Title: A CubeSat multispectral LWIR radiometric imager with on-board calibration system for earth science observations
Presenting Author: David Osterman
Organization: Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
Co-Author(s): A. Amparan, A. Ghandour, P. Kerrigan, J. Necas, D. Piqueira, G. Reavis, R. Rohrschneider, M. Veto and R. Warden 

Ball Aerospace has developed a versatile multispectral, LWIR-imaging radiometer for remote sensing applications from CubeSats, CubeSat constellations or any platform with challenging constraints on size, weight and power. CIRiS (Compact Infrared Radiometer in Space) carries its own on-board calibration system with multiple selectable parameters for optimizing calibration for specific mission or scene types. Two on-board, flat-panel, carbon nanotube film blackbody sources enable high calibration accuracy. Modular construction facilitates customization of optics, focal planes and other components without perturbing remaining subsystems. In its present configuration CIRiS images in three bands between 7.5 um and 13. 5 um with a 9.2 degree (AT) x 12.2-degree (XT) field of view. Instrument volume is < 20 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm, weight < 2 kg and power consumption in thermal equilibrium < 10 Watts. CIRiS applications includes measurements of evapotranspiration, plant health, and other surface biology and geology observables. CIRiS has been integrated to a 6U CubeSat spacecraft, and completed thermal/vacuum (TVAC) testing in the integrated configuration. TVAC operation included transfer of calibration from a NIST traceable source, and measurements of radiometric stability. CIRiS calibration accuracy is suitable for a range of earth science and other applications.