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Abramson, Mark See Stephan Kolitz (Session A6P1)
Adams, J. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Agarwal, Abhishek See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P2)
Ahmed, Usman See John Langley (Session A9P4)
Arabshahi, Payman See Clayton Okino (Session A8P4)
Atiquzzaman, Mohammed Abstract TraSH-SN: A Transport Layer Seamless Handover Scheme for Space Networks
Bailin, Sidney See Mike Rilee (Session B8P1)
Bairavasubramanian, Ramanan See John Papapolymerou (Session B1P3)
Baker, Victor See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Barott, William See John Langley (Session A9P4)
Bellows, Peter See Matthew French (Session A7P1)
Bender, P. See Michelle Stephens (Session B3P4)
Bergamo, Marcos Abstract High-Throughput Distributed Spacecraft Network: Architecture and Multiple Access Technologies
Berrick, S. See Christopher Lynnes (Session B8P4)
Berriman, Bruce See Joseph Jacob (Session A3P4)
Bletscher, W. See Tom Milster (Session A8P1)
Boyer, Darrell See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Brakke, Thomas See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Braun, D.F. See Paul Stek (Session B6P3)
Braverman, Amy See Thomas Yunck (Session A1P1)
Butz, J. See Tom Milster (Session A8P1)
Cafferty, T.T. See Paul Stek (Session B6P3)
Canham, John Abstract Investigation of Contamination Effects on Laser Induced Optical Damage in Space Flight Lasers
Carter, David See Stephan Kolitz (Session A6P1)
Castano, Rebecca See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Chao, Tien-Hsin Abstract Electro-Optic Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer
Chen, R. See Hillol Kargupta (Session B9P3)
Chien, Steve Abstract The EO-1 Autonomous Science Agent
Choi, K. See Murzy Jhabvala (Session B5P2)
Choi, T. See Tom Milster (Session A8P1)
Chu, A. See Steve Durden (Session A8P2)
Cichy, Benjamin See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Cofield, R.E. See Paul Stek (Session B6P3)
Cole-Rhodes, Arlene See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P3)
Collins, Brian See Stephan Kolitz (Session A6P1)
Conover, Helen Abstract DISCOVERing Online Data and Services
  Also see Rahul Ramachandran (Session A5P2)
Culpepper, Charles See Floyd Hovis (Session B2P3)

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D’Agostino, Jeff See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Davies, Ashley See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Deelman, Ewa See Joseph Jacob (Session A3P4)
DeJean, Gerald See John Papapolymerou (Session B1P3)
Delker, T. See Michelle Stephens (Session B3P4)
Di, Liping See Wenli Yang (Sessions A1P5 and A3P3)
Dinardo, Steve See Simon Yueh (Session B1P4) and Alan Tanner (Session B6P1)
Dirmeyer, P. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Dobinson, Elaine See Thomas Yunck (Session A1P1)
Doggett, Thomas See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Dohm, James See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Donnellan, Andrea Abstract The QuakeSim Project: Numerical Simulations for Active Tectonic Processes
  Abstract Complexity Computational Environment: Data Assimilation SERVO Grid
Donohoe, Gregory See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P2)
Doty ,B. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Dungan, Jennifer See Robert Morris (Session A6P4)
Durden, Steve Abstract An On-Board Processor for a Spaceborne Doppler Precipitation Radar: Requirements and Preliminary Design
Eastman, Roger See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P3)
