Earth Science Technology Conference - 2001

Technical Agenda

8/28/01 Tuesday

Session A1:  Space Based Networks
Moderator: Mike Pasciuto - ESTO

A1P1 10:00 Arabshahi, Payman Swarm-based Routing Algorithms for Sensor and Satellite Networks
A1P2 10:30 Scott, Keith Next-Generation Space Internet
A1P3 11:00 Wagh, Pooja Space Based Internet Emulation
A1P4 11:30 McKim, James Ohio Network Emulator (ONE) Enhancements for Satellite Network Research

Session B1:  Laser Sensors
Moderator: Frank Peri - ESTO

B1P1 10:00 Kang, Jin High Performance Fiber Lasers for Atmospheric Sensing
B1P2 10:30 Kliner, Dahv High-Power Fiber Sources for In Situ and Remote Detection of Trace Species
B1P3 11:00 Tratt, David Semiconductor Ref Oscillator Development for Coherent Detection Optical RS Apps
B1P4 11:30 Fields, Renny High Efficiency Remote Sensing Laser Technology

Session A2:  Data Communications
Moderator: Robert Bauer - ESTO/GRC

A2P1 1:30 Rabinovich, William Free Space Optical Data Transfer using Cat's Eye Modulating Retro-Reflectors
A2P2 2:00 Weigand, Daniel Design of a Radiation-Tolerant Low-Power Transceiver
A2P3 2:30 Hemmati, Hamid Multi-Gigabit Data-rate Optical Comm Depicting LEO-to-GEO and GEO-to-Ground Links

Session B2:  Lidar Systems
Moderator: Jonathan Hartley - ESTO

B2P1 1:30 Allen, Christopher Development of a Hybrid RF/Laser Radar
B2P2 2:00 Barnes, James NASA LaRC DIAL/Lidar Laser Technology Development Program
B2P3 2:30 Hovis, Floyd Design and Testing of the PICASSO-CENA Laser Transmitter Subsystem
B2P4 3:30 Whiteman, David RASL: An Airborne Water and Aerosol Lidar
B2P5 4:00 Hovis, Floyd Robust, Single-Frequency Ring Oscillator
B2P6 4:30 Syage, Jack Hybrid Digitizer for Ultrahigh Dynamic Range LIDAR
B2P7 5:00 Degnan, John Design and Performance of a 3-D Imaging, Photon-Counting Microlaser Altimeter Operating from Aircraft Cruise Altitudes under Day or Night Conditions

Session A3:  Autonomous Satellite Control
Moderator: Loren Lemmermann - ESTO/JPL

A3P1 3:30 Abramson, Mark Design and Implementation of Draper’s Earth Phenomena Observing System (EPOS)
A3P2 4:00 Bar-Sever, Yoaz The Development and Demonstration of NASA's Global Differential System
A3P3 4:30 Morris, Robert Planning and Scheduling Science Observations for Fleets of Earth Orbiting Satellites
A3P4 5:00 Welch, Lonnie Adaptive Management of Computing and Network Resources for Real-Time Sensor Webs


8/29/01 Wednesday

Session A4:  Information Access
Moderator: Karen Moe - ESTO

A4P1 8:30 Di, Liping The Prototypical NASA HDF-EOS Web GIS Software Suite (NWGISS)
A4P2 9:00 Lynnes, Chris Interoperability between Digital Earth and DODS
A4P3 9:30 Enloe, Yonsook CIP Translator Prototype

Session B3:  Microwave Remote Sensing Systems
Moderator: Brian Killough - ESTO/LaRC

B3P1 8:30 Njoku, Eni Spaceborne Microwave Instrument for High Resolution Remote Sensing Using …
B3P2 9:00 Ruf, Christopher Enabling Technologies for the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission
B3P3 9:30 LeVine, David Two Dimensional Synthetic Aperture Radiometer for Microwave RS from Space
B3P4 10:30 Lambrigtsen, Bjorn HAMSR - The High Altitude MMIC Sounding Radiometer
B3P5 11:00 Doiron, Terence Low Power Silicon Germanium Electronics for Microwave Radiometers
B3P6 11:30 Kim, Edward On-Orbit Calibration of Correlation Radiometers

Session A5:  Information Extraction
Moderator: Bob Connerton - ESTO/GSFC

A5P1 10:30 Tanner, Steve EVE: An Environment for On-board Processing
A5P2 11:00 Manyin, Michael A Case Study of DISS Usage - Employing the Distributed image Spreadsheet to Visualize, Analyze and Animate MODIS Data
A5P3 11:30 Whiting, Mark WebTheme: Visual Text Mining for the World-Wide Web

