ESTC 2002 -Conference Technical Agenda
11 June 2002 - Tuesday
Session A1:  Data Communications
Moderator:  Steve Smith (ESTO)
A1P1 10:00 Rabinovich, Willaim Free-space Optical Link with Low Alignment Sensitivity using the 1553 Protocol
A1P2 10:30 Weigand, Daniel A Radiation-Tolerant Low Power Transceiver Design for Reconfigurable Applications
A1P3 11:00 Ortiz, Gerardo G. Technology Maturation of the Multi-Gigabit/sec Optical Communications Transceiver for Earth Science
A1P4 11:30 Bauer, Robert Space Communications and Data Systems Technologies for Next Generation Earth Science Measurements
Session A2:  Space-Based Networks
Moderator:  Mike Pasciuto (ESTO)
A2P1 1:30 Scott, Keith Next Generation Space Internet: Prototype Implementation
A2P2 2:00 Minden, Gary Routing Traffic in Space Based Internets
A2P3 2:30 Arabshahi, Payman Minimum Power Broadcast Trees for Wireless Networks: Optimizing using the Viability Lemma
3:00 Afternoon Break
A2P4 3:30 Ivancic, William Explicit Transport Error Notification for Error Prone Wireless and Satellite Networks
A2P5 4:00 Rash, James MDP: Reliable File Transfer for Space Missions
A2P6 4:30 Hogie, Keith Internet Data Delivery for Future Space Missions
A2P7 5:00 Atiquzzaman, Mohammed Effect of Congestion Control on the Performance of TCP and SCTP over Satellite Networks
Session B1:  Laser Sensors 
Moderator:  Frank Peri (ESTO)
B1P1 10:00 Mills, Gary Optical Cryocooling and the Effects of Dielectric Mirror Leakage
B1P2 10:30 Kolber, Zbigniew Laser Induced Fluorescence Transient Method for Measuring Photosynthetic Performance in Terrestrial Ecosystems
B1P3 11:00 Tratt, David Progress in Semiconductor Reference Oscillator Development for Coherent Detection Optical Remote Sensing
B1P4 11:30 Singh, Upendra Double-Pulsed 2-micron Laser Transmitter for Multiple Lidar Application
Session B2:  Radar and Radiometers
Moderator:  Brian Killough (ESTO-LaRC)
B2P1 1:30 Ruf, Christopher Synthetic Thinned Aperture Radiometer Technology Developments Enabling a GPM Lightweight Rainfall Radiometer
B2P2 2:00 Smith, Eric Advanced Passive Microwave Radiometer Technology for GPM Mission
B2P3 2:30 Sadowy, Gregory A Dual-Polarized mm-Wave Active Array Feed For the Second Generation Rain Radar
    Afternoon Break
B2P4 3:30 Lambrigtsen, Bjorn Hurricane Research with the High Altitude MMIC Sounding Radiometer
B2P5 4:00 Wilson, William Ultra Stable Microwave Radiometers for Future Sea Surface Salinity Missions
B2P6 4:30 Moghaddam, Mahta Dual-low-Frequency Radar for Soil Moisture under Vegetation and At-Depth
B2P7 5:00 Peipmeier, Jeff Synthetic Thinned Aperture Radiometry Technologies Enabling 10-km Soil Moisture Remote Sensing from Space
12 June 2002 - Wednesday
Session A3: Data Compression
Moderator:  Walt Brooks (ESTO/ARC) 
A3P1 8:30 Rountree, Janet Testing JPEG 2000 Compression for Earth Science Data
A3P2 9:00 Yeh, Pen-Shu Implementation of CCSDS Lossless Data Compression in HDF
A3P3 9:30 Hauck, Scott Hyperspectral Image Compression on Reconfigurable Platforms
Session A4:  Data & Services Interoperabiity
Moderator:  Kai-Dee Chu (ESTO)
A4P1 10:30 Gopalan, Ganesh Building a Smart Sensor using Windows CE
A4P2 11:00 French, James Using Multiple Viewpoints to Improve Access to Earth Science Data
A4P3 11:30 Ramachandran, Rahul Earth Science Markup Language: An Update
Session A5:  Autonomous Satellite Control
Moderator:  Loren Lemmerman (ESTO-JPL)
A5P1 1:30 Abramson, Mark Real-time Optimized Earth Observation Autonomous Planning
A5P2 2:00 Bar-Sever, Yoaz The Development and Demonstration of NASA's Global Differential System
A5P3 2:30 Welch, Lonnie Adaptive Resource Management Technology for Satellite Constellations
  3:00 Afternoon Break and Poster Session #1
A5P4 3:30 Morris, Robert Advances in Planning and Scheduling of Remote Sensing Instruments for Fleets of Earth Orbiting Satellites
A5P5 4:00 Hines, Braden Autonomous Dynamic Instrument Reconfiguration
A5P6 4:30 Krahe, Chris Lessons Learned from a Collaborative Sensor Web Prototype
Session B3:  Remote Sensing Instruments
Moderator:  Eduardo Torres-Martinez (ESTO)
B3P1 8:30 Elkins, James Update: New Airborne Gas Chromatograph for NASA airborne platforms
B3P2 9:00 Cohen, Ronald Next Generation Technologies for the In-Situ Detection of N0x Radicals & Their Reservioirs from Aircraft and Balloons
B3P3 9:30 Heun, Matthew Technology Requirements for Guided Stratospheric Balloons
  10:00 Morning Break and Poster Session #1
B3P4 10:30 Slocum, Robert Self-Calibrating Vector Magnetometer for Space
B3P5 11:00 Yu, Nan Quantum Gravity Gradiometer Sensor for Earth Science Applications
B3P6 11:30 Kursinski, Rob The Active Tropospheric Ozone and Moisture Sounder (ATOMS)
Session B4:  Interferometers and Spectrometers
Moderator:  Janice Buckner  (ESTO)
B4P1 1:30 Larar, Allen Airborne Imaging Fabry-Perot Interferometer System for Tropospheric Trace Species Detection
B4P2 2:00 Mlynczak, Marty The Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Troposphere (FIRST) Project
B4P3 2:30 Heaps, William Fabry-Perot Interferometer for Column CO2
Session B5:  New Millenium Technologies
Moderator:  Faisa Lansing (JPL)
B5P1 3:30 Cramer, Bryant NMP/EO-1 Mission Overview
B5P2 4:00 Lencioni Advanced Land Imager
B5P3 4:30 Pearlman, Jay Hyperion
B5P4 5:00 Ungar, Steve EO-1 Science Validation Results
13 June 2002 - Thursday
Session A6:  Computational Technologies
Moderator:  Jim Fischer (ESTO)
A6P1 8:30 Li, Peggy Supercomputing Visualization for Earth Science Datasets
A6P2 9:00 MacNeice, Peter PARAMESH: A Toolkit for Parallel Adaptive Models
A6P3 9:30 Norton, Charles Overview of the PYRAMID Parallel AMR Library
  10:00 Morning Break and Poster Session #2
A6P4 10:30 Curkendall, David SAR Computing Accomplishments for ESS Round II: Computational Styles for Earth Science in Evolution.
