Title: Multi-Spectral and Low-Mass Photonic Integrated Interferometric Telescopes
Presenting Author: S.J.Ben Yoo
Organization: University of California, Davis
Co-Author(s): Guangyao Liu, Yichi Zhang, Yu Zhang, Tiehui Su, Weicheng Lai, Yu Zhang, Katherine E Badham, Samuel Thurman, Richard Kendrick, Alan Duncan, Chad Ogden, Guy Chriqui, Greg Feller, Kate Newcomer, David Theil

We discuss design, prototyping, and demonstration of a low-mass, low-volume, integrated, and highly manufacturable imagers utilizing photonic integrated circuits (PICs). These PICs form Segmented Planar Imaging Detector for Electro-Optical Reconnaissance (SPIDER) Photonic Integrated Interferometric Telescopes. The recently fabricated PICs utilize three layers of silicon nitride waveguides fabricated on a silicon CMOS compatible platform to realize a 22 mm x 22 mm die containing 12 baseline and 18 spectral bin imaging system. After successfully collecting various fringe interferograms on multiple baseline interferometers on PIC, we also successfully reconstructed images of reference patterns by collecting interferograms of two reference scenes: (a) a bar target from the U.S. Air Force (USAF) resolution test chart, and (b) a scene of trains on a train track. Work is in progress to utilize multiple PICs to simultaneously collect many data sampling points with various baselines to improve the imaging quality. Copyright 2019 Lockheed Martin Corporation