Eastman, J. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
El-Ghazawi, Tarek See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P2)
Emerson, Charles Abstract Spatial Metadata for Remote Sensing Imagery
Etzioni, Oren See Keith Golden (Session A1P4)
Fetzer, Eric See Thomas Yunck (Session A1P1)
Fischman, M. See Steve Durden (Session A8P2)
Folkner, W. See Michelle Stephens (Session B3P4)
Fong, Wai See Clayton Okino (Session A8P4)
Fox, Geoffrey See Andrea Donnellan (Sessions A2P1 and A3P2)
French, Matthew Abstract Design Tools for Reconfigurable Hardware in Orbit (RHinO)
Frew, James Abstract Earth System Science Server (ES3): Local Infrastructure for Earth Science Product Management
Frye, Stuart See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Fu, Shaojian See Mohammed Atiquzzaman (Session A9P1)
Fung, S. See Ivan Galkin (Session B8P3)

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Galkin, Ivan Abstract Processing Radio Plasma Imager Plasmagrams Utilizing Hierarchical Segmentation
Gasch, John See Robert Morris (Session A6P4)
Gayno, G. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Geiger ,J. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Georgieva ,Elena See Willian Heaps (Session B4P3)
Giannella ,C. See Hillol Kargupta (Session B9P3)
Gies, Dennis See Simon Yueh (Session B1P4)
Goldberg ,A. See Murzy Jhabvala (Session B5P2)
Golden, Keith Abstract An Agent Based Interface to Terrestrial Ecological Forecasting
Good, W. See Gary Mills (Session B7P1)
Good, John See Joseph Jacob (Session A3P4)
Gopalan, A. See Christopher Lynnes (Session B8P4)
Graham, Paul See Matthew French (Session A7P1)
Granat, Robert See Andrea Donnellan (Session A2P1)
Grant, Lisa See Andrea Donnellan (Session A2P1)
Graves, Sara See Helen Conover (Session A1P3) and Rahul Ramachandran (Session A5P2)
Gray, Andrew See Clayton Okino (Session A8P4)
Greeley, Ronald See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Gross, S.M. See Alan Tanner (Session B6P1)
Gunapala, S. See Murzy Jhabvala (Session B5P2)
Hardaway ,L. See Steve Varlese (Session B7P2)
Hartnett, Ed Abstract Merging the NetCDF and HDF5 Libraries to Achieve Gains in Performance
Hay, Brian See Kara Nance (Session A1P2)
Heaps, William Abstract Passive Measurement of CO2 Column from an Airborne Platform
Hempel, Paul See Robert Morris (Session A6P4)
Hengemihle, Jerry See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Hensley, Scott Abstract Status of a UAV SAR Designed for Repeat Pass Interferometry for Deformation Measurements
  Also see Yunling Lou (Session A8P3)
Higgins, G. See Shujia Zhou (Session A4P1)
Hinke, Thomas Abstract Grid Technology as a Cyber Infrastructure for Earth Science Applications
Hinkle, J.D. See Lee Peterson (Session B3P2)
Hoffman, Jim See Scott Hensley (Session B1P2)
Houser, P. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Hovis, Floyd Abstract Single Frequency 1µm Laser for Field Applications
Hua, X. See Christopher Lynnes (Session B8P4)
Hunter ,Don See Simon Yueh (Session B1P4)
Ingram, Mary Ann See John Langley (Session A9P4)
Ip, Felipe See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Ivancic,William See Mohammed Atiquzzaman (Session A9P1)
Jacob, Joseph Abstract The Montage Architecture for Grid-Enabled Science Processing of Large, Distributed Datasets
Jain, Peyush See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P3)
Jarnot, R.F. See Paul Stek (Session B6P3)
Jhabvala, Murzy Abstract Development of a 1K x 1K GaAs QWIP Far IR Imaging Array
Johnson, Kisha See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P3)
