Title: Policy-based automated science coverage scheduling for earth science mission analysis and operations (NI-SAR, ECOSTRESS, OCO-3, and EMIT)
Presenting Author: Steve Chien
Organization: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Cal Inst Tech / NASA
Co-Author(s): J. Doubleday, A. Yelamanchili

Automated policy based coverage scheduling is in operational usage in both mission analysis and mission operations for a range of Earth Science missions. We present an overview of the coverage analysis and search-based automated scheduling techniques. Then we describe some of the challenges in modeling complex mission constraints and unique aspects of some fo the target missions, drawing examples from work for the NI-SAR, ECOSTRESS, OCO-3, and EMIT missions. Finally, we describe some promising real for future work including increasing parallelism and leveraging recent advances in hardware for geometric computation.