Title of Presentation: A Smart Sensor Web for Ocean Observation: Integrated Acoustics, Satellite Networking, and Predictive Modeling

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Payman Arabshahi

Organization of Primary Author: University of Washington

Co-Authors: Bruce M. Howe, Sumit Roy, Andrew Gray, Yi Chao, Nathan Parrish, Leonard Tracy

Abstract: There is currently much activity within the oceanographic community to develop many types of underwater sensor networks: mobile, fixed, autonomous, and cabled. Our ocean-observing smart sensor web is composed of both mobile and fixed underwater assets, with EOS satellite data providing larger-scale context. After an overview of design challenges for wide area ocean networks, we report on the development of various network elements. These include (1) a cable-connected mooring system with a profiler under real-time control with inductive battery charging; (2) a glider with integrated acoustic communications and broadband receiving capability; (3) an integrated acoustic navigation and communication network with tomography on various scales; and (4) a satellite uplink and feedback system. Results from field experiments as well as simulation and theoretical studies on acoustic communication system performance, link capacity computation, and development of a media access control (MAC) layer protocol for underwater networking, are described. All network elements, together with satellite networking, and validation and calibration of predictive data models, form a dynamic sensor web for ocean observation incorporating integrated precise timing, navigation, and communications, combined with science.