Johnson, D.L. See Paul Stek (Session B6P3)
Johnson ,R. See Steve Durden (Session A8P2)
Joiner, Joanna See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P2)
Joseph, Jim Abstract TCP/IP Router for Space Applications
Kampe, Thomas Abstract SIRAS-G, The Spaceborne Infrared Atmospheric Sounder for Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
Kangaslahti, P. See Alan Tanner (Session B6P1)
Kargupta, Hillol Abstract Distributed Data Mining for Earth and Space Science Applications
Katz, Daniel See Joseph Jacob (Session A3P4)
Kawa, S. See Willian Heaps (Session B4P3)
Keiser,Ken See Helen Conover (Session A1P3) and Rahul Ramachandran (Session A5P2)
Kellogg, James See Lute Maleki (Session B4P1)
Khaire, Sarita See Rahul Ramachandran (Session A5P2)
Khatib, Lina
Abstract Integration of On-board EOS Schedule Revision with Space Communication Emulation System
  Also see Robert Morris (Session A6P4)
Khmyrov, G. See Ivan Galkin (Session B8P3)
Kim, E.J. See Jeff Piepmeier (Session B6P2)
Klooster, Steven See Vipin Kumar (Session B9P2)
Kohel, James See Lute Maleki (Session B4P1)
Kolitz, Stephan Abstract Mission Automation for "A Train" Correlative Measurements
Kona, K. See Simon Yueh (Session B1P4)
Krainak, Michael Abstract Photon Counting Detectors for the 1 -2 Micron Wavelength Range
Kumar, S. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Kumar, Vipin Abstract Discovery of Changes from the Global Carbon Cycle and Climate System Using Data Mining

L - N [back to top]
La, A See Murzy Jhabvala (Session B5P2)
Laity, Anastasia See Joseph Jacob (Session A3P4)
Lam, Nina Siu-Ngan See Charles Emerson (Session B8P2)
Lambrigsten, B. See Alan Tanner (Session B6P1)
Langley, John Abstract Optimizing Satellite Communications with Adaptive and Phased Array Antennas
Larchev, Gregory See Matthew French (Session A7P1)
Lazbin, Jennifer See Jim Joseph (Session A9P2)
Le, Charles See Yunling Lou (Session A8P3)
Lee, Clement See Clayton Okino (Session A8P4)
Lee, Richard See John Langley (Session A9P4)
Lee, Rachel See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Leitch, J. See Michelle Stephens (Session B3P4)
Le Moigne, Jacqueline Abstract Dimension Reduction of Hyperspectral Data on Reconfigurable Computers
  Abstract Registration of Multiple Sensor Earth Science Data
Li, RongLin See John Papapolymerou (Session B1P3)
Li, Xiang See Rahul Ramachandran (Session A5P2)
Li, Peggy Abstract Visualization of Earthquake Simulation Data
Lighty, L. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Lim, Lawrence See Lute Maleki (Session B4P1)
Lou, Yunling Abstract On-Board Processor for Direct Distribution of Change Detection Data Products
  Also See Scott Hensley (Session B1P2)
Luu, Thong See Lina Khatib (Session A6P2)
Lynnes, Christopher Abstract Application of Baysian Classification to Content-based Data Management
Lyzenga, Greg See Andrea Donnellan (Session A2P1) and Charles Norton (Session A2P2)
Madsen, Søren See Scott Hensley (Session B1P2)
Maleki, Lute Abstract Progress towards a Space-Borne Quantum Gravity Gradiometer
Mandl, Dan See John Langley (Session A9P4) and Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Manteghi, Majid See Simon Yueh (Session B1P4)
Mattmann, Chris See Rob Raskin (Session A5P1)
McLeod, Dennis See Andrea Donnellan (Sessions A2P1 and A3P2)
Miller, Tim See Scott Hensley (Session B1P2)
Mills, Gary Abstract The Performance of the First Optical Refrigerator
Milster, Tom Abstract Potential for Volumetric Bit-Wise Optical Data Storage in Space Applications
Miranda, Félix See John Langley (Session A9P4)
