Title: Remote sensing of ice sheet temperatures and sea ice thickness with the Ultra-Wideband Software-Defined Microwave Radiometer (UWBRAD)
Presenting Author: Joel Johnson
Organization: The Ohio State University
Co-Author(s): Kenneth C. Jezek, Mark Andrews, Hongkun Li, Alexandra Bringer, Caglar Yardim, Michael Durand, Yuna Duan, Giovanni Macelloni, Marco Brogioni, Lars Kaleschke, Shurun Tan, and Leung Tsang

The Ultra-Wideband Software Defined Microwave Radiometer (UWBRAD) measures scene brightness temperatures from 0.5-2 GHz, and was developed under the 2013 Instrument Incubator Program. UWBRAD was deployed in a September 2017 airborne campaign in Greenland, and observed brightness temperatures of the ice sheet as well as sea ice, the ocean surface, and land regions during the transit to and from Calgary, Canada (the aircraft base of operations). The instrument was also deployed in a campaign in Antarctica in 2018. This presentation will review the campaign and datasets collected. Spectral features of thermal emissions from the ice sheet and other geophysical regions are also examined to obtain insight into the utility of 0.5-2 GHz thermal emission measurements for remote sensing applications.