ESTC 2005

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Adams, J. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Agarwal, Abhishek See Jacqueline Le Moigne (Session A9P2)
Akins, Torry See Ziad A. Hussein (Session B5P3)
Aktas, Mehmet See Marlon Pierce (Session A6P2)
Allan, Graham R. Abstract Time-Resolved Optical & Thermal Analyses of High-Power Laser Diode Arrays
Amzajerdian, Farzin Abstract Improving Reliability of Long Pulsewidth High Power Laser Diode Pump Arrays
Anderson, James Abstract New Laser Techniques for Detection of Radicals, Isotopes, and Reactive Intermediates from Robotic Aircraft and Conventional Aircraft for the Aura Satellite Collaborative Science Effort
Andricos, Constantine See Wendy Edelstein (Session B4P2)
Appleby, Michael Abstract Tomo-Lithographic-Molding (TLM™) - A Breakthrough Manufacturing Process for Large Area Micro-Mechanical Systems
Atiquzzaman, Mohammed Abstract Location Management of SIGMA
Aydin, Galip See Marlon Pierce (Session A6P2)
Baggott, Rene See Farzin Amzajerdian (Session B7P4)
Bajcsy, Peter See Praveen Kumar (Session A2P3)
Baker, Nathaniel See Farzin Amzajerdian (Session B7P4)
Barnes, Bruce See Farzin Amzajerdian (Session B7P4)
Barott, William See Mary Ann Ingram (Session A1P3)
Benedict, Karl Abstract Technology Products of the PHAiRS REASoN Project - Year 1
Boezio, Gabriel See C. Roberto Mechoso (Session A7P1)
Braverman, Amy Abstract Mining Massive Earth Science Data Sets for Large Scale Structure
Bruno, C. See Robert Morris (Session A8P2)
Cable, V. See Mahta Moghaddam (Session B4P3)
Cai, Yang Abstract Spatial Interaction Model for Monitoring Harmful Algae Blooms
Chung, Sai Ho See Yang Cai (Session A3P4)
Collier, Michael See Thomas E. Moore (Session B1P3)
Conover, Helen Abstract Services for Distributed Online Data Repositories
Coyle, D. Barry Abstract High Output Maximum Efficiency Prototype Diode Pumped Laser for Space Application
Craig, Rex Abstract Laboratory Demonstration of Low Earth Orbit Inter-Satellite Interferometric Ranging
Curry, Charles See Kevin H. Knuth (Session A3P2)

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Di, Liping Abstract The Implementation of Geospatial Web Services at GeoBrain
Dirmeyer, P. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Donnellan, Andrea See Marlon Pierce (Session A6P2)
Doty, B. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Dungan, J. L. See Robert Morris (Session A8P2)
Durden, Stephen See Eastwood Im (Session B5P2)
Eastman, J. L. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Eastman, Joseph See Christa Peters-Lidard (Session A7P3)
Edelstein, Wendy Abstract High-Efficiency L-band T/R Module:  Development Results
Edgington, W. See Robert Morris (Session A8P2)
El-Araby, Esam Abstract An Efficient Implementation of Automatic Cloud Cover Assessment (ACCA) on a Reconfigurable Computer
El-Ghazawi, Tarek See Esam El-Araby (Session A9P1)
El-Ghazawi., Tarek See Jacqueline Le Moigne (Session A9P2)
Ellingson, S. W. See Joel Johnson (Session B6P3)
Emerson, Gary See Steven J. Varlese (Session B8P2)
Engel, G. S. See James G. Anderson (Session B2P1)
Falke, Stefan See Rudolf B. Husar (Session A4P2)
Falke, Stefan R. Abstract Using DataFed to build Fire-related Web Applications
Feng, Wei-Wen See Praveen Kumar (Session A2P3)
Fox, Geoffrey See Marlon Pierce (Session A6P2)
French, Matthew Abstract Radiation Mitigation and Power Optimization Design Tools for Reconfigurable Hardware in Orbit
Friedman, Edward See Syed Ismail (Session B8P1)

