Title: Integrated Receiver and Switch Technology (IRaST) for Cloud Ice Measurements and Water Vapor Sounding 
Presenting Author: Caitlyn Cooke
Organization: Northrop Grumman Corporation, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Co-Author(s): William Deal; Pekka Kangaslahti; Kevin Leong; Boon Lim

Ice clouds at a height of 4-14 km in the atmosphere are a major source of uncertainty in climate models, and are challenging to study due to the lack of submillimeter wave instrumentation. The Integrated Receiver and Switch Technology project (IRaST) focuses on two areas of submillimeter wave receiver technology development. First, a 424-448 GHz integrated heterodyne receiver is designed using 25 nm InP HEMT technology. This receiver is capable of simultaneously observing the 424 GHz oxygen band and 448 GHz water vapor band, making it useful for temperature and water vapor profiling of the upper atmosphere. Observations in this high frequency band also increase nadir resolution and reduce aperture size when used for limb sounding. Second, InP HEMT submillimeter wave switching technology is developed to reduce 1/f noise in low DC power direct detection receivers. Integrated switches will improve the sensitivity of radiometric measurements of cloud ice in systems ranging from 180 GHz to 680 GHz. These applications of 25 nm InP HEMT integrated MMIC technology improve the measurement accuracy of current submillimeter radiometric technology, as well as provide benefits over existing technologies in terms of size, weight, and power (SWaP).