PIMorris, Robert AllanOrgARC
Award #AIST-05-0019Managing CenterARCStatusOpen
TitleHarnessing the Sensor Web through Model-based Observation

The objective of this project is to build, integrate and demonstrate automated capabilities for model-based observing. By model-based observing we mean the process of coordinating resources in a sensor web based on goals generated from Earth science investigations. Model-based observing will transform the sensor web into a cognitive web, a distributed, goal-directed sensing environment. The benefits of this work will be in improving the efficiency of the sensing resources as well as the science value of the data obtained. The work will significantly leverage the results of previous NASA-funded efforts, including successful efforts funded by the AIST program, as well as emerging web-based information retrieval technologies (SensorML). The work will address three technical challenges: 1) transforming Earth science goals into plans for accomplishing those goals, 2) reconfiguring the web through the execution of the plans, and 3) generating new or revised goals from the r
esults of previous observations. This project realizes the NRA goal of "build[ing]" a direct two way interaction between forecast models and the observing system (topic area 3). This three-year project will solve the three technical challenges listed above in the first two years, resulting in a set of component capabilities that will be integrated and tested in realistic simulated scenarios in the third year. The entry TRL of the component technologies used in this project is 4; the expected exit level of the project is TRL 6. The interdisciplinary team includes expertise in planning/scheduling and Earth science to meet the technical challenges of this project.