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Ganoe, George See Stephen John Katzberg (Session B6P1)
Gayno, G. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Geiger, J. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Gogineni, Prasad See Ziad A. Hussein (Session B5P3)
Gotera, Anthony See Kevin H. Knuth (Session A3P2)
Graham, Michael See Steven J. Varlese (Session B8P2)
Graham, Paul See Matthew French (Session A9P3)
Granat, Robert See Marlon Pierce (Session A6P2)
Graves, Sara Abstract Data Access & Visualization for SERVIR, an Environmental Monitoring and Decision Support System for Mesoamerica.
Hanisco, T. F. See James G. Anderson (Session B2P1)
Hay, Brian See Kara L. Nance (Session A2P1)
Heaps, William Abstract Progress in Laser Risk Reduction for 1 micron Lasers at Goddard Space Flight Center
Heavey, Brandon See Ziad A. Hussein (Session B5P3)
Hermiller, Jason See Steven J. Varlese (Session B8P2)
Hill, John See Stephen John Katzberg (Session B6P1)
Hinkle, Jason. See Syed Ismail (Session B8P1)
Hoffman, J. See Mahta Moghaddam (Session B4P3)
Höijärvi, Kari See Rudolf B. Husar (Session A4P2)
Holt, Benjamin See Ziad A. Hussein (Session B5P3)
Hornbrook, Chris See Stephen John Katzberg (Session B6P1)
Houser, Paul Abstract The Land Information System

(See also Christa Peters-Lidard, Session A7P3)

Huang, J. See Mahta Moghaddam (Session B4P3)
Huang, John See Ziad A. Hussein (Session B5P3)
Husar, Rudolf See Stefan R. Falke (Session A5P1)
Husar, Rudolf B. Abstract DataFed: Web Services-Based Mediation of Distributed Data Flow
Hussein, Ziad Abstract A Combined Spatial- and Frequency- Domain Interferometer For Sea Ice Thickness Measurement

(See also Mahta Moghaddam, Session B4P3)

Huyser, Karen See Kevin H. Knuth (Session A3P2)
Im, Eastwood Abstract Spaceborne Atmospheric Radar Technology
Ingram, Mary Ann Abstract LEO Download Capacity Analysis for a Network of Adaptive Array Ground Stations
Ishimaru, Akira See Ziad A. Hussein (Session B5P3)
Ismail, Syed Abstract Applications of Deployable Telescopes for Earth-observing Lidar
Isyanova, Yelena Abstract 349-nm Source for Direct Detection Measurement of Winds
Ivancic, William D. Abstract Secure, Network-Centric Operations of a Space-Based Asset – an Abridged Report

(See also Mohammed Atiquzzaman Session A1P1)

Jaruwatanadilok, Sermsak See Ziad A. Hussein (Session B5P3)
Johnson, Joel Abstract Digital Receiver for Interference Suppression in Microwave Radiometry
Joiner, Joanna See Jacqueline Le Moigne (Session A9P2)
Jordan, Rolando See Ziad A. Hussein (Session B5P3)
Kampe, Thomas U. See Dan Michaels (Session B8P4)
Katzberg, Stephen John. Abstract Performance of the GPS WindEx Real-time Wind Speed Retrieval System during the 2004 Hurricane Season
Kavaya, Michael See Jirong Yu (Session B7P3); See also Upendra Nath Singh (Session B7P1); See also Farzin Amzajerdian (Session B7P4)
Keutsch, F. N. See James G. Anderson (Session B2P1)
King, J. H. See D. Aaron Roberts ((Session B1P1)
Knuth, Kevin Abstract Revealing Relationships among Relevant Climate Variables with Information Theory
Kochergin, Vladimir Abstract Macroporous Silicon Deep UV Filters
Kolitz, Stephan Abstract Improving the Value of EO-1 Observations
Kuga, Yasuo See Ziad A. Hussein (Session B5P3)
Kumar, Praveen Abstract Using D2K Data Mining Platform for Understanding the Dynamic Evolution of Land-Surface Variables
Kumar, S. V. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Kumar, Sujay See Christa Peters-Lidard (Session A7P3)

