Earth Science Technology Forum 2020

The 2020 Earth Science Technology Forum (ESTF2020) was held virtually this year due to COVID-19.

ESTF is the Earth Science Technology Office’s annual forum for presenting cutting edge technologies. Attendees encountered the latest advances in NASA technology for Earth science observations, remote sensing instruments, platforms, components, advanced information systems, sensor web technologies, communications, automation, and modeling. ESTF2020 promoted collaboration and networking among technologists, scientists, and mission planners and facilitated a more complete understanding of NASA technology requirements.

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ESTF2020 Conference Proceedings

Click the hyperlinks below to download a PDF of each speaker’s presentation or to see video recording of their remarks.

Day One Plenary : Karen St. Germain

Introduction to NASA Earth Science Division (pdf)  (video)

Karen St. Germain
Director, NASA Earth Science Division

Day One : Cubesats

TEMPEST-D: Temporal Experiment for Storms and Tropical Systems Demonstration (pdf) (video)

Steven C. Reising
Colorado State University

RainCube: Radar In a CubeSat (pdf) (video)

Shivani Joshi
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

CIRiS: Compact Infrared Radiometer in Space (pdf) (video)

David Peter Osterman
Ball Aerospace

SNOOPI: SigNals-Of-Opportunity P-band Investigation (pdf) (video)

James Garrison
Purdue University

HARP: Hyper-Angular Rainbow Polarimeter (pdf) (video)

J. Vanderlei Martins
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

NACHOS: Nano-satellite Atmospheric Chemistry Hyperspectral Observation System (pdf) (video)

Steven P. Love
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Day One Plenary : Josep Rosello

Earth Observation Technologies at the European Space Agency (ESA) (pdf) (video)

Josep Rosello
European Space Agency

Day One : Strengthening Earth Observations

ARCSTONE: Calibration of Lunar Spectral Reflectance from Space (pdf) (video)

Constantine Lukashin
NASA Langley Research Center

D-SHIELD: Distributed Spacecraft with Heuristic Intelligence to Enable Logistical Decisions (pdf) (video)

Sreeja Nag
NASA Ames Research Center

NeMO-Net – The Neural Multimodal Observation & Training Network for Marine Mapping (pdf) (video)

Ved Chirayath
NASA Ames Research Center

Geostationary Satellites and Deep Learning (pdf) (video)

Thomas Vandal

Simplified Gravitational Reference Sensors for Earth Geodesy Missions (pdf) (video)

John W. Conklin
University of Florida

Antimonide Barrier Infrared Detector Focal Plane Arrays for Earth Science Applications (pdf) (video)

David Z. Ting
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Mid-Wave and Long-Wave Infrared T2SLS Digital Focal Planes for Earth Remote Sensing Instruments (pdf) (video)

Sarath Gunapala
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Day One : Earth’s Radiation

DEMETER – IIP: DEMonstrating the Emerging Technology for measuring the Earth’s Radiation (pdf) (video)

Anum Barki Ashraf
NASA Langley Research Center

BABAR: Black Array of Broadband Absolute Radiometers (pdf) (video)

Cameron Straatsma
LASP/University of Colorado

Day Two : Atmosphere Session I

IPDA: Integrated Path Differential Formaldehyde Lidar (pdf) (video)

Thomas F. Hanisco
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

GLO: Gas Filter Correlation Radiometer (GFCR) Limb Occultation Sensor (pdf) (video)

Scott M. Bailey
Virginia Tech

MASTAR: Multi-Angle Stratospheric Aerosol Radiometer (pdf) (video)

Matthew DeLand
Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI)

Next Generation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Bistatic Radar Receiver (pdf) (video)

Christopher Ruf
University of Michigan

Wind-SP: Wind Space Pathfinder (pdf) (video)

Michael J. Kavaya
NASA Langley Research Center

MASTR: Multi-Application SmallSat Tri-band Radar (pdf) (video)

Mauricio Sanchez-Barbetty
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

VIPR: Vapor In-cloud Profiling Radar (pdf) (video)

Ken Cooper
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Continuity MLS: A Continuity Microwave Limb Sounder to extend the 15+ year record from Aura MLS (pdf) (video)