Session A6: On Board Processing and Storage
Moderator: Steve Smith - ESTO

A6P1 1:30 Chao, Tien-Hsin Compact Holographic Data Storage System
A6P2 2:00 Milster, Tom A Volumetric Memory Device based on Photo-Chromatic Compounds
A6P3 2:30 Stakem, Patrick FlightLinux Project
A6P4 3:30 Lindell, Scott Real-Time Data Processing Onboard Remote Sensor Platforms
A6P5 4:00 Flatley, Tom On-board Cloud Contamination Detection with Atmospheric Correction
A6P6 4:30 Donohoe, Gregory Reconfigurable Data Path Processor

Session B4:  Imagers and Spectrometers
Moderator: Felicia Seldon-Jones - ESTO

B4P1 1:30 Pollock, Randy Very Wide Field of View Imaging Spectrometer
B4P2 2:00 Pain, Bedabrata Low-power Programmable Multispectral Staring Imager
B4P3 2:30 Bothwell, Graham A Second Generation Multi-Angle Imager
B4P4 3:30 Stobie, James Imaging Sensor for the Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer (GIFTS)
B4P5 4:00 Roche, Aidan Miniaturized Infrared Atmospheric Spectrometer (MIRAS)
B4P6 4:30 Spinhirne, James Application of Uncooled IR Array Detector with the Compact Visible and Infrared Imaging Radiometer
B4P7 5:00 Johnson, David Development of Fourier Transform Spectrometers for Space-Based Applications


8/30/01 Thursday

Session A7:  Data Compression
Moderator: Amy Walton - ESTO/JPL

A7P1 8:30 Rountree, Janet Optimized Compression for Earth Science Data Using JPEG 2000
A7P2 9:00 Ladner, Richard Wavelet Compression of MODIS Satellite Images
A7P3 9:30 Dolinar, Samuel Region-of-Interest Data Compression with Prioritized Buffer Management

Session B5:  Altimeters and Sounders
Moderator: Eduardo Torres-Martinez

B5P1 8:30 Raney, Keith The New Generation of Radar Altimeters: Proof of Concept
B5P2 9:00 Pollard, Brian The Wide-Swath Ocean Altimeter: Interferometry for Global Ocean Mapping
B5P3 9:30 Pagano, Thomas The Spaceborne Infrared Atmospheric Sounder (SIRAS) IIP Demonstration
B5P4 10:30 Maschhoff, Kevin AIRS-Light Instrument Concept and Critical Technology Development
B5P5 11:00 Gaier, Todd MMIC Based Receivers for Millimeter Wave Atmospheric Sounding
B5P6 11:30 Zuffada, Cinzia Developing Technology for GPS Altimetry in GOALS

Session A8:  Data & Services Interoperability
Moderator: Kai-Dee Chu - ESTO

A8P1 10:30 Ramachandran, Rahul Earth Science Markup Language: A Solution for Generic Access to Heterogeneous Data…
A8P2 11:00 Brown, Don XML as a MultiMedia Window into Science Data
A8P3 11:30 Gopalan, Ganesh Using COM Objects for Data Access and Visualization

Session B6:  Remote Sensing Instruments
Moderator: Jonathan Hartley - ESTO

B6P1 1:30 Elkins, James Next Generation Airborne Gas Chromatograph for NASA Airborne Platforms
B6P2 2:00 Maleki, Lute The Quantum Gravity Gradiometer for Sub-Surface Mapping from Space
B6P3 2:30 Im, Eastwood Next-Generation Spaceborne Precipitation Radar (PR-2) Instrument and Technology
B6P4 3:30 Piepmeier, Jeffrey Ultra-Low Power Digital Correlator for Passive Microwave Polarimetry
B6P5 4:00 Yee, Jeng-Hwa Stellar Absorption and Refraction Sensor (STARS)

Session A9:  Data Mining Tools
Moderator: Penny Newsome - ESTO

A9P1 1:30 Khalsa, Siri Joda Facilitating Access to EOS Data at the NSIDC DAAC
A9P2 2:00 Suresh, R. Content-Based Metadata Systems:  A Workbench to Prototype Data Mining Concepts
A9P3 2:30 Yang, Ruixin A Prototype Clustering Technique for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Session A10:  Reconfigurable Computing Hardware

A10P1 3:30   Fuller, Earl Ultra-Low Power Radiation Tolerant Reconfigurable FPGA Technology Development
A10P2 4:00   Banerjee, Prith Overview of the MATCH Compiler for Compiling MATLAB Programs into Hardware
A10P3 4:30   Gloster, Clay Floating-Point Modules Targeted for Use with RC Compilation Tools