Mitchell, K. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Moller, Delwyn See Yunling Lou (Session A8P3)
Mord, A. See Gary Mills (Session B7P1)
Morisette, Jeffrey See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P3)
Morris, Robert Abstract Coordinated Science Campaign Planning for Earth Observing Missions
  Also see Lina Khatib (Session A6P2)
Movva, Sunil See Rahul Ramachandran (Session A5P2)
Muellerschoen, Ron See Scott Hensley (Session B1P2)
Musko, S. See Alan Tanner (Session B6P1)
Nance, Kara Abstract IDACT: Automating Data Discovery and Compilation
Nemani, Ramakrishna See Keith Golden (Session A1P4)
Nerem, R.S. See Michelle Stephens (Session B3P4)
Netanyahu, Nathan See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P3)
Njoku, Eni See Simon Yueh (Session B1P4)
Norton, Charles Abstract Developing Parallel GeoFEST(p) using the PYRAMID AMR Library

O - S [back to top]
Okino, Clayton Abstract An Architecture for a Space-Based Reconfigurable Protocol Chip Platform
Olden, S. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Pan, Michael See Rob Raskin (Session A5P1)
Pang, Wanlin See Keith Golden (Session A1P4)
Papapolymerou, John Abstract Progress on the Development of Lightweight Dual-Frequency/Polarization Microstrip Antenna Arrays
Park, S. See Tom Milster (Session A8P1)
Parker, Jay See Andrea Donnellan (Sessions A2P1 and A3P2) and Charles Norton (Session A2P2)
Pellerano, Fernando See William Wilson (Session B6P4)
Peters-Lidard, C. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Peterson, Lee Abstract Deployable Optics for Earth Observing Lidar Instruments
Piepmeier, J.R. See Alan Tanner (Session B6P1)
Piepmeier, Jeff Abstract Progress in Low-power Digital Microwave Radiometer Technologies
Pierce, Marlon See Andrea Donnellan (Sessions A2P1 and A3P2)
Pierce, R. See Michelle Stephens (Session B3P4)
Ponchak, George See John Papapolymerou (Session B1P3)
Popovic, Zoya See John Langley (Session A9P4)
Potter, Christopher See Vipin Kumar (Session B9P2)
Prince, Thomas See Joseph Jacob (Session A3P4)
Quattrochi, Dale See Charles Emerson (Session B8P2)
Rabideau, Gregg See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Rahmat-Samii, Y. See Simon Yueh (Session B1P4)
Ramachandran, Rahul Abstract An Agent Based Data Transcoding Services Framework
Ramerez-Serrano, Jaime See Lute Maleki (Session B4P1)
Raskin, Rob Abstract Enabling Semantic Interoperability for Earth Science Data
Reinisch, B. See Ivan Galkin (Session B8P3)
Rilee, Mike Abstract An Experiment with Spectral Analysis Automation (SAA)
Rogacki, S. See Alan Tanner (Session B6P1)
Romanofsky, Robert See John Langley (Session A9P4)
Rosen, Paul See Scott Hensley (Session B1P2)
Ruf, C.S. See Alan Tanner (Session B6P1)
Rundle, John See Andrea Donnellan (Sessions A2P1 and A3P2)
Santee, M. See Paul Stek (Session B6P3)
Scheidler, Pete See Stephan Kolitz (Session A6P1)
Schott, Brian See Matthew French (Session A7P1)
Schum, Tom See Floyd Hovis (Session B2P3)
Scurlock, Christopher Abstract A Phenomenological Study of Contamination Induced Damage in Sealed Lasers
Serati, Steve See Tien-Hsin Chao (Session B5P1)
Sheffield, J. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Shekhar, Shashi See Vipin Kumar (Session B9P2)
Shen, S. See Christopher Lynnes (Session B8P4)
Sherwood, Rob See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Shuch, Paul Abstract Multiband Reconfigurable Synthetic Aperture Radar Antenna
Shulman, Seth See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Siegel, Herbert See Peggy Li (Session A2P3)
Singh, Gurmeet See Joseph Jacob (Session A3P4)
