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Award #AIST-05-0028Managing CenterGSFCStatusOpen
TitleAn Inter-operable Sensor Architecture to Facilitate Sensor Webs in Pursuit of GEOSS

This project will develop the capability to generically discover and task sensors configured in a modular Sensor Web architecture, in space and in-situ, via the Internet. The proposed technology is thus well suited to assist future Earth science needs for integrating multiple observations without requiring the end-user to have intimate knowledge of the sensors being used. The project will also provide lessons for future mission design.

The systems developed will be applicable to all six NASA science focus areas. For development, we will focus our efforts on two phenomena where the investigators have extensive experience within the context of land cover disturbance due to wildfires and severe storm events. Furthermore, the proposed technology will also be applicable to the support of calibration and validation activities of Committee of Earth Observing Satellites (CEOS).

The proposed research will demonstrate and validate a path for rapid, low cost sensor integration, which is not tied to a particular system, and thus able to absorb new assets in an easily evolvable coordinated manner. The systems developed will be used to evaluate the efficiency of various sensor combinations and configurations in meeting real world science and applications goals.

Finally, the proposed technology will facilitate the United States contribution to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems by defining a common sensor interface protocol based upon emerging community standards. We propose to enter at a TRL 3 and exit at TRL 6 during the three-year period of performance. This proposal is being submitted under topic area 1; smart sensing.