Title of Presentation: SEAMONSTER: A Sensor Web Technology Implementation and Testbed in Southeast Alaska

Primary (Corresponding) Author: Matt Heavner

Organization of Primary Author: University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau AK

Co-Authors: E Hood, C Connor, D Fatland


Abstract:  SEAMONSTER, the South East Alaska MOnitoring Network for Science, Telecommunications, Education, and Research is a smart sensor web project designed to support collaborative environmental science with near-real-time recovery of large volumes of environmental data. The Year One geographic focus is the Lemon Creek watershed near Juneau Alaska with expansion planned for subsequent years up into the Juneau Icefield and into the coastal marine environment of the Alexander Archipelago and the Tongass National Forest.  We will discuss overall sensor web design, sensor, mote, communication, data aggregation and "in-web" analysis, and data distribution to end users as implemented in SEAMONSTER.