PIBose, PrasantaOrgLockheed Martin Advanced Techlgy Ctr
Award #AIST-05-0084Managing CenterARCStatusOpen
TitleVirtual Sensor Web Infrastructure for Collaborative Science (VSICS)

NASA envisions the development of smart sensor webs, intelligent and integrated observation network that harness distributed sensing assets, their associated continuous and complex data sets, and predictive observation processing mechanisms for timely, collaborative hazard mitigation and enhanced science productivity and reliability. The LMSSC-led Virtual Sensor Web Infrastructure for Collaborative Science (VSICS) effort will design, implement, demonstrate and mature (from TRL 3 to TRL 4 and higher) infrastructure creating a virtual sensor web for sustained coordination of (numerical and distributed) model-based processing, closed-loop resource allocation, and observation planning. VSICS's key ideas include
i) rich descriptions of sensors as services based on semantic markup languages like OWL and SensorML;
ii) service-oriented workflow composition and repair for simple and ensemble models;
iii) event-driven workflow execution based on event-based
iv) distributed workflow management mechanisms; and
v) development of autonomous model interaction management capabilities providing closed-loop control of collection resources driven by competing targeted observation needs.
The VSICS team combines the models and applications knowledge of Dr. Peter Fox (NCAR) in earth science and Dr. Neal Hurlburt (LMSSC) in space science; constraints driven resource alloca-tion and scheduling expertise of Nicola Muscettella (LMSSC) and software architecture develop-ment strengths of Dr. Prasanta Bose (LMSSC). The project leverages model-interactions manage-ment and planning technologies being developed at LMSSC ATC.