Title: A GNSS-Reflectometry Instrument for Wetland Extent and Dynamics
Presenting Author: Stephen Lowe
Organization: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Co-Author(s): Jeff Dickson, Casey Handmer, Jehhal Liu, Mark Miller, Max Roberts, David Robison

We will present the key features of a new GNSS-reflectometry (GNSS-R) and GNSS-Polarimetric Radio Occultation (GNSS-PRO) instrument designed primarily to monitor global wetland extent on weekly to monthly timescales, along with soil moisture and atmospheric precipitation measurements.  The science rationale for improved global wetland monitoring will be discussed and how the measurement requirements are met by our instrument’s design.  The ability to simultaneously observe and process all GNSS and SBAS reflected and occulting signals is a key feature, and the novel solutions we are developing will be shown.  Finally, we will present other additional science measurements that this instrument can perform.