Title of Presentation: Development of a Dust Particle Analyzer for In-situ and Simultaneous Measurements of Size and Charge Distributions Of Martian Dust

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Malay K. Mazumder

Organization of Primary Author: University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Co-Authors: P. K. Srirama, J. Zhang, C.I. Calle and  C.H. Buhler


Abstract: In this report we present our progress of the NRA 02-OSS-01 project on the development of a prototype Dust Particle Analyzer and its performance under simulated Martian atmospheric conditions. Both theoretical analysis assuming the Martian environmental conditions and experimental data on the development of the Dust Particle Analyzer (DPA) show that the instrument has an excellent potential for its application to measure the size and charge distributions of dust particles on the surface of Mars. The instrument range covers a size range of 0.5 to 20.0 µm in diameter and charge-to-mass ratio of the particle in the range 0 to ± saturation charge. The measurements are made on individual particle basis at a rate in excess of 100 particles per second. The measurements are made using a laser Doppler Velocimeter and the aerodynamic diameter and electrostatic charge spectra of the particles are determined in a noncontact manner. The performance of the prototype instrument was tested with JSC Mars dust simulants under both laboratory conditions and in a vacuum chamber at 5 mb to simulate the Martian atmospheric conditions at NASA KSC. Instrument design, development and test data will be presented.