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Lambrigtsen, Bjorn H. Abstract A GeoSTAR Progress Report
Lang, Steve See Christa Peters-Lidard (Session A7P3)
Langley, John See Mary Ann Ingram (Session A1P3)
Larchev, Gregory See Matthew French (Session A9P3)
Le Moigne, Jacqueline Abstract An Application of Wavelet Based Dimension Reduction to AIRS Data

(See also Esam El-Araby, Session A9P1)

Lee, Meemong Abstract Virtual Mission Operation Framework
Lee, Richard See Mary Ann Ingram (Session A1P3)
Leventhal, Edward Abstract A Very Low Power, Highly Integrated Multichannel Scaler
Lichodziejewski, Leo See Gordon Veal (Session B1P4)
Lighty, L. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Lyzenga, Greg See Marlon Pierce (Session A6P2)
Maleki, Lute See Nan Yu (Session B1P5)
Mandl, Dan See Mary Ann Ingram (Session A1P3)
Mazzoni, Dominic See Kiri Wagstaff (Session A3P3)
McDonald, Kyle See Ziad A. Hussein (Session B5P3)
McLeod, Dennis See Marlon Pierce (Session A6P2)
Meadows, Byron See Farzin Amzajerdian (Session B7P4)
Mechoso, C. Roberto Abstract Experimental ENSO predictions by the UCLA atmospheric GCM coupled to the MIT and POP Oceanic GCMs using the Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF)
 Mehra, Vikas See Praveen Kumar (Session A2P3)
Menemenlis, Dimitris See C. Roberto Mechoso (Session A7P1)
Michaels, Dan Abstract SIRAS-G, the Spaceborne Infrared Atmospheric Sounder for Geosynchronous Earth Orbit - A Pathfinder for IR Imaging Spectroscopy from Space
Mills, Gary L. Abstract Modeling the Performance of Optical Refrigerators
Miranda, Félix See Mary Ann Ingram (Session A1P3)
Mitchell, K. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Moghaddam, Mahta Abstract Microwave Observatory of Subcanopy and Subsurface (MOSS) IIP: Final Results and Next Steps
Moller, D. See Mahta Moghaddam (Session B4P3)
Moore, Thomas E. Abstract Toward a New Generation of Plasma and Particle Imaging Analyzers
Mord, A.J. See Gary L. Mills (Session B8P3)
Morris, Robert Abstract Coordinated Science Campaign Scheduling for Sensor Webs
Moulton, Peter See Yelena Isyanova (Session B3P4)
Moussessian, Alina Abstract A Membrane Array using T/R Membranes
Moyer, E. J. See James G. Anderson (Session B2P1)
Murki, Santosh See Kara L. Nance (Session A2P1)
Nance, Kara L., Abstract IDACT Query Manager for Heterogeneous Dataset Assimilations
Niamsuwan, N. See Joel Johnson (Session B6P3)

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Olden, S. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Pallickara, Shrideep See Marlon Pierce (Session A6P2)
Parker, Jay See Marlon Pierce (Session A6P2)
Parker, M. See Mahta Moghaddam (Session B4P3)
Partridge, P. See Mahta Moghaddam (Session B4P3)
Perovich, Don See Ziad A. Hussein (Session B5P3)
Peters-Lidard, Christa Abstract Coupling High Resolution Earth System Models Using Advanced Computational Technologies

(See also Paul Houser, Session A7P2)

