PILee, Meemong OrgJPL
Award #AIST-05-0034Managing CenterJPLStatusOpen
TitleSensor-Web Operations Explorer(SOX)

We will develop a Sensor-web Operations Explorer (SOX) that can perform rapid exploration of dynamically configured air quality measurement scenarios and that can assess the optimality of a measurement scenario employing objective performance metrics (increased science information content, reduced uncertainty, and improved forecasting skill). The measurement scenarios will be executed on a high-fidelity sensor-web simulation system that integrates phenomena models, platform models, and instrument models.

During field campaigns, adaptive measurement strategies are essential that account for changing atmospheric and meteorological conditions as well as the number and type of sensors, instruments, and platforms available at any given time. The goal of SOX is to enable users to plan measurement strategies that maximize science data return by identifying where and when specific measurements have the greatest impact. SOX will demonstrate both regional and global scale operations, helping to optimize satellite and sub-orbital resource usage.

The SOX system architecture is organized around three sequential process groups: an Observation Design Process, an Observation Execution Process, and an Evaluation Process. The approach for developing SOX is to integrate existing, independently developed and validated high-TRL component modules using four interface subsystems that can be concurrently implemented and verified:
- Sensor-Web Architecture Model (SWAM)
- Sensor-Web Integrated-campaign Planner (SWIP)
- Measurement Simulation and Distribution Service (MSDS)
- Science Performance Metric Evaluator (SPME)
We will develop the interface subsystems and provide overall system engineering.

The work will be performed over a 3-year period.

SOX maturity enters this project at TRL <3 and will exit at TRL 5.