Title of Presentation: Long-Term Performance Tests on Laser Diode Arrays for the Current and Future Space Missions. 

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Nasir B. Kashem

Organization of Primary Author: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Co-Authors: Elisavet Troupaki, Aleksey Vasilyev, Mark A. Stephen


Abstract: NASA is conducting a series of component-level tests, to better understand the effects of a space-based environment on the operation of diode-pumped, solid state lasers simulating the unique and harsh environment of launch, vacuum and radiation exposure of a typical mission.

We will report on our continuing work on high-power, laser-diode arrays which are used as an energy source for several diode-pumped solid-state laser missions. We are concentrating on laser diode arrays emitting at 808 nm and operating quasi-cw with peak powers of ~100 watts per bar at 100 amps.  The laser diode arrays are operated with a duty cycle from 0.6% to 2% and current pulses from 50 to 100 amps peak. We will discuss our long-term performance tests designed to support current and future space missions. The laser diode arrays have accumulated more then 9 billion pulses during some of these tests and continue to operate within specifications.