Toward Sensor Webs

Sensor webs are technologies that can enable the evolution of distributed sensors and components into autonomous, unified networks (webs) of sensors. In 2005, AIST released a solicitation aimed directly at the development and demonstration of sensor webs concepts. These technology projects focus on the architecture and development of system building blocks leading to autonomous sensor webs and generally support one of three topic areas:

  • Smart sensing technologies to enable autonomous event detection and re-configuration of sensors;
  • Sensor web communication technologies that can tie systems together, forming an infrastructure of seamless connectivity among all sensors, nodes, and users belonging to the sensor web; and
  • Technologies to enable model interactions and connect prediction and forecasting models and scientific analysis tools to the sensor web.

AIST has also hosted a series of meetings for principal investigators working on sensor web technologies in order to initiate progress and collaboration toward new sensor web concepts and architectures.

AIST continues to support progress in this critical area with the expectation of eventual widespread infusion into Earth science missions and operations.