PIBotts, MichaelOrgThe University of Alabama in Huntsville
Award #AIST-05-0073Managing CenterGSFCStatusOpen
TitleIncreasing the Technology Readiness of SensorML for Sensor Webs

The Sensor Model Language (SensorML) defines an XML schema for describing any process, but is particularly adapted to the processes of measurement and the post-measurement processing of observations. In addition to defining the lineage of an observation, SensorML provides a web-friendly means for defining executable process chains for on-demand processing of sensor data to higher level observations.

SensorML was developed by the PI and initially funded by the AIST program in 2000. SensorML is in the final stages of approval as an OpenGeospatial Consortium (OGC) Technical Specification. We propose to reduce the current challenges involved in implementing and utilizing SensorML by providing a collection of Open Source tools for creating, viewing, validating, mining, and executing SensorML processes. We will also demonstrate the application of these tools, and indeed the application of SensorML, in an end-to-end scenario of relevance to NASA's Earth Science community, including the derivation of SensorML documents by the initial sensor team, the configuration of OGC sensor web services, the development of product algorithms by research scientists, and the ultimate discovery and application of SensorML within the end user's Decision Support Tools.

Most applications of SensorML technology, including discovery, implementation, and process execution, currently range in TRL levels from 4-6. During this 3 year effort, we intend to increase the TRL level of all facets of SensorML technology to at least 6, and in some cases 7. The entry TRL levels for the Open Source tools that we have proposed range from 2-4. These will be increased to TRL levels of 4-7.