2015 In-Space Validation of Earth Science Technologies (InVEST) Solicitation
Virtual Preproposal Bidders' Conference

Per the InVEST 2015 solicitation announcement (NNH15ZDA001N-InVEST, element A.42 of the 2015 Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) solicitation), the Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) has conducted a virtual preproposal bidder's conference to address questions and comments from potential proposers. Submissions were recieved until March 13, 2015. Responses are as follows:


Question/Comment 1:
The section 2.1.2 (Proposal Content) of the current solicitation is missing a section for “Personnel”.  You listed all other non-page counted information except personnel such as facility and equipment, etc.  ESTO solicitations usually have a list of information needed for personnel.  Do you want us to follow the guidebook instead?

Answer 1:
A personnel section is required as per the guidebook and must be included in the response to this solicitation. The Table of Personnel and Work Effort is described in section 2.3.12 of the Guidebook for Proposers.


Question/Comment 2: I am seeking explicit clarification on whether platforms *other than* U-Class satellites are acceptable as demonstration platforms.

Answer 2: We are only considering U-Class satellite platforms (CubeSats) between 3U and 6U-Class for this solicitation. No other platforms will be accepted as compliant. Proposals including one 6U-Class, one 3U-Class or two 3U-Class satellites will be considered for award.


Question/Comment 3: When should a proposal to NASA CSLI be submitted? At the time of the NOI and/or when the proposal is submitted or accepted? Thank you.

Answer 3: A proposal to NASA CSLI should be submitted after the award is accepted. The CSLI requires you have a funded project so it would be premature to submit a proposal at the time of the NOI due date.