PIFalk, Aaron OrgUSC Information Sciences Institute
Award #AIST-05-0038Managing CenterJPLStatusOpen
TitleSatellite Sensornet Gateway (SSG)

ISI proposes a technology development program to make sensornets more usable, eco-nomical, and manageable for NASA and other Earth scientists by designing and prototyping an open, flexible, remotely-managed Satellite Sensornet Gateway. This gateway provides storage and aggregation of data from wireless sensors, reliable transmission to a central datastore, and sensor instrument management and control. This greatly simplifies sensornet design by isolating common communication and management functions into a flexible, extensible component that can support any in-situ sensornet. The result is that in-situ sensors will become easier to deploy and manage, expanding their use by Earth scientists and enabling new observation systems and datasets. This three year project, scheduled to start in CY08, will design and build a prototype sensornet gateway along with initial NOC and datalogger interface functions. This prototype will be capable of interfacing to NASA GOES and IEEE 802.11 networks. Our assessment is that such a system is currently at TRL 3; our work will advance this concept beyond TRL 6. Our three science collaborators will assist in devising at least two field deployments of our gateway. Additionally, we will create an advisory group to leverage existing technology from the sensornet research community and ensure the prototype SSG is useful to Earth scientists and flexible in ways in which the field is expected to evolve.