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Award #AIST-05-0014Managing CenterGRCStatusOpen
TitleSecure, Autonomous, Intelligent Controller for Integrating Distributed Sensor Webs

Glenn Research Center (GRC) proposes 3 year effort to develop key mobile networking technologies, information delivery protocols, and secure, autonomous, machine-to-machine communication and control technologies to enable an evolution of distributed Earth system sensors and processing components into sensor webs. This proposal concentrates on the architecture and development of system building blocks leading to autonomous sensor webs. In particular, GRC will leverage its existing relationships with Cisco Systems, General Dynamics, Universal Space Networks, the Army Battle Labs, the Air Force Battle Labs, Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, and the University of Oklahoma to develop a ground and space-based network and relevant protocols to enable and demonstrate time-critical interoperability between integrated, intelligent sensor webs consisting of space-based and fixed and mobile terrestrial-based assets. Furthermore, GRC plans on developing new relationships with
existing sensor web operators and integrate their technologies and sensor webs into the overall system.

GRC will first develop the necessary infrastructure and protocols to enable near real-time commanding and access to space-based assets. We shall then integrate General Dynamics' Virtual Mission Operation Center technology and open architecture interfaces with select terrestrial and/or aeronautics-base sensor web to demonstrate time-critical interoperability between integrated, intelligent sensor webs and knowledge generation. In parallel, GRC will work with Cisco Systems to research and deploy advanced mobile networking technology applicable to mobile sensor platforms.

The Technology Readiness Level is 2 for all systems with an exit level for mobile network technology at 6 the file delivery and integrated intelligent sensor control at 8!