PIHouser, Paul ROrgInstitute of Global Environment and Society, Inc.
Award #AIST-05-0093Managing CenterGSFCStatusOpen
TitleLand Information Sensor Web

This project will develop a prototype Land Information Sensor Web by integrating the Land Information System (LIS) in a sensor web framework will allow for optimal 2-way information flow that enhances land surface modeling using sensor web observations, and in turn allows sensor web reconfiguration to minimize overall system uncertainty. Through continuous automatic calibration techniques and data assimilation methods, LIS will enable on-the-fly sensor web reconfiguration to optimize the changing needs of science and solutions. This prototype will be based on a simulated interactive sensor web, which is then used to exercise and optimize the sensor web modeling interfaces. These synthetic experiments provide a controlled environment in which to examine the end-to-end performance of the prototype, and examine the impact of various design sensor web design trade-offs and the eventual value of sensor webs for particular prediction or decision support. In addition to providing critical Information for sensor web design considerations, this prototype would establish legacy for operational sensor web integration with modeling systems. Though the stand-alone LIS has achieved a TRL of 8, we determine our entry TRL to be 4 as other components are to be implemented and tested. This project will deliver an interoperable TRL 6 plug-and-play components based on LIS that enable data ingest and scientific analysis, the generation of new sensor web data products, connections to major spacecraft schedulers and task managers, metadata transformation and exchange, and data fusion techniques. This project directly addresses topic area 3: Enabling model interactions with sensor webs, and is expected to have a 3-year performance period starting from October 2006.