NSF Networking Of Sensor Systems (NOSS) Program and Its Potential Connection to NASA Sensor Webs

David H.C. Du

Program Director, NSF CISE/CNS Division

With the rapid technology advancement, we now have cheap and small devices with high computing power and large storage capacity.  These devices are added with various sensing capabilities and designed to improve our daily life by monitoring our environment, collecting critical data, and executing special instructions. These devices (sensors) have gradually become an essential part of our future Internet.  Unprecedented amount of data are collected by these devices. How to manage, communicate and look for the desired information becomes a great challenge. To meet this challenge, NSF research funding direction for NOSS (Networking Of Sensor Systems) Program is adjusted. We will discuss the current research funding directions for both NeTS cluster (networking research) and NOSS Program.  We will also discuss the potential collaborations between NSF NOSS and NASA Sensor Webs. A history of NOSS Program and its relationship with other NSF programs will also be covered.