A6P5 11:00 Mechoso, Roberto The UCLA Earth System Model:  Development and Applications
A6P6 11:30 Dorband, John Commodity Cluster Computing at Goddard Space Flight Center
Session A7:  Computing and Storage Technologies
Moderator:  Penny Newsome (ESTO)
A7P1 1:00 Gloster, Clay A Reconfigurable Instruction Set and Assembler
A7P2 1:30 Milster, Tom Volumetric Bit-Wise Memories
A7P3 2:00 Hauck, Scott Précis:  A Design-Time Precision Analysis Tool
A7P4 2:30 Chao, Tien-Hsin High-Density High-Speed Holographic Memory
A7P5 3:00 Ballou, Kevin On-board Cloud Contamination Detection with Atmospheric Correction
Session B6:  Information Access
Moderator:  Karen Moe (ESTO)
B6P1 8:30 Yang, Wenli Interoperable, On-Demand Geospatial Data Access & Services based on OGC Web Coverage Service Specs
B6P2 9:00 Yang, Kwang-Su A Prototype System for Value-Range Queries
B6P3 9:30 Lynnes, Chris Interoperability between OpenGIS and the Distributed Oceanographic Data System
  10:00 Morning Break and Poster Session #2
B6P4 10:30 French, James Thesaurus Support when Searching Earth Science Data
B6P5 11:00 Wichmann, Keith ECHO - A Message-Based Framework for Metadata and Service Management
B6P6 11;30 Suresh, Ramachandran Content-Based Metadata Workbench (CBMW)
Session B7:  On-Board Processing and Storage
Moderator:  Amy Walton (ESTO-JPL)
B7P1 1:00 Stakem, Patrick FlightLinux: a Viable Option for Spacecraft Embedded Computers
B7P2 1:30 Donohoe, Gregory The Fast Fourier Transform on a Reconfigurable Processor
B7P3 2:00 Cook, Sid Real-Time Data Processing Onboard Remote Sensor Platforms
B7P4 2:30 Berkun, Andrew An Advanced On-Board Processor and Adaptive Scanning Controller for the Next Generation Precipitation Radar
Session B8:  Information Exploitation
Moderator:  Bob Connerton (ESTO-GSFC)
B8P1 3:30 Atlas, Bob Observing System Simulation Experiments to Define Lidar Wind Requirements
B8P2 4:00 Tanner, Steve EVE: On-Board Process Planning and Execution
B8P3 4:30 Bose, Prasanta Information Fusion in the Sensorweb
B8P4 5:00 Khalsa, Siri Jodha S. Extracting and Viewing Bit-level Metadata in EOS Files
Poster Session #1
Wednesday 10:00 - 10:30 and 3:00 - 3:30
PS1P1 Syage, Jack Ultrahigh Dynamic Range Digitizer/Counter for LIDAR
PS1P2 Emmitt, George GeoLidarObservatory: Atmospheric Observations using lidars in geosynchronous orbit
PS1P3 Klipstein, Bill Optical Frequency Standard Development in Support of NASA’s Gravity Mapping Missions
PS1P4 Spiers, Gary The Laser Absorption Spectrometer for Carbon Dioxide Sink and Source Detection
PS1P5 Dawson, Douglas MMIC Amplifier Based Receivers for Earth Remote Sensing
PS1P6 Waters, Joe Advanced Microwave Sensor Technology for Tropospheric Chemistry/Climate
Poster Session #2
Thursday 10:00 - 10:30 and 3:00 - 3:30
PS2P1 Yang, Wenli Serving NASA HDF-EOS Data through NWGISS Coverage Server
PS2P2 Dolinar, Sam Region-of-Interest Data Compression with Prioritized Buffer Management
PS2P3 Gudim, MiMi Single-chip High-Density FPGA Implementation of the SAR Azimuth Pre-filter for On-board Data Reduction
PS2P4 Krim, Hamid Data Fusion of SSM/I Channels using Multiresolution Wavelet Transform
PS2P5 Mannucci, Anthony An Emerging New Direction in Remote Sensing for Earth Science: The Technologyof GPS Occultations