PIGoodman, MichaelOrgMSFC
Award #AIST-05-0094Managing CenterGSFCStatusOpen
TitleSensor Management for Applied Research Technologies (SMART) - On-Demand Modeling

The goal of the Sensor Management for Applied Research Technologies (SMART) On-Demand Modeling proposal is to develop and demonstrate the readiness of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) capabilities that integrate both Earth observations and forecast model output into new data acquisition and assimilation strategies. The integrated SWE data assimilation and weather forecast package is relevant to NASA's Weather focus area and other Applications of National Priority (e.g., ecological forecasting through the SERVIR project) and will be responsive to environmental events for scientific research, applications and decision making processes. The proposal will plan, develop, and assimilate NASA satellite data sets into a regional weather forecast model over the southeastern U.S. The NASA Earth Observation System (EOS) satellites make real-time global observations of the Earth with revolutionary spectral and spatial fidelity on a continuous basis in support of NASA's research and applications programs. The challenge of accessing and integrating data from multiple sensors or platforms to address Earth system problems remains an obstacle because of the large data volumes, varying sensor scan characteristics, unique orbital coverage, and the steep learning curve associated with each sensor and data type.
The development of sensor web capabilities to autonomously process these data streams (whether real-time or archived) presents an opportunity to overcome these obstacles and facilitate the integration and synthesis of Earth science data and weather model output. This three year proposal will advance information technology capabilities for adaptive data ingest and data fusion from TRL-3 to TRL-7. The first year will focus on the development and validation of the OGC compatible services and linkages (TRL-4/5). The second year will lead to the demonstration of the sensor web through the use of archived satellite data and model runs (TRL-6). The third year will culminate with the system prototype demonstration of real-time satellite assimilation into the WRF forecast model (TRL-7)