstract An Application of Wavelet Based Dimension Reduction to AIRS Data
A9P3 11:30 Matthew French Abstract Radiation Mitigation and Power Optimization Design Tools for Reconfigurable Hardware in Orbit
Session B8: Passive Optical
Session Moderator: Ken Anderson (ESTO)
B8P1 08:30 Syed Ismail
Abstract Applications of Deployable Telescopes for Earth-observing Lidar
B8P2 09:00 Steven J. Varlese Abstract Performance Characterization of a Shape Memory Composite Mirror
B8P3 09:30 Gary L. Mills Abstract Modeling the Performance of Optical Refrigerators
B8P4 10:00 Dan Michaels Abstract SIRAS-G, the Spaceborne Infrared Atmospheric Sounder for Geosynchronous Earth Orbit - A Pathfinder for IR Imaging Spectroscopy from Space
B8P5 10:30 John Potter Abstract Advanced Ultra-Violet and Visible Narrowband Interference Filter Technology

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