Title: Sustained Land Imaging with the Reduced Envelope Multispectral Imager
Presenting Author: Dennis Nicks
Organization: Ball Aerospace
Co-Author(s): James Howell; Robert Slusher; Tom Kampe; Paul Kaptchen; Robert Warden; Kyle Solander; Jonathan Fox; Lyle Ruppert; Willliam Good; Betsy Farris

REMI (Reduced Envelope Multispectral Imager) is a new instrument developed by Ball Aerospace specifically for NASA Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) Sustained Land Imaging (SLI) program. The goal of REMI is to meet the current LandSat mission requirements with a much smaller volume, lower cost payload. A lower single unit recurring cost enables economies of scale on multiple builds by leveraging non-recurring engineering costs. This lower cost enables multiple copies on-orbit at the same time for improved temporal sampling, an innovative approach to space segment reliability, and more frequent technology on-ramps. REMI achieves miniaturization through use of a common aperture for all spectral bands. REMI features a pointing mechanism that compensates for platform and ground motion while using cross-track, step-stare pointing to produce contiguous ground coverage in all spectral bands. The status of the REMI development and airborne flight testing will be presented.