Peterson, Lee See Syed Ismail (Session B8P1)
Pierce, L. See Mahta Moghaddam (Session B4P3)
Pierce, Marlon Abstract Implementing Geographical Information System Grid Services to Support Computational Geophysics in a Service-Oriented Environment
Plesea, Lucian Abstract Remote Access to Very Large Image Repositories, a High Performance Computing Perspective
Popovic, Zoya See Mary Ann Ingram (Session A1P3)
Potter, John Abstract Advanced Ultra-Violet and Visible Narrowband Interference Filter Technology
Rahmat-Samii, Y. See Mahta Moghaddam (Session B4P3)
Reiff, Patricia Abstract A Kid's Cave: Teaching Earth Science in an Inexpensive Portable Immersive Environment
Rezapkin, V. See D. Aaron Roberts ((Session B1P1)
Roberts, D. Aaron Abstract A Space and Solar Physics Great Observatory: Virtual but Nearing Reality
Rodriguez, E. See Mahta Moghaddam (Session B4P3)
Romanofsky, Robert See Mary Ann Ingram (Session A1P3)
Rondineau, Sébastien See Mary Ann Ingram (Session A1P3)
Rossow, William See Kevin H. Knuth (Session A3P2)
Rundle, John See Marlon Pierce (Session A6P2)
Rutledge, David See Wendy Edelstein (Session B4P2)
Sain, Stephan See Kiri Wagstaff (Session A3P3)
Sanghavi, Mahavir See Vladimir Kochergin (Session B3P1)
Sayar, Ahmet See Marlon Pierce (Session A6P2)
Sheffield, J. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Sheh, Ofer See Vladimir Kochergin (Session B3P1)
Shuch, H. Paul Abstract Updating the Multiband Reconfigurable Synthetic Aperture Radar Antenna
Singh, Upendra Abstract Advances in Laser/Lidar Technologies for NASA’s Science and Exploration Mission’s Applications

(See also Farzin Amzajerdian, Session B7P4; See also Jirong Yu, Session B7P3)

Sinha, Pratyush See Praveen Kumar (Session A2P3)
Smith, N. See Robert Morris (Session A8P2)
Snyder, Bruce See Steven J. Varlese (Session B8P2)
Stephen, Mark See Graham R. Allan (Session B3P2)
Stone, Steven See Steven J. Varlese (Session B8P2)
Stumpf, Richard See Yang Cai (Session A3P4)
Sturm, Matthew See Ziad A. Hussein (Session B5P3)
Suri, Dipa Abstract The Adaptive Network Architecture for Formations of Heterogeneous Spacecraft
Swinehart, Philip See Vladimir Kochergin (Session B3P1)

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Taher, Mohamed See Esam El-Araby (Session A9P1)
Tao, Wei-Kuo See Christa Peters-Lidard (Session A7P3)
Tcheng, David See Praveen Kumar (Session A2P3)
Thomson, M. See Mahta Moghaddam (Session B4P3)
Tian, Y. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Ulmer, Melville See Steven J. Varlese (Session B8P2)
Varlese, Steven J. Abstract Performance Characterization of a Shape Memory Composite Mirror
Vasilyev, Alex See Graham R. Allan (Session B3P2)
Veal, Gordon Abstract Testing of a 10m 4-Quadrant Solar Sail
Vaynman, Semyon See Steven J. Varlese (Session B8P2)
Wagstaff, Kiri Abstract HARVIST: A System for Agricultural and Weather Studies Using Advanced Statistical Methods
Wang, Feiyu See Wendy Edelstein (Session B4P2)
Wei, H. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Wei, H. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Wheeler, Kevin See Kevin H. Knuth (Session A3P2)
White*, Amanda See Praveen Kumar (Session A2P3)
Williams, J. See Robert Morris (Session A8P2)
Wirthlin, Michael See Matthew French (Session A9P3)
Wood, E. F. See Paul Houser (Session A7P2)
Wood, T. See Robert Morris (Session A8P2)
Yu, Jirong Abstract Advanced 2-micron Solid State Laser Developments
Yu, Nan Abstract Towards a space-borne quantum gravity gradiometer: progress in laboratory demonstration
Zeng, Xiping See Christa Peters-Lidard (Session A7P3)