Advanced Component Technologies (ACT) Program

Advanced Component Technologies (ACT) implements technology developments that advance the state-of-the-art of instruments, Earth- and space-based platforms, and information systems. The ACT program

  • Focuses requirements, defines technology roadmaps
  • Refines reference-mission scenarios
  • Advances component and subsystem developments
  • Leverages technology investments by collaborating with national and international agencies, and with U.S. private industry

The ACT funds the research, development, and demonstration of component- and subsystem-level technologies to reduce the risk, cost, size, mass, and development time of missions and infrastructure.

The ACT brings instrument, platform, and information system components to a maturity level that allows their integration into other NASA-funded technology projects, such as those funded by the Instrument Incubator Program. The ACT advances core component technologies to a technology readiness level (TRL) that enables their eventual infusion into missions. Some components are directly infused into mission designs by flight projects. Other components “graduate” to other programs for further development.

Although current ACT investments are primarily geared toward developing components for instruments, the ACT also develops new ways to perform measurements and  process data products to expand research and application capabilities.

ACT Investments

The ACT program uses the NASA Research Announcement (NRA) as its investment vehicle. Links to the full solicitations and awards are listed in the table below.

Solicitation Link to Solicitation Link to Awards
ACT ROSES 2010 Solicitation (90 K PDF) Awarded Projects
ACT ROSES 2008 Solicitation (100 K PDF) Awarded Projects
ACT ROSES 2005 Solicitation (168 K PDF)
Awarded Projects
ACT NRA 2002 Solicitation (176 K PDF) Awarded Projects
ATI NRA 1999
Solicitation (160 K PDF) Awarded Projects

For a full list of ESTO investments, across all program lines, visit the Solicitations page.