The 2020 Earth Science Technology Forum (ESTF2020) will be virtual this year due to COVID-19. We are cancelling the in-person meeting in Dulles, VA (23-25 June 2020), and we will be communicating with our presenters about schedules shortly.

ESTF is the Earth Science Technology Office's annual forum for presenting cutting edge technologies. Attendees will encounter the latest advances in NASA technology for Earth science observations, remote sensing instruments, platforms, components, advanced information systems, sensor web technologies, communications, automation, and modeling. ESTF2020 is also intended to promote collaboration and networking among technologists, scientists and mission planners as well as facilitate a more complete understanding of NASA technology requirements.

Program of Events

Please download our program of events for information about speakers, schedule, WebEx and more.

WebEx Information

Since ESTF2020 is virtual this year, it is open to the public. We ask everyone interested in attending to register here so that we can provide up-to-the minute information about potential changes.

All three days will begin at 12:50PM EDT with some brief house-keeping notes. Talks will officially begin at 1:00PM EDT.

Day Three

Event number: 905 019 305
Event password: WVnJFEE524?

Event address for attendees: https://nasaenterprise.webex.com/nasaenterprise/onstage/g.php?MTID=e772af8a44c35c89ae7527addb2a57079

Audio conference information
To receive a call back, provide your phone number when you join the event, or call the number below and enter the access code.

US Toll: +1-415-527-5035
Global call-in numbers: https://nasaenterprise.webex.com/nasaenterprise/globalcallin.php?MTID=ee405f9d62d625482c4b127c127e38088
Access code: 905 019 305