Nathaniel Livesey
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Day Two : Atmosphere Session II

WiBAR: Wideband Autocorrelation Radiometry (pdf) (video)

Roger De Roo
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Correlator and Phased Array Fed Radiometers (pdf) (video)

Jeffrey R. Piepmeier
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

IRaST: Integrated Receiver and Switch Technology (pdf) (video)

William Deal
Northrop Grumman

CMIS: Compact Midwave Imaging System (pdf) (video)

Michael A. Kelly
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

Graphene-based Detector Array Technologies (pdf) (video)

Ashok K. Sood
Magnolia Optical Technologies Inc.

SToRM SAR: Satellite Tomography of Rain and Motion using Synthetic Aperture Radar (pdf) (video)

Kevin Maschhoff
BAE Systems

Day Two : Atmosphere Session III

Predicting What We Breathe: Machine Learning, Smart Cities and Earth Science Data (pdf) (video)

Jeanne Holm
City of Los Angeles

Towards a Scalable Parallel Bayesian Observing System Simulation Framework (pdf) (video)

Derek Posselt
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

CAPRi: Cloud-based Analytic Framework for Precipitation Research (pdf) (video)

John Beck
The University of Alabama in Huntsville

M2AF: Multi-scale Methane Analytic Framework (pdf) (video)

E. Natasha Stavros
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Day Three : Changes on Land Session I

DARTS: Distributed Aperture Radar Tomographic Sensors (pdf) (video)

Marco Lavalle
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

SPCTOR: Sensing Policy Controller and OptimizeR (pdf) (video)

Mahta Moghaddam
University of Southern California

Analyzing new data from CIRES: CubeSat Imaging Radar for Earth Science (pdf) (video)

Patrick Rennich
Aloft Research Corporation

MURI: Multi-Band Uncooled Radiometer Imager (pdf) (video)

Philip A. Ely
Leonardo DRS

QUAKES-A: Quantifying Uncertainty and Kinematics of Earthquake Systems (pdf) (video)

Andrea Donnellan
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Day Three : Changes on Land Session II

Towards the Next Generation of Land Surface Remote Sensing: A Comparative Analysis of Passive Optical, Passive Microwave, Active Microwave and LiDAR Retrievals (pdf) (video)

Barton Allen Forman
University of Maryland

Building a Snow Model Capable of High Spatial Resolution Simulations into Land Information Systems (pdf) (video)

Ethan Gutmann

Creation of a Wildland Fire Analysis: Products to enable Earth Science (pdf) (video)

Janice Coen

Day Three : Spectral – Land

CHPS: Compact Hyperspectral Prism Spectrometer (pdf) (video)

Thomas Kampe
Ball Aerospace

ATLIS: Advanced Technology Land Imaging Spectroradiometer (pdf) (video)

Jeff Puschell
Raytheon Intelligence & Space Systems

REMI: Reduced Envelope Multispectral Imager for Sustainable Land Imaging (pdf) (video)

Dennis Nicks
Ball Aerospace

Integrated Photonic Spectrometer for Hyperspectral Imaging (pdf) (video)

Stephanie Sandor-Leahy
Northrop Grumman

MiniSpec: Miniaturized Imaging Spectrometer to Measure Vegetation Structure and Function (pdf) (video)

K. Jon Ranson

ImgSPEC: Imaging Spectroscopy Processing Environment on the Cloud (pdf) (video)

E. Natasha Stavros
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Day Three : Spectral – Atmosphere

CHAPS-D: Compact Hyperspectral Air Pollution Sensor Demonstrator (pdf) (video)

William H. Swartz
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

CRISP: Computational Reconfigurable Imaging Spectrometer (pdf) (video)

Adam Milstein
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

TuLIPSS: Tunable Light-guide Image Processing Snapshot Spectrometer (pdf) (video)

Tomasz Tkaczyk
Rice University

Day Three Closing Remarks : Pamela Millar

Earth Science Technology Forum Thoughts and Conclusions (pdf) (video)

Pamela Millar
Director, NASA ESTO