Sivakumar, K. See Hillol Kargupta (Session B9P3)
Slywczak, Rich See Lina Khatib (Session A6P2)
Smith, P. See Christopher Lynnes (Session B8P4)
Soloff, Jason See Clayton Okino (Session A8P4)
Stachnik, R.A. See Paul Stek (Session B6P3)
Steinbach, Michael See Vipin Kumar (Session B9P2)
Stek, Paul Abstract Study of Critical Technology Items for an Advanced Earth Orbiting Atmospheric Chemistry/Climate Observatory
Stephens, Michelle Abstract Interferometric Range Transceiver for Measuring Temporal Gravity Variations
Stone, Harold See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P3)
Strauss, Charles See Stephan Kolitz (Session A6P1)
Su, Mei-Hui See Joseph Jacob (Session A3P4)

T - Z [back to top]
Tan, Pang-Ning See Vipin Kumar (Session B9P2)
Tanelli, S. See Steve Durden (Session A8P2)
Tanner, Alan Abstract Prototype Development of a Geostationary Synthetic Thinned Aperture Radiometer, GeoSTAR
  Also see William Wilson (Session B6P4)
Tentzeris, Manos See John Papapolymerou (Session B1P3)
Thompson, Dane See John Papapolymerou (Session B1P3)
Tian, Yudong Abstract Advanced Computational Technologies in the GSFC Land Information System
Tilton, J.C. See Ivan Galkin (Session B8P3)
Timucin, Dogan Abstract A New Computational Framework for Atmospheric and Surface Remote Sensing
Tisdale, Robert See Charles Norton (Session A2P2)
Tran, Daniel See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Trout, Bruce See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Truszkowski, Walt See Mike Rilee (Session B8P1)
Tullis, Terry See Andrea Donnellan (Session A2P1)
Ungar, Stephen See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Van Gaasbeck, Jim See Steve Chien (Session A6P3)
Varlese, Steve Abstract Laminated Electroformed Shape Memory Composite for Deployable Lightweight Optics
Votava, Petr See Keith Golden (Session A1P4)
Wang, Guoan See John Papapolymerou (Session B1P3)
Waters, J.W. See Paul Stek (Session B6P3)
Watkins, M.M. See Michelle Stephens (Session B3P4)
Wei, H. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Wheeler, Kevin See Scott Hensley (Session B1P2)
Williams, Jenny See Robert Morris (Session A6P4)
Wilson, Brian See Thomas Yunck (Session A1P1)
Wilson, Emily See Willian Heaps (Session B4P3)
Wilson, William
Abstract Development of a High Stability L-Band radiometer for Ocean Salinity Measurements
  Also see Simon Yueh (Session B1P4) and Alan Tanner (Session B6P1)
Wirthlin, Michael See Matthew French (Session A7P1)
Witt, Greg See Floyd Hovis (Session B2P3)
Womack, B. See Shujia Zhou (Session A4P1)
Wood, Terri See Robert Morris (Session A6P4)
Wood, E. See Yudong Tian (Session A4P2)
Xia, Wei See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P2)
Xia, Xiaowei See Tien-Hsin Chao (Session B5P1)
Yang, K-Y See Christopher Lynnes (Session B8P4)
Yang, Wenli Abstract The Development of Geospatial-enabled Grid Technology for Earth Science Applications
  Abstract GeoBrain-The Web Services based Geospatial Knowledge Building System
Yeh, Pen-Shu See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P2)
Yu, Nan See Lute Maleki (Session B4P1)
Yueh, Simon Abstract Compact Lightweight Dual-Frequency Microstrip Antenna Feed for Future Soil Moisture and Sea Surface Salinity Missions
Yunck, Thomas Abstract GENESIS: The General Earth Science Investigation Suite
Zavorin, Ilya See Jacqueline LeMoigne (Session A7P3)
Zebker, Howard See Scott Hensley (Session B1P2)
Zhang, Y. See Tom Milster (Session A8P1)
Zhang, Pusheng See Vipin Kumar (Session B9P2)
Zhou, Hanying See Tien-Hsin Chao (Session B5P1)
Zhou, Shuija Abstract Grid-Enabled Earth System Models